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Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives In 2022

Best and most efficient Sports Flick alternative will be discussed in this article. Sports Flick is a jokes app that Sports Flick has launched on the market. It offers yearly and monthly subscription plans so users can instantly access the hottest games.

The list of all the available matches can be sorted by the user using a variety of filters, including category, sports kind, date, time, and venue name.

By providing the URL to their social media account, the Sports Flick – Live Sports & On-Demand app allows you to share a game with your family.

On the home screen of the Sports Flick app, users can add a match to a separate folder to watch it at a later time in accordance with their routine.

To continue enjoying your favourite sports, you must purchase the full version through in-app purchases. You may also choose to have the membership automatically renew to save time.

Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Sports Flick Alternatives are explained here.

1 Live Sports TV Listings Guide

Live Sports TV Listings Guide

They can follow the results of their favourite national team and cheer them on by using the  Live Sports TV Listings Guide app, which offers a comprehensive collection of listings for all forthcoming games in their favourite sports.

By clicking the sharing icon, you may post the match details to your social media accounts and share them with your family.

Users of the Live Sports TV Listings Guide app can access information on numerous sports through a side panel, and they can rearrange the list’s elements to suit their needs.

The participating teams in each of the forthcoming matches, the name of the tournament, and the time of the match can all be seen by users by selecting the desired day and date from the top of the screen.

It has a completely configurable home screen widget so you can track a match without opening the app.

2. Universal Sports TV Plus

Universal Sports TV Plus

On their mobile phone’s screen, users of the Universal Sports TV Plus app can find new TV episodes, movies, and other forms of entertainment thanks to the app’s search capabilities.

In order to receive suggestions for sports channels that suit your needs, you can choose the sports you are interested in. Also check  EA sports MMA alternatives

Users can save channels, episodes, and other materials to a favourite folder for subsequent viewing. They can even send the link to their loved ones by email or text message.

You can alter the stream’s visual quality to use less data with the Universal Sports TV Plus: PTV Sports Live Stream app.

Users of the Universal Sports TV Plus app can begin watching a live game after connecting their phone to a working internet connection without having to pay for mobile data.

To better comprehend the state of the match right now, you can listen to the commentary.

3. FloSports Watch Live Sports

FloSports Watch Live Sports

The FloSports Watch Live Sports app enables you to watch live streaming of your preferred sporting events from a wide range of national and worldwide championships.

A sports channel can be added to a favourite folder so that users can access it first in the list of channels.

With the integrated remote in the FloSports: Live, Replays & Highlights app, you can fully control a broadcasted match. You can even adjust the book by sliding the slider control.

This is another Sports Flick alternative. The schedule section includes comprehensive information on all future sports and other sporting events.

To protect the match on a big screen with your family and enjoy it together, connect your mobile phone to a Chromecast-enabled device.

Users of the FloSports app may access the settings section and live feeds of all their favourite sports through a side panel on the app.

4. Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL

Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL

The NBA NCAAF MLB NHL app helps you find high-quality live matches from different sports and international leagues so you may watch them on your own timetable.

Users can enable notifications so they will receive notice about upcoming matches, helping them to get ready for what is coming up.

A scoreboard with detailed results for all of your favourite players and the performance of the man of the match is available in the Dofu Live Stream for NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NHL app.

Users can utilise it to personalise the home screen to display information based on teams, divisions, etc.

To display the full schedule of all the forthcoming games, including details like the game’s time and date, select the relevant league.

It has two separate screen settings, dark mode and light mode, to ease the strain on their eyes in low light.

5. SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard

SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard

Sports enthusiasts from all around the world can share a live stream with their friends by posting it on their social media platforms thanks to features in the Free 0 SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard app.

Users who want to watch a game on the move can enter the name of the sport, the name of the match, or keywords in the search bar. This is another Sports Flick alternative.

The SportCam app displays details about a match including participating teams, the venue where the contest is being played, the time and date, etc.

By selecting the preferred sport, the colour of the teams, and the names of all the players, users of the SportCam – Live Stream Your Match with Scoreboard software can begin a stream.

You can enlarge the image to see all the game’s specifics at once.

You can keep track of how long the match will last thanks to the countdown timer at the top of the screen.

