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Top 15 Best TheScore Live Sports Scores Alternatives

Best and most demanding TheScore: Live Sports Scores Alternative will be discuss in this article. TheScore: Live Sports Scores is a comprehensive programme for live updates and game scores. It allows you to demonstrate the entire scorecard with all of the points in a predetermined order, guiding new users through the process without any difficulties. The important leagues and the team schedule for the competition are also available.

You don’t need to examine for links for live gameplay or score updates because you can watch online streaming & view the highlights in 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD with this app. The main page of the website gives you the option to choose the specific sport category, as well as the name and details that guarantee the user will find their favourite game. It allows you to hear the recorded interviews with expert advice from the opening and closing ceremonies.

Top 15 Best TheScore: Live Sports Scores Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best TheScore: Live Sports Scores Alternatives are explained here.

1. Basketball Stats Pro

Basketball Stats Pro

Up to 15 players can be tracked with their names and positions in Basketball Stats Pro, an upgraded version of Basketball Stat. Any player whose assigned tasks are not being completed by them may be moved to a different position. It makes sure that you keep track of the current points as well as player errors via a graph. It’s a good feature that isn’t offered by other options because you can forecast your points in the future and compare them to your current score rate. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Also check sports Mania Alternative

It contains a function that lets you view the techniques and game plan of the opposition’s team. In the suggestion box with a player name tag, you can offer advice to the players as a coach. You can view the total fouls committed by players in current or previous games by scrolling the main menu. It gives you the option to view the total and remaining game time in the form of a stopwatch.

2. Basketball StaBts Lite

Basketball StaBts Lite

This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Basketball Stats Lite is a scaled-down version of Basketball Stats that was created for a low-powered gadget that is mostly used by coaches during games to locate basketball players from all over the world. During gameplay, you may also examine the positions and names of your player’s skills and tactics. You may also provide the athlete professional advice using a suggestion box that includes his name.

If a player is not effectively completing his assigned work, you have the opportunity to swap places with other players. Additionally, it guarantees error-free, high-quality live streaming of a game involving your teams. Using a stopwatch, you may also gauge how much time is left in the game. You may forecast your score in the future using graphs and charts.

3. basketball quiz games

basketball quiz games

An entertaining team trivia question is one of the elements of the basketball quiz games app that allows ardent basketball enthusiasts to advance their knowledge of the game. You can acquire advice and answers to challenging questions from your friends and family by getting in touch with them.

The app delivers functionality that allows you to view a team’s logo and guess its name to win in-app currency. Users can play for as long as they wish without repeating any levels and can renew their basketball expertise in a novel method.

To learn the answers to challenging trivia questions, you can use in-app credits to purchase tips and hints in the basketball quiz games app. For improved concentration, users can activate the music and sound by going to the settings area on the home screen.

4. Basketball Logo quiz

Basketball Logo quiz

Users of the basketball logo quiz app can view the logos of NBA basketball teams and try to identify the team name in order to learn something new. The settings section is where you may control the music and noises. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores.

Users of the app can issue invitations to their friends and family members through the app’s capabilities in order to challenge and compete with them. Without becoming bored, you can play as many levels as you like to brush up on your knowledge in an entertaining new way.

Users of the Basketball Logo quiz app can purchase hints with credits they have earned by correctly identifying the names of teams. To find the correct response to the challenging trivia question, you can also use answers provided by other people. To examine the entire number of in-app credits, users can access the home screen.

5. Football Soccer Quiz: Guess the Player

Football Soccer Quiz: Guess the Player

Soccer Football Quiz: The Guess the Player app enables users to accept the world cup challenge and respond correctly to soccer trivia questions to improve their knowledge of the sport. By surpassing the times and scores of other users who have challenged you, you can set new records.

This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Users can use the app’s capabilities to take online and offline trivia challenges to test their knowledge of game legends. More than 100 active and former football players have names and positions that are known.

Football Soccer Quiz: Guess the Player app offers features that enable users to share the trivia questions with their friends and family members to enlist their assistance. When you tap on the appropriate response to the question, the score and remaining time for the current level are displayed.

6. Cricket Quiz

Cricket Quiz

The cricket quiz available on the Cricket Quiz app allows you to test how well you know the sport while also earning credits for providing the correct responses. Users can open a new account and receive free credits by creating one and watching videos, respectively.

The Cricket Quiz Win Prizes app has features that allow you to hit the play button from the screen to examine information such as the total number of levels, the remaining questions, the global ranking, the total points, the current level, etc. Answers from users are welcome regarding well-known cricket leagues, world championships, test matches, and other topics.

In order to score points, you must select the correct option from the four provided choices while using the Cricket Quiz app’s features. The home page, leaderboard, categories, winners, settings, accounts, top players, and numerous other sections are all accessible to users.

7. English Football Quiz

English Football Quiz

English Football Quiz is a Wyverin app that offers tools to assist users evaluate their familiarity with football leagues from across the world. By glancing at their photos, you can imagine the names of well-known English football players, and if your guess is correct, you’ll receive in-game awards.

Quiz on English football history using the Premier League Trivia app’s features, which allow users to learn more about British football’s past by responding to trivia questions. You can use clues to find solutions to challenging trivia questions. Also check  Sports Scores Alternative

With the help of elements in the English Football Quiz app, users may select the correct responses while viewing a wide collection of images of football heroes and monumental moments in football history. The preferred game mode can be selected from a range of options, like bet the fact, planks, wipe the logos, and many others. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores.

