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Top 15 Best Sports Mania Alternative in 2022

Best and most popular sports Mania Alternative will be discuss in this article. A smartphone application called Sports Mania gives you the most recent information on match schedules, standings, and results for all the important competitions and leagues. Every match’s detailed statistics, including the match summary and player information, are available to users.

You may also receive all of the notices for upcoming matches and their start times by turning on push notifications. This enables you to set aside time in your plans for your preferred video games. In addition to these capabilities, the app has a “Your Needs” section where you may request a referee, coach, or the rental of a football or basketball court. One of the officials will get in contact with you to fulfil your demand after you’ve made your request.

Top 15 Best Sports Mania alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best Sports Mania alternative are explained here.

1. Sports Scores

Sports Scores

With the help of the smartphone app Sports Scores, you can keep up with all the news surrounding your favourite teams. More leagues and competitions are covered than by any other software on the market. The user receives all the most recent information regarding all of their favourite teams, including results, standings, and scheduling. You can enable alerts to be informed about all the most recent events. The app also has a bookmark option that you can use to keep track of all your favourite teams in one location. Also check  SportsEngine Alternative

Baseball aficionados are catered to by Sports Scores, which delivers news about their preferred leagues, including MLB, NCAA, and others. Along with baseball, it also covers the NBA, NCAA, WNBA, and NBA D-League in basketball. By offering news on leagues like the AFL, NFL, CFL, and NCAA, it also meets the demands of football lovers. The app also offers news for other sports besides those mentioned above, including hockey, lacrosse, motorsports, softball, soccer, tennis, and more.

2. MSN Sports

MSN Sports

Modern smartphone app MSN Sport gives sports fans up-to-the-minute information about their preferred teams and competitions. It covers better than 150 leagues and a sizable number of teams, such as NASCAR, MLB, PGA, NFL, MLS, Cricket, NCAA, Tennis, and International Football Leagues like Bundesliga, Serie A, and others. It also covers sports like golf and tennis. You receive all team-related news, including schedules, results, standings, and more. Additionally, by creating an account, you may store your preferred leagues and teams so that you can get all of their news in one location.

This is another Sports Mania alternative. Several of the largest tabloids, including USA Today Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and many more, provide match news on MSN Sport. By letting users to appropriate left or right to move from one item to the next, the software simplifies navigation. By touching on the menu, you may also browse slideshows, films, and well-known athletes. You may also sync your MSN Sports content from the website to the app on your smartphone in addition to this.

3. Teamer


Teamer is a fantastic application designed for teams to assist with the management and organisation of members. By automating it, it relieves you of the tiresome chore of interacting with your colleagues. Right there on the field, you can manage your squad and learn more about each player. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

The best aspect of Teamer is that it sends all the necessary team information directly to your mobile device. You may alert squad members to forthcoming events using the built-in email and smartphone alerts. All of the responses will be received by the app, which will then store them for later viewing. The notification option is useful for informing your staff of event cancellations as well. Using the choices on the team page, you may easily contact a team member by phone or email. By using group chats, users can communicate with numerous players at once. By promptly publishing your uploaded photographs and videos to your team page, Teamer improves your interaction with other team members. Additionally, you can begin voting for the game’s MVP after each match.

4. SportsTables League Manager

SportsTables League Manager

You may manage league and tournament tables for all types of sports with the smartphone app SportsTables League Manager. The user begins by providing the app with all the necessary details, such as the names of the teams and their individual performances, following which the app generates the league table. Once your league table has been created, you can share it with everyone by posting it to SportsTables is very useful for organising FIFA tournaments and school sporting events.

Offline use of SportsTables League Manager is possible whenever and whenever. For each victory, tie, and defeat, points can be added. As soon as a game is over, the app will start to record all the results. Additionally, all of this data is immediately shareable online or on Facebook. Tables can be imported and exported to be viewed on many devices.

