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Top 15 Best SendMyWay Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding SendMyWay alternative will be discussed in this article. A web programme called SendMyWay offers a file hosting service where you may upload all of your private information, including files, images, audio, video, and software. Flash and Remote URLs can both be used for uploads. To send a file, you must first upload it by selecting the appropriate button in the page’s middle. Simply click the “Upload Now” button to start the upload after choosing the files and directories from the file manager.

There are two ways to share the files with other people after they have been posted. Sharing by email is one approach, which is done by entering the email addresses of the sender and recipient. The second technique involves creating the URL link for the file and disseminating it. Some of its key features include a user-friendly interface, data security, support for Torrent Leech, and a premium package.

Top 15 Best SendMyWay Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best SendMyWay Alternatives are explained here.

1. YouSendIt


YouSendIt (now known as Hightail) offers a slick user interface and safe access to and sharing of your documents, presentations, pictures, and videos. It is a secure way to professionally share your file folders with anyone using any device. Innovativeness is more collaborative than ever before in this developed planet. Also check Robusta Port Forwarder

With the help of creative cooperation, this software seeks to unleash the imagination of the entire planet. This organisation assisted creative professionals in completely anonymously disseminating to the rest of the world their extensive video, outline, handicraft, photography, and presentation records. The nicest thing about this cloud service is that it only concentrates on data that were too huge to send by email, thus any alternative approach would not have been as safe as this one.

2. Wikisend


You can exchange papers online for free with the Wikisend online file and document sharing system. The largest document size that is allowed is 100 MB. In addition, you can discreetly key secure your documents to ensure their security. You must upload a file to the website in order to share it. This is another SendMyWay alternative.

Even better, you can email a request for a download link for the shared file. When you are finished, click “Transfer” to send the document to Wikisend. The File ID and secret key you’ve chosen to secure the document with can be used to download the mutual record. It enables you to share any document, be it a big document, a little document, a report, a media document, reinforcements, or a file.

3. Streamfile


Streamfile is a fantastic tool for file transfers that can move data at an astonishing 25 MB per second. Email or Bluetooth are typically the most popular options when someone wants to transfer a file, and obviously, their speed is zero. You can now experience hassle-free instant file transmission thanks to this programme, though.

You must register with a little monthly charge of about $5 if you wish to utilise this tool. The best feature of this programme is how Secure Socket Layer, often known as SSL, is used to guarantee a secure and private environment for file sharing.

4. Files2U


You can share documents online with Files2U, a free web service. You can send records using this straightforward and speedy platform without having to register. These records, which use secure document encryption techniques, are kept on the website for 48 hours. The records are naturally deleted and unavailable for download after that time. With this tool, up to 25 documents can be transferred concurrently with a maximum file size of 3 GB. Up to five people can receive the same document at once.

It is powered by FileCatalyst, which offers accelerated performance, unwavering quality, and improved document management. The records are sent to the recipients after the transfer is complete. Each record is given a PIN by Files2U, which is emailed to the recipients along with a link to download the document. By entering the PIN associated with that record, a document can be downloaded.


A rapid document sharing and facilitation tool,, gets users ready to move and share documents. The move and personalise feature or transferring the document from the PC is how this programme is used to get started. The best thing about this programme is how easily it allows users to move records. This is another SendMyWay alternative.

There are two ways to access this file-shari ng programme: Free Account and Premium Account. 2 GB of free storage space are included with the Free Account. With regard to the Premium account, there is no file space restriction. Additionally, customers of premium accounts will be able to save additional documents.

6. Jumpshare


Jumpshare is a popular website where files may be sent for free. It is a gift for those who must frequently transport a sizable number of supersized files. Customers at have the option of sending huge files, seeing documents, and working together continuously.

The best part of is its similarity features, which let users transfer and share continuous records of any kind. There are two ways to access’s distributed storage and sharing systems. Also check BBC iPlayer

Both options are provided by, whether it be through a method for the web gateway or through the use that is available for mobile devices.

7. SendThisFile


This is another SendMyWay alternative. You can transfer large documents through SendThisFile, a website that allows file sharing, and you get 500GB of monthly transmission space. Most email providers cap the size of a connected file at between 20MB and 40MB. While this programme offers enough room for you to transmit your stuff anywhere you like. Large papers can be shared because there are no file size limitations. On this platform, there are two ways to share documents: the first is through an email module, and the second is through an offer link.

You can connect any record because the email module continuously incorporates your email. The offer link creates a URL that enables recipients to download the file from any web application. For safe record exchange and end-to-end encryption, please email the supplied URL. Although it shields your data from programmers, it falls well short of the industry-standard 256-piece AES encryption. Additionally, a remote-wipe tool, infection scanners, and firewall security are required.