8. Sport Quiz Revolution

Sport Quiz Revolution

You may pass the time while learning about sports by using the Sport Quiz Revolution app to choose the athlete’s sport from the four alternatives provided. Users can successfully answer the necessary number of questions to win the grand prize.

The app offers tools to assist you in testing the mettle of your loved ones by playing in challenge mode, and you may select the desired challenge level based on your skill. To inspire them, users can communicate the results to their friends and relatives.

The Sport Quiz Revolution app has a user-friendly UI that allows you to quickly navigate to the home, ranking, challenge mode, shop, and sets screens from the home screen. Users can purchase power ups with the in-app currency in order to get the proper answer or skip the current question.

9. Names of Soccer Stars Quiz

Names of Soccer Stars Quiz

With the help of the features provided by the Names of Soccer Stars Quiz app, soccer supporters from all around the world can correctly respond to the question on the surname and country of origin of professional soccer players. The programme has features that allow users to check information from the home screen, including the number of tries, installation date, total number of levels unlocked, names correctly identified, and the number of used and unused coins.

Answers can be entered using the small keyboard, and characters can be removed by hitting the erase button. The Names of Soccer Stars Quiz app offers tools that users can use to evaluate the percentage of their progress through each level. It also displays the total number of questions asked and the total number of questions answered. Additionally, you can see each player’s current club and the flag of their respective nation.

10. Basketball Stat Tracker

Basketball Stat Tracker

This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Basketball Stat Tracker is a programme created to keep track of the game statistics in a controlled manner. It gives you the chance to discuss the specifics with your pals and up the ante during gameplay. Anyone who wants to know the precise and most recent information about the game can use it. It was specifically created for basketball aficionados. It enables you to evaluate the current situation. Using quick analytical methods, you can forecast the score in the future.

You can receive updates from this programme on everything that happened in the game whether you are in the office or outside the station. If you have any queries about how the game is played, it features a special feature where you may engage in a live chat with specialists. Its screen mirroring ability tempts you to link your smartphone to a large screen, such as a PC or LED.

11. Basketball Statistics

Basketball Statistics

Basketball Statistics is a programme designed specifically to track game scores on or off the field for coaches, trainers, and parents. It has a ticker process that allows you keep tabs on the score right now, recent actions, and team member interviews. Additionally, you can receive notifications with updates, team names, and their shortlisted players. It offers to create live scoring widgets for you to place on your phone’s lock screen so you can view the information without unlocking it. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Also check EA Sports UFC Alternative

Additionally, it gives you complete information about the tournament’s final game, including the leading scorer’s name. If a participant is underperforming you as the trainer, can switch his position. This application’s ability to expound on fouls, specialized fouls, unsportsmanlike fouls, and other offences is one of its numerous features. Other capabilities include Assistant, Blocks, and Steals. With the player’s name highlighted, you can view the total amount of fouls.

12. Basketball Stats Assistant

Basketball Stats Assistant

This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. During the game, Basketball Stats Assistant is a tool for keeping track of your teams. Coaches & experienced athletes are the main users of this engine, which has excellent statistics calculation capabilities. While the player is using his techniques, you can evaluate the player and his performance. There is a unique feature that allows users to provide suggestions through the guidance box with the aid of comments.

Basketball Stats Assistant also guarantees that you may check the opponent’s team’s overall statistics as well as where each individual stands. Imagine a player missing a goal. You are able to substitute another player or player for the current one. After a game or during a drink break, it convinces you to correct the errors and call attention to them in front of the other players. In addition to providing your score in the form of a graph, it also forecasts the run rate based on how the game is currently being played.

13. GameChanger Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper

GameChanger Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper

Softball & Baseball GameChangers An application called Scorekeeper was created to give coaches and viewers complete information about the game and metrics. It provides access to live matches as well as the tactics of the team’s favourite and rival. The highlights of the game can be viewed in every quality without buffering, and you can also send URLs of them to your loved ones. It features a specific feature for coaches that allows them to communicate with players in the comment box for personalised instruction.

You can quickly replace a certain player with another if they are not performing up to your standards. It also includes opponent team scores and forecasts the future score or points in the form of graphs and charts, which is advantageous and not offered by competing products. Additionally, it highlights the names of the players with the highest and lowest point totals. With the position and athlete’s name provided in this programme, you can correct any errors that were made during the last game-play. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores.

14. Sports Alerts

Sports Alerts

This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores. Using the programme Sports Alerts, users can receive global game-day information. Along with the score, you can take the match’s live news. One intriguing feature is the ability to add widgets to your phone’s home screen, which guarantees that you will always be kept in the loop. You may also watch live streaming in all resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K ultra-HD.

You have the chance to encourage your team in front of the internet community by writing a comment in the comment box during the stream with Sports Alert. It includes the schedule of upcoming games as well as the player’s name, date, and place. It features a screen mirroring option that provides you the opportunity to link your device with a large screen, which is a really amazing feature and not found in other programmes.



For basketball coaches, trainers, and parents looking for effective and engaging tactics, one of the legitimate applications is 94FEETOFGAME. It is a coaching website that serves as a showcase for aspiring and seasoned athletes. Because you may learn basketball strategies with this programme via voice or video calls, you don’t need to hire a coach or trainer. The endearing feature of this application is that you can speak with your online coach immediately if you’re having trouble exercising and receive expert advice. This is another TheScore Live Sports Scores.

Without going to a coaching institute, it has an easy-to-use platform for promoting the game of basketball among the younger generation. As it offers recorded sessions and subtitles to ensure that users can easily comprehend the trainers in all languages, you don’t need to interrupt your daily routine. It gives you several choices for how to handle the ball and attack the opposition, turning you into a pro player in a matter of days.


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