6. Onefootball


Soccer and all the information you need to know about your favourite games are available on the substantially built sports app known as onefootball.

Onefootball GmbH Inc. has created a fantastic software called One football – Soccer Scores that enables you to follow hundreds of teams and dozens of rivalries and contests around the world this summer.

You may take advantage of news, soccer, transfers, videos, etc. with the Onefootball – Premier League and MLS News app.

The app has all the most recent information on preseason games for your most likely clubs, including scores, fixtures, stats, videos, and critical dates.

Everything you need to know about international or US soccer teams is easily accessible.

You may access insider news, live scores, rumours, live scores, player profiles, schedules, video channels, and a tonne of other things on your smartphones and tablets by using the Onefootball – Soccer Scores app.

This is another Sports Flick alternative. With this fantastic software, you may learn about the most recent stories on soccer that have been published by international newsrooms and soccer journalists throughout the world.

7. SuperSport Beta

SuperSport Beta

The SuperSport Beta software is a digital sports companion that has features that let you add a sport to the favourites section so that you may receive matches and highlights straight on the notification panel.

Users who have connected their mobile device to a working internet connection can view a live game. Also check Sports Alterts Alternative

The SuperSport Beta app has an intuitive user design with buttons that let you jump from the home screen to the news feed, scoreboard, videos, search bar, settings, and profile section. This is another Sports Flick alternative.

To receive an alert regarding their preferred sport, users can choose a date and time.

To adjust your routine appropriately, you can browse the whole calendar of upcoming matches and subscribe to alerts about upcoming games.

In order to add them to their profiles and begin following them while on the go, it displays all of the trending leagues and international matches at the top of the screen.



This is another Sports Flick alternative. The beIN Media Group created the sports app beIN SPORTS to allow you to take the sports monitoring experience to a whole new level by starting to receive alerts about match timings after selecting your preferred sports.

To watch a film or to learn about new openings in your preferred club, choose the appropriate category from the screen’s top menu.

The beIN SPORTS – Live scores, news & videos app includes a detailed description of each match beneath the video so users can understand the actual situation on the field.

To get a glimpse of the game, users can watch the highlights.

With the help of the beIN SPORTS app, you may request a previous game to watch it with friends and family on a big screen device.

The manual provides detailed instructions on how viewers can watch a live game on their phone without spending a dime.

9. FlashScore


You can access the knowledge and details of nearly 38 sports through FlashScore whenever you want on your smartphones and tablets. This is another Sports Flick alternative.

FlashScore is a fantastic product launched on the market by FlashScore Inc. that offers one of the most authentic applications to quickly and accurately gather the correct information about many sports.

You can choose your most likely matches, players, or entire teams in any of the 6000+ rivalries on the app.

You can find updates for nearly 30 other sports, including tennis, football, hockey, rugby, and cricket, thanks to its broadest coverage.

You can follow more than 1.2k football competitions with the Flash Score app, which covers more than 6K competitions from around the world.

You can access the most recent match statistics, lineups, goals, and other crucial details about the current game through its elegant and intuitive notification and alert system.

Choose the most likely matches, then wait for your cell phones to notify you of everything.

The FlashScore app offers live commentary, live tables, match reviews and recaps, lineups and head-to-head information, among other things, for tables and match details.

To learn more about your favourite or crucial moments of the game without making an effort, simply download FlashScore to your smartphone and turn on notifications.


This is another Sports Flick alternative. is an all-in-one jokes app that allows you to stay up to date on the latest news and probably the quickest live football scores right in your pocket. is an exclusive product launched in the market by that offers the most recent news, instant goals, attention, transfer updates, cards, top players and teams, head-to-head data, and more.

To learn anything you want, use the app’s unique match stats on your mobile devices.

The app offers in-depth sports articles, goal alerts, transfer rumours, match stats, and a tonne of other information about matches.

The Around the Clock News feature enables you to access a vast database of information about objectives and breaking news stories.

You can be the foremost to know about transfers from the best online sources by using the app.

The app provides access to international coverage of the English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Serie A, Ligue 1, and other leagues.

11. FotMob


FotMob delivers live match summaries, live scores, match commentary, stats, news, fixtures, and a tonne of other information about your favourite games in your most likely leagues.