5. NFL’s 2020 Football Schedule

NFL's 2020 Football Schedule

This is another Sports Mania alternative. The NFL’s 2020 Football Schedule is your go-to resource for all things NFL. Users can browse games week by week instantaneously, choose the schedule of their favourite NFL club, or choose any game from the Thursday night (TNF), Monday night football (MNF), and Sunday night (SNF) match-ups. You’ll receive comprehensive information, such as scores, club or player statistics, and much more, as soon as the season begins. Additionally, you’ll receive the playoff schedule as soon as it is ready. You can send the schedule to your pals via email or Twitter to make it more entertaining. A game can also be added to your calendar to receive reminders in advance.

A terrific addition for fantasy gamers is the 2020 Football Schedule (NFL), which offers comprehensive statistics for each game, including passing, receiving, and rushing leaders. Additionally, you may see games with lopsided victories, home team records, and private data like winning percentages for teams with 30 or more points.

6. Basketball Stats Assistant

Basketball Stats Assistant

An application called Basketball Stats Assistant is made to keep track of your teams as they compete. Coaches and professional athletes are the main users of this powerful engine, which calculates data. During the game, you can evaluate the player and his performance using approaches. With the aid of comments, there is a specific option to provide advice through the guidance box. Also check NBA Jam by EA Sports Alternatives

This is another Sports Mania alternative. Basketball Stats Assistant also makes sure that you may check the opponent’s team’s overall statistics and player rankings. Let’s say a player fails to score a goal. You can substitute another player or player in the position. It convinces you to correct the errors and call attention to them in front of other players after a game or during a break for drinks. It graphs your performance and forecasts future run rates based on how you’re now playing.

7. Basketball Stats Lite

Basketball Stats Lite

Basketball Stats Lite is a stripped-down version of Basketball Stats, designed for low-powered devices that are typically used by coaches during games to identify basketball players from across the world. During gameplay, you may also see your player’s position and name along with their methods and tactics. Through a suggestion box and his name, it also enables you to professionally mentor the athlete.

Additionally, it allows you the opportunity to swap the player’s location with other players if he is not successfully completing the task at hand. It also guarantees that you can watch a live game featuring one of your teams in error-free high definition. A stopwatch can be used to estimate how much longer the game will last. It gives you the power to forecast your score in the future using graphs and charts.

8. Sport Quiz Revolution

Sport Quiz Revolution

This is another Sports Mania alternative. With the help of the Sport Quiz Revolution app, you may kill time by learning a little bit about sports while attempting to identify the athlete’s sport from the four possibilities provided. Users are able to correctly respond to the necessary amount of questions to win the grand prize.

With the help of the app’s capabilities, you may challenge your loved ones by playing in challenge mode, and you can select the desired level of difficulty based on your skill. Users can encourage their friends and relatives by sending the results to them.

The user-friendly interface of the Sport Quiz Revolution app allows you to quickly navigate to the home, ranking, challenge mode, shop, and settings screens from the home screen. Users can purchase power-ups with the in-app currency to skip the current question or to correctly guess the answer.

9. Basketball Statistics

Basketball Statistics

Basketball Statistics is a programme designed specifically for trainers, parents, and coaches to keep score of games played on or off the court. It has a ticker function that lets you keep track of recent actions, team player interviews, and the current score. Along with team names and their shortlisted players, you can also receive updates in the form of notifications. It gives you the option to create live score widgets and add them to your phone’s lock screen so you can view the information without unlocking it. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

Additionally, it gives you complete information on the final game of the competition along with the top scorer’s name. If a player is underperforming, you as the coach have the option of moving him to another position. This application’s ability to expound on fouls, technical fouls, unsportsmanlike fouls, and other offences using tools like Assistant, Blocks, and Steals is one of its numerous features. The player’s name is highlighted, and the total number of fouls is displayed.

