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Top 10 Best ALmoviesRenamer Alternatives In 2022

Best ALmoviesRenamer alternatives will be described in this article. Renamer is a piece of software that makes it simple for users to rename and arrange all of their computer’s movies. It might be challenging for people to look for movies that they have downloaded from the internet. With the help of this programme, this issue is fixed. A user only needs to click the add movie tab in the top left corner of the home page and choose the movie from the folder it is housed in in order to add a movie.

Now all that’s left to do is for the user to add the title he wants to use in lieu of the current one. He may also include the movie’s release year, duration, original title, and language. Once inserted, all of this information may be seen on the name screen. Another option to adjust renaming rules allows even the word separators to be changed. Its basic features include the ability to add tags, put all videos to a single folder, and remove movies.

Top 10 Best ALmoviesRenamer Alternatives In 2022

Top 10 Best ALmoviesRenamer Alternatives are explained here.

1. TheRenamer


You can rename the movies, TV shows, and series on your computer with the programme TheRenamer. For instance, you could give it a name that corresponds to the title of the show, movie, or other thing, rather than just some random nonsense. Click the corresponding button on the home page, then click the paw to retrieve files from a folder to view all of your TV programmes. Also check Fzmovies alternatives

The user has control over the default folder that is set here. The ID code, airing date, and absolute number of the film or television programme are also shown. Additionally, users can choose whether to include the number of seasons and episodes in the changed title and how it is shown if this option is enabled. Customer service, a user manual, a discussion forum, drag-and-drop functionality, custom settings, a TV manual scraping option, support for IMDb, and an official website from Ingrained are a few of its standout features. This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative.

2. TV Rename

TV Rename

With the help of the programme TV Rename, you may rename and organise all of your favourite TV programmes on your computer. You can eliminate useless letters and numbers from the names of the episodes, such as XviD, AFG, and avi. You must alert the app about your shows before you can begin. There are numerous ways to accomplish this.

First, you can manually add a show by typing its name into the add show section. Second, you may use the ‘Bulk Add’ option to instruct the software to search through particular folders and find shows. Finally, the software may be set up to automatically scan the files after a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, it may scan your PC for the lost episodes or download show posters and photographs. When there are no shows, automatically added shows from the directories are added to the media library. In some cases, the app will even suggest programmes for the library. It also includes web searches and notifications for when an episode will show.

3. MediaRenamer


This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative. By enabling you to move TV shows and movies across locations and rename them, MediaRenamer software attempts to improve the management of these files on your computer. You have two options for telling the software about the shows on your computer: manually adding them or having it identify them after scanning your files.

Tables are used to showcase all the data about these TV programmes and movies that are canned. The name of the content’s release year, location folder, and original and new names are all included in this data. You only need to choose a movie or TV show to change its name. Some of its features worth highlighting include the About tab, user help, select all and select none buttons, compatibility with different online databases, support for diverse online formats, and a customised interface.

4. Movie Renamer

Movie Renamer

Movie Renamer is software that allows you to rename and organise all of the movies that are stored on your computer. This is helpful in cases where the names of movies obtained from the internet contain nonsensical letters and digits that make it difficult for consumers to find them. It has several ways to keep track of your movies. Either you can submit each movie folder separately or you can ask the programme to scan your entire folder for movies. This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative.

If accessible, fanart, posters, and thumbnails are automatically retrieved as the movies are being scanned. You can view and modify details like the movie’s release date, genre, actors, crew, storyline synopsis, and studio name. When renaming a movie, you can select from a variety of formats. Users can establish their own limitations and add separators. Even which letters in the title will be capitalised and italicised is up to them. Some of its standout features are the creation of XBMC NFO files, a user manual, the ability to create directories, the reduction of white space, and an understandable interface.

5. Hash Renamer

Hash Renamer

By enabling you to rename media files based on file hashes, the software Hash Renamer seeks to make managing media files simple for you. It stands out due to its capability to search and recognise media files using their hash rather than the file or directory name. A table with separate sections for each movie and TV show’s directory, file name, status, and hash is used to display all of the computer’s movies and TV shows. which all have configuration options. Also check Hd Movies Hub Alternatives

By instructing the software to scan the selected folders, users can manually upload data. Even better, they can use the search box to look for the lost file. Even hash files with many gigabytes of capacity can be quickly renamed. The software will manually locate the file and rename it for future use if it cannot locate a media file based on its hash. Its extra features include a coherent dashboard, accurate output, quick service, automatic scanning, and open-souring.

6. Media Center Master

Media Center Master

By allowing you to rename them, Media Center Master software makes it simple for you to manage all of your entertainment items, such as movies and TV series. The software has to register each and every one of your media files in order to carry out its function. You can accomplish this by manually registering or by scanning the local storage.

This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative. The names of the movie or television show, the kind of file, and the year of release are all presented in a table alongside all the scanned files. It is possible to lock specific files to stop intrusion from others. It can also retrieve the posters and thumbnails of media files as it scans them. Some of its key features include user assistance, a variety of modes, support for Kodi and Emby, the ability to edit and download metadata, and direct trailer download.

7. Tiny Media Manager

Tiny Media Manager

With the help of the software programme Tiny Media Manager, you can organise all the films and television programmes on your computer by renaming their files in a way that makes the most sense to you. It offers a remedy to the problem of individuals having trouble finding their movies or television series because the original title has extra letters and digits.

Some of the largest entertainment websites, including,, and, can be used to directly gather data. In addition to names, this application retrieves posters, genres, cast and crew information in different languages, year of release information, plot summaries, etc. that can be added to the indexed data. A person can always use the search engine offered to him if he has trouble finding something. Its additional features include support for Kodi media centre, compatibility with all popular operating systems, a small dashboard, and the ability to download trailers.

8. MediaElch


A computer programme called MediaElch makes sure that organising your movies, TV shows, music, and other media on your computer is simple for you. Users can remove all the nonsense that comes with anything downloaded from the internet and give their video files better names. This can either be manually added or imported from databases such as IMDb,,, etc. Users can retrieve banners, posters, fanart, thumbnails, and logos in addition to the name. This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative.

In addition, you may view each movie’s ID, file location, original and new names, year of release, cast and crew information, running time, and critical reviews. You can see what you’ve already viewed as well as when it was viewed. Support for different media centres, user assistance, add to favourites, cloud upload and download, reload button, archive option, distinct sections for shows, concerts, and music, search option, search filters, and tag addition are a few of its standout features. Also check All Movies Alternatives

9. Mnamer


This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative. A computer programme called Mnamer (Media Renamer) assists users in arranging all the movies on their system in a way that makes it simple for them to use. Its precedent can be found in the automation it uses. The tool leverages the internet to accurately label the movies while deleting all the extra blanks and numbers. It breaks down the movie’s file names to obtain metadata.

Users can also access additional data from OMDb, TvMaze, and TMDb, including posters, fanart, cast and crew details, running time, release year, and trailers. Movies can also be transported from one location to another. Some of its extra capabilities include support for numerous subtitle formats, numerous name formats, and multiple language options for templates.

10. Ant Renamer

Ant Renamer

You may rename files and folders with the help of Ant Renamer, a free piece of software, making it much easier to do tedious tasks. With this sophisticated tool, you may more easily manage your files and folders and move files from one folder to another. With just a few clicks, the programme lets you rename a sizable number of files, and it supports multiple languages for simplicity of use. This is another ALmoviesRenamer alternative.

The software gives you all the information you require about your files, making it simple for you to use filters to find the files. There are many options available, such as altering the extension, changing the case, replacing characters, moving characters, removing multiple characters, enumeration, creating random names, regular expression, creating random names, and more.


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