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Top 11 Best Tastedive Movies Alternatives In 2022

Best and Most Popular Tastedive Movies Alternatives will be discuss in this article. Using information about the kind of content you are looking for, Tastedive Movies is an online application that suggests movies to you. Simply type the name of the film you’re looking for in the provided search field to get results. Users can view the movie’s poster, storyline summary, description, country of production, year of release, and critics rating in the search results, which can assist you choose which film to watch.

To prevent loss, the chosen movies can be placed to the watchlist. In accordance with your choices, users can even make their own list of movies with any name and description. Personal profile, other social media accounts sync, silhouette images, email registration, graphical user interface, ability to add other users, & ability to like lists are just a few of its numerous features.

Top 11 Best Tastedive Movies Alternatives in 2022

Top 11 Best Tastedive Movies Alternatives are explained here.

1. Best Similar

Best Similar

You can find the movies and television programmes of your choice using the web application Best Similar. This website will be useful for you if you are looking for a specific kind of content or if you have managed a movie or show & are looking for something similar. To use this, all you have to do is type the title of the film or television programme whose replacement you’re looking for into the search bar. The outcomes will be shown to you instantly. This is another Tastedive Movies alternative.

You can select whether you want to watch a piece of content by looking at its cover image, description, storyline summary, length, country of origin, genre, and year of release. As long as you are still using the same device, the desired content can be saved to a watchlist and accessed later, even if the website has been closed. The Bandsintown integration, lack of registration, user-friendly dashboard, keyword prediction, listening capability, tags, trailer view, critics ratings, and contact team are just a few of its extra features. Also check HB Movies and tv show alternatives

2. Movie-Map


Using the web application Movie-Map, you can locate any movie you’re looking for. This is designed specifically to help viewers who are searching for a particular kind of content but are skeptical of how or where to look.

For instance, this website informs you if you are looking for a film comparable to Titanic but are unaware of any such film. Simply enter the movie’s name into the search bar to use this. The outcomes are shown as floating mind maps. The movies that are comparable to the one you choose will be shown to you on a different floating map if you choose one of the results. It also has a search engine, keyword prediction, error report, and user guide in addition to its exceedingly basic appearance. This is another Tastedive Movies alternative.

3. FilmTagger


A person can use FilmTagger, a web application, as a search engine for movies while looking for a specific genre of film that is similar to those he has already seen. Searching for movies in an advanced way can include narration, narrative locations, voiceovers, studio, directors, producers, actors that play the key characters in the stories, and more. Even professional screenwriters who are doing research for their projects may find this useful. Users can view the cover art, synopsis, release year, genre, setting, and mood for each of the movies that are displayed.

Direct links to IMDb, where you can see reviews for each film, are provided. There is also a link to the movie’s trailer. All of this is possible without registering, though you can also create a personal account for a more enhanced service. Email registration, a relevance-based sorting option, the ability to incorporate short videos in searches, a straightforward user interface, an interesting dashboard, a contact team, and quick response are some of its key characteristics.

4. Movieo



A web tool called Movieo aids users in selecting movies to watch. Particularly when they are seeking for a film that fits their particular genre or style of narrative, etc. One only needs to type the name of the movie he wants to utilise as an alternative into the search field in order to use this. Additionally, he can search for lists, characters, and actor and director names. A user can choose the year of release, the minimum critical rating, the genre, the country of origin, and the runtime of the results that are given to him while searching. To decide if he wants to see a movie or not, a user can view its storyline synopsis, poster, year of release, runtime, trailer, and even the budget, revenue, and awards it won.

Direct links are used to inform users of a movie’s availability on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. Personal profiles, email registration, Facebook/Twitter account syncing, Custom lists, list types (Blacklist, Watchlist, and Seenlist), an interesting UI, and rating displays from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic are a few of its standout features. This is another Tastedive Movies alternative. Also check Fzmovies alternatives

5. VideoDetective


With the help of the web application VideoDetective, you can learn everything there is to know about your favourite movies, TV shows, and video games, including their genre, year of release, primary poster, narrative description, cast and crew, running time, and critic reviews. In addition to this, consumers can also see movie stills, behind-the-scenes footage, and trailers that aid viewers in determining whether or not to see something.