NorApps AS Inc. created Soccer Scores – FotMob, a fantastic platform that gives you access to all the stats, narratives, scores, and nearly all the necessary information about the matches you love to watch on TV.

Follow your most likely players and teams with the help of the FotMob – Scores, Video Highlights, and News App, which offers personalised news and tailored notifications.

You can take advantage of lightning-fast match updates and never miss the exciting parts of games. This is another Sports Flick alternative.

Additionally, you can benefit from personalised news updates and push notifications for your most likely teams and players.

You can access a wealth of useful information about matches, including live scores, TV schedules, Pre-match analysis, live text commentary, personalised news content, and much more, with the Fot Mob App – Soccer Scores app. Also check Live Sports Scores Alternative

12. LiveScore: Live Sport Updates

LiveScore: Live Sport Updates

LiveScore: Live Sport Updates is a beautifully designed sports app that keeps all sports sports up to date with the multiple recent results and live sporting action now on their smartphones & tablets.

LiveScore: Football Scores & Sports News is a cutting edge marking tool created in the market by LiveScore Ltd. that enables all international sports fans to stay ahead of the game whenever and wherever they are.

The app enables you to follow the game in real time, keep up with match-related news, access head-to-head statistics, team lineups, breaking news, and all other necessary information.

LiveScore: Live Sport Updates app provides all the information you could possibly need, including cards, goals, overs, wickets, final scores, and schedules.

The LiveScore app has a ball tracker that lets you view pitches, view all the breaking news, receive immediate sports notifications, & take advantage of the fastest updating of the most recent stats and results for live matches taking place all over the world.

13. Forza Football

Forza Football

With more than 5 million devoted football fans worldwide, Forza Football is undoubtedly one of the best football apps available. It was created and is distributed by Forza Football Inc.

This is another Sports Flick alternative. Soccer videos and scores are available at Forza Football.

You can access live scores of all the renowned league or international matches via an app on your smartphones and tablets.

With Forza Football – Live Soccer Scores app, you can watch match highlights on video and get football updates for more than 420 well-known leagues around the world.

It is a top-notch app that offers live games, football highlights, news about favourite teams, and details about all the exciting leagues from around the globe.

It makes sure you never miss any important match updates, such as lineups and team news, and it enables you to instantly download video highlights of any matches that are currently taking place anywhere in the world.

The best app for women’s football news, including information on the Summer World Cup, is Forza Football – Soccer live Scores & Videos.

14. 365Scores


With the cutting-edge app 365Scores, you can keep up with the best sports, including the major soccer tournaments you enjoy watching on TV.

A sports app with a sophisticated design, 365Scores – Live Scores, offers live scores for the NHL, NBA, Wimbledon, NFL, Spanish LaLiga, English Premier League, and other competitions.

You can access live scores, roster updates, signings, trades, and commentary during matches as well as real-time statistics and more information about international rivalries.

This is another Sports Flick alternative. You can join a community of more than 50 million ardent sports fans from around the world using the 365Scores – Live Scores and Sports News app, where you can access live scores, detailed stats, upcoming schedules, news updates, and league standings right in the palm of your hands.

You’ll never miss the updates of your favourite matches with the 365 Scores – Live Scores app, which brings everything related to sports.

Football, Tennis, Cricket, Handball, Rugby, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball, and Volleyball are just a few of the sports that are exclusively covered by the app.

15. Eurosport


With the help of the exclusive Eurosport app, you can access the best sports news and updates directly on your smartphones and tablets.

You can get updates on the most exclusive sports with the help of the excellent sports app Eurosport, which Eurosport Inc. has made available on the market.

You can experience the best and most sophisticated sports news possible thanks to it.

With this app, you can precisely access all the major sporting events with live text-based commentary.

The app features over 150 sports news stories that are exclusively updated by a group of its journalists. This is another Sports Flick alternative.

In order to help you understand everything clearly and completely, the Eurosport app also provides news analysis in the form of videos.

The app includes a calendar and real-time stats for all the sports you’re most likely to play, including cycling, tennis, and snooker.

Along with its journalists, players, pundits, and others, the Eurosport app also offers exclusive web charts.

Almost all of the most significant and exclusive rivalries in football, tennis, cycling, and a variety of other sports are covered.


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