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Top 15 Best Sports Tracker Alternative In 2022

Best and Most efficient Sports Tracker Alternative will be discuss in this article. Fitness enthusiasts may log, track, and evaluate their sports activities and outdoor pursuits using the feature-rich mobile application Sports Tracker. It is appropriate for a variety of sports, including mountain biking, cycling, skiing, walking, running, and hiking. It offers a potent GPS and maps to assist you in precisely monitoring your training and checking crucial information like speed, altitude, distance, elevation gain/loss, and calories burned to achieve targets more quickly.

The app contains a lot of social elements that let users remark on other other’s performances to keep them inspired and share their own progress with peers. Sports Tracker is renowned for its social features and GPS tracking capabilities. Exercise performance can be tracked, examined, and shared with others. Track your fitness objectives and store information in your personal workout diary for later review. By periodically maintaining a backup on Sports Tracker, you can avoid losing data.

Review post-workout statistics such as running pace, cycling speed, altitude, and calories burned and compare them to earlier training sessions. Activate voice feedback to hear suggestions while you workout. Follow your friends’ updates and leave comments to encourage them. Post photos, videos, and tweets about your outdoor activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Top 15 Best Sports Tracker Alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best Sports Tracker Alternative are explained here.

1. MyiClubOnline


MyiClubOnline is a cutting-edge piece of software that provides the best administration options for a variety of gym-related issues. Prospects can easily and swiftly join your club with the aid of this programme. It offers total management of the present members’ classes. Members can quickly schedule appointments and view any updates. The member’s account information is simple to update, and you can review all of their transactions, check for past-due payments, view their billing history, and do a lot more. Also check Drafty day sports pro basketball alternatives

Members can instantly pay fees through the app using MyiClubOnline, which also notifies them of any upcoming due dates. Additionally, it provides extensive reporting with automatic updates for credit cards and emails. Through the sophisticated built-in system, all members can quickly arrange future payments and cancel any appointment. Additionally, this programme enables the users of your club to manage their accounts at any time and from any location.

2. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a flexible platform that provides the best management services for a wide variety of clubs. You can use it to search any club in your city or neighbourhood according to your preferences. In a subject of seconds, you can find hundreds of clubs under one roof. It offers a crowd metre for club management, allowing you to quickly check the membership of the club. The platform provides fit data that encourage you to join the club and maintain greater physical and mental wellness. Additionally, it uses a variety of techniques and cleaning guidelines to maintain a healthy and secure atmosphere.

For your convenience and increased engagement, Planet Fitness enables hands-free gate entry and check-in. Additionally, it offers online training video courses that you may access at any time and from any location. Through the sophisticated and cutting-edge app, you can easily keep track of all your actions and send online payments.

3. Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness

A website called Retro Fitness provides access to more than 2000 clubs with the greatest management. By entering crucial details like address, title, city, country code, etc., you may locate any gym. Here, you can find a variety of specials, promotions, and discounts on memberships like the student discount. You can stay on track with the platform’s dynamic, individualised training programmes. For your comprehensive motivation, it also provides a variety of tactics, challenging workouts, encouraging collaboration, and an active gym community.

For more convenience, Retro Exercise offers a wide variety of group workout programmes and fitness experiences. It benefits customers with nutritional analysis, heart rate monitoring, cutting-edge fitness equipment, and many more benefits. Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Cycle classes, Bootcamp, and Circuit training are just a few of the courses you can choose from. Saunas, a comprehensive retail store, hydro-massage chairs, dumbbells up to 50 pounds, and many other things are more attractive.

4. EOS Fitness

EOS Fitness

A dynamic platform called EOS Fitness offers the finest answer for people’s mental and physical wellbeing. It provides a selection of the very best online training courses taught by numerous qualified and experienced instructors. With simple searches, you can find all the nearby gyms and clubs, along with information on their hours of operation and amenities. Additionally, it enables hassle-free reservations for workouts at various places. The site also provides customised training to aid in sharper focus.

EOS Fitness offers numerous precautions and tactics to maintain a sanitary and disease-free environment. Through the cutting-edge and cutting-edge app, it offers touchless gate admission and check-ins. The portal also offers a variety of training sessions with all of their pertinent material. You may easily create objectives and take part in a variety of club challenges.

