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Top 15 Best EA Sports MMA Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding EA sports MMA alternatives will be described in this article. EA Sports MMA is an activity, fighting, single-player, & multiplayer video game created by EA Tiburon and distributed by Electronic Arts for wrestling fans to play and experience combating powerful foes. The opponents in the arena will be kicked by you as you take on the role of a wrestler from real-world wrestling. During games, you can defeat them and prevail in battles to receive rewards. You will need to battle vicious foes within a locked bar to ensure your triumph, so make sure you choose a person who is a better fighter.

It also includes the well-known members of the free fighting club. Along with other thrilling activities, there are many difficult stages, such as solo multiplayer games like Solo vs Squad and Squad versus Squad. It’s difficult to manoeuvre the chosen player. To win numerous prizes, battle with strength and expertise. Play against your pals and beat them.

Top 15 Best EA Sports MMA Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best EA Sports MMA Alternatives are explained here.

1. Fighting Star

Fighting Star

Doodle Mobile Ltd. created the video game Fighting Star, which combines sports, fighting, and single-player gameplay. Professional fighters appear on your screen in the game’s 3D visuals. To demonstrate your skills against foes, put on your gloves and begin combat. A number of adversaries are waiting for you to lose to them in the MMA universe, where the game places you. You begin the game as a low-level street fighter on your way to becoming the best fighter in the entire planet. This is another EA Sports MMA. Also check Live Sports Scores Alternative

You can alter your appearance by choosing a different attire using the personalization function. Sharp eyes and quick reflexes are your main weapons in the ring. Play the breathtaking game and enjoy the jaw-dropping visuals and lifelike motion-captured animations. By providing various haircuts, gloves, and accessories, the customization option will assist you in creating your character. You need to dip, dodge, and weave when playing the game to win.

2. Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

Action, sports, and single-player boxing video game Real Boxing 2 ROCKY was created and released by Vivid Games S.A. You have the chance to play as Rocky in the game and start taking on rival characters for glory. As shortly as the game begins, the player enters the ring as Rocky Balboa and has the opportunity to relive the great boxing story by taking on legendary foes like Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, and others. This is another EA Sports MMA.

The player will be able to battle his way to the top while navigating the Rocky-themed world in the game. The game’s spectacular and never-ending MMO fighting experience allows players to compete against top warriors. There are multiple large enemies to face, and there are hundreds of potent items throughout the game. Fast-paced gameplay, mythical boxers, hundreds of items, and other noteworthy elements can be found in Real Boxing 2 ROCKY.

3. World Boxing Challenge

World Boxing Challenge

Reludo SRI created the single-player, sports, and fighting video game World Boxing Challenge. To hit the opposite character, you must put on iron-like gloves provided by the game. It has a 3D world where you may look around and find a cast of combatants before choosing your favourite and beginning a match against others. You have the opportunity to test your boxing prowess in the game and see just how skilled you are at it.

There are various boxing divisions, including Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Lightweight. A training system is included in the game to help you develop your abilities. You can test out the game’s mechanics by competing against other players in dozens of mini-games. The game introduces six unique objects, including shoes, tattoos on the arms and chest, and more. The gameplay is continuously enhanced through an upgrade mechanism.

4.  Boxing’s Star

Boxing's Star

This is another EA Sports MMA. FourthirtyThree, Inc. created the sports, fighting, single-player, and multiplayer video game Boxing Star for mobile devices. Each playable fighter in the game has different abilities and personalities. You can choose to force your opponent’s character to find the stars during the day when the game first begins. Your quest to becoming the best boxer star in the world might be epic while you’re playing the game.

To become a boxing star, you must rise from the streets by pounding your way to the top. All of the wild boxing characters will be encountered and made friends with during the course of the game. You have the chance to put your talents to the test in the game by employing your collection of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. You can alter the formation of your character by using the customisation feature. Test your skills, Story Mode, Fight against Enemies, and more notable elements are included in Boxing Star.

5. Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is a fighting, sports, single-player, and multiplayer video game created and released for mobile devices by CanaryDroid. You can choose your favourite boxer to enter the ring and demonstrate your fighting prowess in the game’s magnificent surroundings, which incorporates many renowned fighters. Your objective in the fight is to use your punching skills to eliminate the enemy character.

While the straightforward controls help you get a better handle on each part of the game, the game’s refined animation and breathtaking graphics bring the genuine boxers to life. The game offers over 120 different uniform options, as well as a variety of equipment. Your gym’s level might increase once you fulfil the prerequisite. Popular elements of Punch Boxing 3D include 3D graphics, fighting mechanics, customizability, several uniforms, and more.

6. Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Actual Boxing The sports, boxing, and single-player video game Manny Pacquiao was created by Vivid Games S.A. In the game, you play as your favourite character while competing against professional boxers from across the globe in a made-up setting. It takes place in a 3D universe & centred around a boxing ring, where winning matches against rival players can earn you in-game currency. This is another EA Sports MMA. Also check NBA Jam by EA Sports Alternatives

In its multiplayer mode, you will face off against opponents who won’t spare any blood. Put on your lethal boxing match and enter the fight. There are several boxers to choose from, and they all have special traits and traits to employ against rival characters. A number of unique elements are present in Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao, including customization, a tonne of bonuses, a retro arcade mode, power-ups, and more.

7. Cyber Fight Challenge

Cyber Fight Challenge

A fighting, player versus player, sports, single-player, and multiplayer video game called Cyber Fight Challenge was created by Nordville Technology Ltd. The game introduces the Cyber Fight Challenge, which transports you to a magical world full of great fighters who are waiting for you. Different rings are placed in various locations, and there are many items and contents to discover. The player in the game has the opportunity to win over foes and score in-game points.

There are online competitions that welcome competitors from around the globe to join epic matches for enormous awards. You can use punches and kicks to defeat opponents and win by being the last player standing if you choose your robot and enter the ring. To enhance your skills and talents, unlock upgrades with the rewards the game gives you. The Cyber Fight Challenge has standout features, excellent gameplay, and intricate graphics.

8. Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory

This is another EA Sports MMA. Survios produced and released the PC fighting video game Creed: Rise to Glory, which combines sports, virtual reality, single-player, and multiplayer modes. You often deal with gameplay components like train, fight, and win in the game. You can start your boxing career by selecting one of the many professional fighters who are available internationally, according to the game. There are many amazing matches there, and each one introduces you to a different foe.

Customization, Career, Freeplay, and mini-game practise are only a few of the game’s game options. Fighting against rival characters in the game gives you the chance to live out your legacy and test your physical and mental prowess. There are online PvP arenas in the game where a player can choose his favourite champion and set up a custom Quick Match with a friend or other people. Numerous game modes, Live Your Legacy, online PvP, Feel the Impact, and other noteworthy features can be found in Creed: Rise to Glory.

9. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

The fighting, sports, single player, & multiplayer video game Real Steel World Robot Boxing was created for mobile devices by Reliance Big Entertainment. In the game, robot boxers take the place of human boxers, and you can choose your favourite to display your inner strength. Join Noisy Boy, Atom, and other members of the Supremacy in the Real Steel Universe to participate in the game’s action-packed robot battling gameplay. This is another EA Sports MMA. Also check SportsEngine Alternative

The game lets you pick your favourite robot boxer before entering the ring from a selection of playable robot boxers. Your objective in the game is to progress to a higher level by eliminating champions and earning the rewards necessary to unlock robot upgrades that will increase its performance and power. Real Steel World Robot Boxing has standout features, excellent gameplay, and lovely graphics.


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