8. ShareFile


ShareFile is a tool that provides a variety of features with excellent security for sharing documents, files, and syncing numerous devices. It is a cloud-based system that provides a variety of sharing services for companies to efficiently run from many locations across the world. This is the ideal instrument for synchronising whole offices and ensuring a seamless corporate operation.

With the help of this programme, users may quickly transfer enormous files, and the entire transaction will take place on a secure server, preventing any interference from hackers. This incredible instrument is inexpensive and readily available.

9. Senduit


Senduit is a wonderful platform that enables you to send and share files up to 100 MB in size. You can select a private connection if the document contains any private information, in which case the connection to the document will end. Any termination time between 30 minutes and one week can be chosen. This is another SendMyWay alternative.

Any type of record, including archival material, music, and movies, can be shared via it. The way this tool operates is straightforward: you find the thing you want to transmit, send it (it takes about 20 seconds to send a 518 KB file), click the URL, and your file immediately starts downloading.

10. Jirafeau


Jirafeau is a web application that enables you to share your crucial and private files with others by uploading them to its server. A user only needs to click the + sign in the top-right corner of the home page and select the files they want to upload from their PC to accomplish this. You are able to upload word documents, audio files, and image files here.

A user only needs to click the “Send” button once the files have been chosen in order to upload them. In order to prevent unauthorised individuals from viewing the content, he can even add a password and enable one-time download. Even better, you may choose the hosting duration for the submitted file, which ranges from one minute to a full day. The largest file that can be uploaded in a single session is 100MB. Some of its basic features include support for numerous data formats, quick service, data security, file sharing by URL copying, direct download link, page link, and delete link. Also check MMA

11. Terashare


You can share any type of computer data with anyone using the web programme Terashare, including documents, audio, video, and image files. To do this, simply choose the files you wish to share, enter your email and the recipient’s email, then click “share file.” You can also use the URL sharing option. If necessary, a message can also be included with the shared file.

This is another SendMyWay alternative. Additionally to a single file, entire folders can be shared. As long as the file is less than 10GB in size, there is no restriction on the height of files that can be uploaded or downloaded by the recipient, even if the sender’s computer is turned off. Oversized files are kept on a foreign server. Prior registration, agile service, file upload status display, data safety, sharing date display, and file size display are just a few of its numerous characteristics.


A web service called enables users to store and exchange sensitive information on a cloud server. Images, audio, video, and documents can all be included in this data. You only need to click the appropriate button in the page’s centre to upload data. Just choose the files you want to upload at this point. You can choose to select a single file or an entire directory here.

The uploader is always informed of the overall number of files and their size. A file can only be up to 5GB in size and be uploaded for free. Using their email address and the recipient’s email address, the user can send it to others after it has been uploaded. They can change the file’s privacy settings and storage length in addition to adding descriptions to the files. Aesthetic interface, easy workflow, drag-and-drop functionality, password protection for uploaded information, and video conferencing service are some of its extra features. You may even make money by selling your data.

13. EasyBytez


Any internet user can store and share files on EasyBytez’s cloud server using the web application. Before using the platform’s services, users must register on it. A user only needs to choose the files they want to host from his PC and upload them. Simply enter your email address and the email address of the recipient to share these uploaded files with others. This is another SendMyWay alternative.

With these shared files, more texts can be inserted as well. The uploaded data can be created into a remote backup. Some of its impressive features include a premium package, an intuitive user interface, fast upload and download speeds, data security, customer contact, and compatibility with any sort of data.

14. Sprend


A web application called Sprend offers a hosting service for files that may be sent and received. You only need to choose a file from the file manager to email it. This platform allows users to exchange any kind of file, including pictures, videos, and documents. Simply enter both your email address and the email address of the recipient after choosing the files to distribute.

With the shared file, other messages can also be inserted. Even better security can be offered by encrypting these files. The length of time that users’ files are hosted on the site is completely under their control. It is possible to modify the settings such that the file is automatically destroyed when the recipient downloads it. Some of its notable features include a straightforward user interface, an effective workflow, drag-and-drop functionality, data security, optional signup, an inbox, delivered files history, and email registration.

15. Filemail


You can easily exchange your crucial files with others using the web service Filemail. These files can be documents, audio files, video files, or photographs. Complete folders can be shared in addition to a single file. Email and URLs are the two available methods for sending files. A file must first be uploaded before it can be sent. You can either choose them in the file manager or use the drag and drop feature to do this. This is another SendMyWay alternative.

The user only needs to input his email and the email of the recipient after the files have been submitted. Before sending them, he has the option of adding the subject and description. You must follow the same steps and then click “send” to transmit via a link. Send the recipient the download page’s URL after you have copied it. On this platform, files up to 5GB can be shared. Some of its key features include support for numerous file formats, password protection for the download page, and programmable time limits for file availability.


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