5. is a website that offers each user specialised fitness services. With the most modern devices and cutting-edge equipment, it offers the best fitness facility. You can participate in more than 800 group exercise courses every week, including yoga, cycling, body pump, and zumba. The platform offers online courses taught by educators who are highly qualified, experienced, and collaborative. With the aid of the sophisticated app, you can quickly approach online lessons. You may quickly find any gym or club of your choice using our platform.

Among other things, offers a tidy and clean atmosphere with a touch-free gate access. You can access the gymnasium whenever you want, without any inconvenience or restrictions. With the licenced trainers, you may also receive personal training online. Numerous facilities are available, including a kids club, a pulse studio, a burn zone, a hydro lounge, red light therapy, tanning beds, dry saunas, and many more.

6. Chuzefitness


Chuzefitness is a flexible platform that offers whole solutions for your fitness and wellness. It offers a huge selection of online exercise classes taught by qualified instructors. Checking your class schedules, taking on challenges, and making new appointments are all simple processes. It allows you to easily locate any gym or club in any city or region. With the aid of this platform, you can receive the best workout instruction in a spotless setting with the newest equipment.

Members of Chuzefitnes have access to the facility 24 hours a day, allowing them to work out whenever they want. Through the cutting-edge app, it offers contact- or touch-less gate entry and check-ins. The cost of a gym membership is reasonable, and there are numerous offers or discounts available. Additionally, it offers hydro-massage, circuit training, an infrared sauna, group X, team training, a studio, and other services.

7. Crunch


Crunch is a flexible platform that provides specialised services for fitness and well health. It allows you to easily look for any nearby gym or club by entering the essential information. Under one roof, you can receive specialised training from the top experts in the world and the newest tools. The trainers offer thorough meal plans, workout schedules, and a variety of training sessions, including group and one-on-one sessions. Additionally, it provides special training sessions with complete information on the instructor, class type, time, day, and many other things. Also check Metrica Sports Play Alternatives

Cardio, dancing, advanced hit, the ride, mind-body burn, action sports, and Chisel IT are just a few of the classes offered by Crunch. It offers online workout training classes from the top trainers with the use of the cutting-edge software. With touchless gate admission and check-ins, you may take advantage of the most hygienic environment possible. Additionally, it provides membership programmes at the most affordable prices.

8. The Edge Fitness

The Edge Fitness

The Edge Fitness is a cutting-edge platform that offers the greatest setting for clubs or gyms. By entering the essential details, you may easily search any nearby gym or club. It offers exclusive online workout training sessions led by elite trainers. The platform deals provide every type of exercise instruction, such as weight reduction, muscle building, mind and body, tone and slender, and sports training. In order to maintain a better, cleaner, and disease-free environment, it also offers contactless check-ins and gate admission.

The Edge Fitness provides comprehensive workout plans, such as edge strong, edge challenge, thorough nutrition guides, and so on. Members get complete access, allowing them to conveniently attend online classes from anywhere. Any class can be scheduled, and full class details, such as the name of the instructor, the date, the hour, etc., are available. A shake bar, women’s fitness studio, edge cinema, training, massage, and sauna are additional services.

9. ClubReady


With the help of enhanced services and features, ClubReady is an all-in-one web-based fitness management platform that can support you grow your fitness business. The platform is a top supplier of full-suite management and wellness club management services, giving customers access to an engaging experience and comprehensive membership management to keep and draw in members. With the benefits of auto-dialer calls, agent calls, emails, text messages, and updating payments profiles, the GymHQ solution offers studios back-office assistance with a single admin.

The software provides a streaming solution for your virtual studio that offers live fitness classes to members, maintains brand and engagement, and offers watching control, HD displays, numerous screen layouts, and other features. Working with Stretch-live offers you a number of benefits, including the ability to work around your schedule, the application of best practises, a better portal workflow, target audiences and bundles, a simple one-time sign-up process, and much more. Software from ClubReady includes features for studios that specialise in cycling, Pilates, yoga, rowing, martial arts, and more.

10. TrainingPeaks


Running, triathlon, and cycling competitors can reach their goals with the aid of TrainingPeaks, a digital training partner. For a seamless experience, it synchronises with your account. Before working out, enable the tracking tool to keep track of your swims, runs, and bike rides. To see information on distance, power, speed, and other factors, visit the stats area.