Its services are especially beneficial when a user is looking for a replacement for his preferred film, television programme, or genre of fiction. Users can even see the index of trending & featured films, series, and games on the home page. This is everything accessible without registering. Its extra features include an aesthetically pleasing design, quick speed, a contact team, a list of forthcoming movies and those now available for streaming, as well as direct buy, stream, and purchase links for every film or television programme.

6. Fshare TV

Fshare TV

A web programme called Fshare TV informs you of all the movies that are identical to the one whose name you input. Simply enter a movie’s name in the search bar to use this. You can choose the year of release, country of origin, and genre of the results you wish to see both before and after the search by using the filtration options.

This is another Tastedive Movies alternative. Content can even be sorted by year, IMDb rating, and user votes. Users can read story summaries, genre descriptions, cast and crew bios, movie posters, trailers, and images to aid in decision-making. Some of its standout features include a lovely user interface, an easy-to-use layout, great subtitle support, the ability to “like” or “add to favourites” movies, and the lack of a need for prior registration.

7. CouchPop


Couchpop is a website that provides detailed information on the movies available on the majority of the main streaming services in the globe, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple, Shudder, and Google Play. One needs only to enter the name of the film or television programme he is looking for in the provided search field to use this. He can also utilise it to identify media that is similar to a movie or television programme. The website provides links and information on the availability of the desired product on various streaming services.

Users may even view production information using this, including cast and crew, posters, the year and country of release, the storyline description, reviews, and the trailer. On the front page, lists of the most recent TV, film, and streaming releases are also visible. Its primary characteristics include a graphical user interface, a straightforward concept, quick reaction times, and no need for prior registration.

8. CineMaterial


A website called CineMaterial movies as an online repository for movie and television programme posters, key art, logos, and covers. These posters were produced by both the original artists and the fans. Without registering, anyone can contribute to the platform. Additionally, the designing firms, whose contact information is available on the internet, add content. However, you must purchase a package in order to download posters. This is another Tastedive Movies alternative.

On this website, you can also purchase movie stills and poster books. Simply enter the identification of the movie or television show whose posters you want to find. There are also search filter options available here. Community forums, individual profiles, email registration, quick service, image previews, custom lists, release year display, and resolution display are a few of its modest features.

9. Letterzboxd


A website called Letterzboxd serves as a social networking site for movie buffs where you can set up an account, share your opinions on movies, interact with other users, and have discussions. Users can make a list of their favourite movies, keep track of the movies they’ve seen, and give a movie a like or a five-star rating. The public may access these lists. It even performs the additional task of giving information about a movie.

You can read information about a movie’s running length, reviews, cover art, release date, cast and crew, and genre by simply typing the title of the film into the search field. Even the platform links are given so that you can watch and download movies. The frequency with which a movie appears in other users’ lists is also shown. Some of its key features include email registration, password security, a graphical user interface, the ability to submit comments, and configurable options. Also check ALmoviesRenamer alternatives

10. Flix List

Flix List

This is another Tastedive Movies alternative. A online application called Flix List serves as a search engine to help you find all the Netflix movies. You have a variety of search filter choices that let you select the results that are shown to you based on elements like genre and year of release. Users can enter the names of the performers and directors in the search field if they are unsure of the title of the film.

Users can view the plot summary, genre, release date, and cover art of any film or television programme. Also included are products that are comparable to the searched content. Ratings from Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, separate tabs for new movies and TV shows, many local website performances, registration-free service, and a list of the top movies and TV shows ranked by Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are just a few of its other features.

11. The Movie database

The Movie database

A web programme called The Movie database allows you to find movies and TV episodes and understand all there is to know about them. This contains details on the cast and crew, posters, the duration, the year of release, the nation of origin of the content, and much more. It is possible to do this by utilising the search bar or the tabs for top-rated, forthcoming, and popular movies and TV shows. On the platform, you may view even presently broadcast television episodes and movies. This is another Tastedive Movies alternative.

Even the whole bios of some of the most well-known actors, producers, and directors are available. While you may do all of this without registering, you can rate movies and add them to your personalised list, favourites, and watchlist if you do so. Some of its extra features include a graphical user interface, password security, community forum, leaderboards, trailer play, critic reviews, contact team, search filters, and multilingual support.


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