10. Baseball & Softball GameChanger scorekeeper

Baseball & Softball GameChanger scorekeeper

Baseball & Softball GameChanger An app called Scorekeeper was created to give coaches and fans complete match and stats information. It provides access to live matches as well as the strategies of the team’s opponent and favourite. You can export the match’s highlights in the form of URLs to your relatives and friends and watch them in any quality without any buffering. It offers a specific feature for the coach that enables in-comment box communication with the players for tailored instruction. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

You can quickly replace a player with another if they aren’t meeting your standards of performance. In addition, it forecasts the score or points in the future in the form of graphs and charts along with the points of the opposing side, which is advantageous and not offered by other options. Additionally, the names of the players with the highest and lowest point totals are underlined. By using this programme, you can correct any errors that the position and athlete’s name in the previous game play had.

11. Sports Alerts

Sports Alerts

This is another Sports Mania alternative. An app called Sports Alerts was created to provide game updates from around the world. You may get the score and real-time match coverage. One of the entertaining features is the ability to add widgets to your phone’s home screen that will keep you informed without interfering. Additionally, it enables you to view live streaming in all resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K ultra-HD. Also check Draft Day sports

In order to show your support for your team in front of the internet community, Sports Alert gives you the chance to post a comment in the comment box during the live. Along with the date, place, and player’s name, it provides you with the schedule for upcoming matches. It features a screen mirroring capability that allows you to link your device with a large screen; this feature is quite unique and isn’t found in other applications.

12. TheScore: Live Sports Scores

TheScore: Live Sports Scores

TheScore: Live Sports Scores is a comprehensive app for real-time updates and game results. It enables you to display the entire scorecard together with their points in a particular order, giving new users clear instructions on how to utilise it without any difficulty. Additionally, you may view the key leagues and the team schedules for the competition. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

You don’t need to look for links for live gameplay or score updates because you can watch online streaming and view the highlights in 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD with this app. The website’s home page gives you the option to choose a specific sport, as well as the name and other details that will help you choose your favourite game. You can use it to listen to the recorded expert interviews from the opening and closing ceremonies.



This is another Sports Mania alternative. One of the legitimate applications, 94FEETOFGAME, is made for basketball trainers, coaches, and parents to help with active and effective tactics. This coaching website serves as a forum for both beginning and seasoned athletes. Basketball tactics can be learned with this programme via voice or video calls, so you won’t need to hire a coach or trainer. The endearing aspect of this application is that if you experience any training difficulties, you can talk to your online coach right away and receive expert advice.

It features a straightforward and error-free platform that can be used to introduce basketball to the next generation without visiting a coaching school. You don’t need to interrupt your routine because it offers recorded sessions with subtitles, ensuring that the user can easily comprehend the trainers in all languages. It provides numerous methods for handling the ball and tackling the opposition, quickly turning you into a professional player.

14. Squore Squash Ref Tool

Squore Squash Ref Tool

An programme called Squore Squash Ref Tool lets you view the current score as well as the names and orders of the players. By clicking on the player’s name in the scorecard, you can view their performance. You may view a player’s performance in a video without any buffering or pauses thanks to this. It makes sure you keep track of your present score and forecasts the points rate for the future using graphs and simple charts. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

One of the amazing advantages of this application is the ability to use screen mirroring to connect your smartphone application to a large screen device, such as a PC or LED. It alerts you via notification when your favourite team plays, along with all the players who have made the short list and their game plans. By leaving a comment in a suggestion box, you can engage in a live conversation with sports fans from around the globe.

15. Statistic Basketball

Statistic Basketball

The basketball analytics tool Statistic Basketball allows you to monitor your team’s performance. You can arrange the games in your own sequence and have access to all the prior game data. Due to its appealing style and colourful design, it is much simpler for new users to keep track of the length of gameplay, the number of periods in a game, and the total number of fouls committed by each player. This is another Sports Mania alternative.

Many more features are also available, including the ability to specify game settings like field inline, fouls received, assists after shots, team bonuses, and rebounding after missed shots. It allows you to compare the opponent team and anticipate the future score while also allowing you to track the points in the form of graphs. It provides you with statistical information in HTML, PDF, and CSV formats, making it simple for you to comprehend the data. A stopwatch is used to display the game’s total and remaining time.


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