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Top and Best Robusta Port Forwarder Alternatives

Best and most demanding Robusta Port forwarder alternative will be discussed in this article. You may configure port forwarding settings in your internet router settings with the help of the Robusta Port Forwarder programme package. The U Plug n Play protocol is used to accomplish this. In order to open ports for VoIP configuration, torrent downloads, and gaming, you can use the utility to create an open port on your internet router. Additionally, you can choose whether to use your LAN port to access the internet. Different individual setups and router configuration can be used to add new ports.

A port can be easily added or changed. All you need to do is enter the necessary data into the proper input areas on a little window. You must enter the name or IP address of the hosting computer in addition to the alias you choose for a new service. As an alternative, you can simply check a box on the same window to allow the programme to detect the IP automatically. Overall, you should think about Robusta Port Forwarder as one of your options because it is an excellent tool.

Top and Best Robusta Port Forwarder Alternatives in 2022

Top and Best Robusta Port Forwarder Alternatives are explained here.

1. PFConfig


This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative. PFConfig is a software package that connects to your internet router and configures it automatically using the best settings. You may check which ports the software has forwarded using a set of tools that are included. PFConfig takes care of everything for you, including diagnosing, investigating, and resolving port issues. Your ports can be forwarded, lost router passwords can be recovered, the router can be automatically logged into, security can be increased, settings can be optimised, other routers on your network can be detected, a static IP address can be set up, awesome support is available, and new routers are added to support every day. Also check ScoresPro.com

It finds the router you’re using, configures a port forward in the router, assigns a static IP address for troubleshooting open port difficulties, and locates the router. To confirm that you are ready to go, PFConfig tests the port. In conclusion, PFConfig is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.



A port forwarding utility for Windows is called AUTAPF. When the networks are effectively forwarded and prepared for numerous ports at once, it may forward UDP and TCP ports and maintains the data flowing. It can be set up using a web browser or a graphical user interface. Additionally, it includes a scriptable real-time IP filtering option that displays the data throughput rate for each specific port. This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative.

The utility can conceal the system tray and log the transferred data to specific files. If you truly require this, you can divide the UDP data in several directions. You have the option of setting the programme configuration manually using a script or automatically. RESTful IP filtering and bidirectional data processing are other noteworthy capabilities. In conclusion, AUTAPF is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of your options.

3. UPnP PortMapper

UPnP PortMapper

This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative. An open-source tool called UPnP PortMapper enables you to manage the ports on your internet router and map a U Plug n Play enabled gateway device to your local network. It allows you to quickly view, add, and remove port mapping. You can use port forwarding to connect from the internet to servers running on a private network, such as those for gaming, browsing the web, and SSH. Using the router’s web administration UI, you may also map the ports.

It functions by picking an existing preset from the library or by creating a new preset. Once the add button has been pressed, the IP address is immediately retrieved. Overall, UPnP PortMapper is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

4. Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac

Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac

You may forward ports from your internet router using the Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac app. UPnP or the NAT-PMP standard are used by the utility to connect to your router. Once the port forwarding programme has been launched, it will immediately identify the router, retrieve the most recent port forwarding entries from the router, and display them for you. Also check anyTV

Following that, you can simply click the add button on the GUI and enter the internal IP address and the port you want to forward. Overall, Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes. This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative.

5. Portmap.io


By assigning it a URL, the highly dependable port forwarding service Portmap.io enables a local application shareable over the internet. To connect the local computer and the web server, you must install a VPN tunnel. You must also provide a rule that will transmit internet requests by routing them through the server to your PC. The free version of OpenVPN software makes it simple to complete this task.

The key attributes of Portmap.io are its support for HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, and TCP, which gives you the freedom to choose any protocol to run the desired application, and its Firewall, which enables you to impose restrictions on particular IP addresses. The programme provides you with unlimited bandwidth and works with all major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative. There are several applications for Portmap.io. By integrating it with IP-less CCTV cameras, it can be utilised to build a secure video surveillance system in addition to being a wonderful way to present personal applications to employers and clients.

6. Serveo


A simple-to-use application called Serveo enables users to advertise their localhost servers on the internet. It is an SSH server, hence remote port forwarding needs to be done with an SSH client. The user simply pastes a command line into their terminal and runs it to link to Serveo. It is a hassle-free service that requires no installation or registration. After establishing a successful connection, Serveo will offer the user a public URL that they may share with anyone to enable them to connect to their local server.



Serving as a substitute for serveo and ngrok, SISH is an open-source port forwarding solution. To create HTTPS and TCP tunnels for the local workstation, it makes use of an SSH client. It is used to build an SSH server that can handle HTTP and HTTPS traffic and manage forwarding operations. Change the port digit to 80 for HTTP proxy traffic, and use 443 for HTTPS. It supports various forwarding protocols, including HTTP, TCP, and TCP alias forwarding. Google Cloud Platform, Dockerhub, and Docker Compose can all be used to construct an ssh instance. This is another Robusta Port Forwarder alternative. Also check Netflix API


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