Write down some thoughts for the trainer and for yourself after an exercise. A helpful Performance management Chart is provided by the programme to make it simple to monitor and assess daily progress. The Dashboard charts can be modified to display only the pertinent data. It offers a workout file viewer with GPS, HR, and power information for every workout.

View the duration of time spent in training zones to calculate each workout’s speed, HR, pace, and power. The calendar allows you to plan training sessions and to view planned meals and workouts from any location at any time. Through the Training workout library, members can add new workouts and access them whenever they want. You may post workouts using the app on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and email.

11. Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo alters the way you run, bike, swim, and meet your training and fitness objectives. It does this by utilising the capabilities of your smartphone. Everyone can use the tracker to use GPS to log their runs, workouts, and riding. You may create an account, update your information, and make full use of services like TICKR and KICKR. For the best in class accuracy, power, efficiency, and speed for every cycling enthusiast, connect the mobile app to your KICKR Power Trainer.

Wahoo Fitness can be used in conjunction with sensors to track vital statistics for a variety of sports activities, including heart rate, cadence, agility, stride rate data, and more. It enables users to upload and share their workout data on well-known training websites like RunKeeepr, Strava, Relive, TrainingPeaks, Dropbox, Cycling Analytics, Komoot, and more. It saves all of your progress so that you can check a quick summary of your workout results right from your phone. A complete KICKR workout screen with four modes—Manual, Resistance levels, Simulation, and Erg Mode—is included. Enter physical characteristics like height, weight, and age to obtain accurate calorie burn information.

12. Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks

With the all-in-one sports tracking app Map My Tracks, athletes and sports fans can record their runs, walks, and swims as well as stream them live. Currently, millions of individuals use it as their go-to resource to track their workouts and outdoor activities. The programme turns the phone into a potent GPS device that can be used with great precision while out for walks, runs, swims, bike rides, and more. Also check Fight Night Champion by EA Sports alternatives

Before beginning a session, you can use the app to track your progress. After each outdoor activity, review the statistics and keep an eye on your elevation gain/loss, speed, calories burned, duration, and heart rate. View the development of loved ones, coworkers, and friends while attending events or training sessions. Workout movies can be captured and shared with others or saved on the device.

This is another Sports Tracker alternative. The programme allows users to auto-tweet the beginning and end of an exercise and supports sharing on Twitter and Facebook. For thorough information on numerous characteristics including distance, speed, and pace, connect with a Pebble watch. You may communicate with pals, leave encouraging comments, and keep them motivated.

13. Vlar: Bike Ride Tracker

Vlar: Bike Ride Tracker

Vlar is the top-of-the-line bike ride tracker that enables you to log every session, plan the ideal route for riding, and assess your performance using the statistics section to get results faster. It is appropriate for people who desire to sharpen their skills, drop a few pounds, pack on muscle, and quicken their pace. You may broadcast a variety of riding tactics directly to your iPhone using this app.

It turns the smartphone into a GPS so you can track marathons and bike rides. Launch the app after installation to begin tracking all of your workouts. Everybody can keep an eye on their cycling activities, check vital statistics like their heart rate, pace, and location, and take pictures to store on the device or send to friends.

The software comes with a challenge creator that makes it simple to keep tabs on and compare progress with peers in order to choose the best outcome. Invite anyone, and you can engage in live competition with them. It keeps track of all the history in a well-maintained area so that cyclists and bike riders can track their development, identify important metrics, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

14. Coachy: Personal Trainer in AR

Coachy: Personal Trainer in AR is your committed training partner for callisthenics, TRX, kettlebell, bodyweight, and bodyweight exercises, and they design workouts specifically for you. You can enter information about your equipment, fitness level, and goals, and the programme will then create a personalised training schedule. Everyone can also choose from among the pre-made workouts or create their own. To help fitness aficionados during workouts and get the most out of it, it offers exercises with thorough instructions in 3D. This is another Sports Tracker alternative.

You can accomplish goals more quickly thanks to the customised workouts Coachy: Personal Trainer in AR creates. Give the app comments after completing an exercise, and it will use it to create programmes that are effective. To make it simple for everyone to choose the workout that they are most comfortable with, it provides a variety of pre-made exercises with varying degrees of difficulty. You can also design a personalised workout and apply it during training sessions. With the help of the app’s widget, you can easily keep track of your goals. Both light and dark modes are supported, and switching between them is simple using the settings.


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