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Top 15 Best Roku OneView Alternative In 2022

Best and most demanding Roku OneView alternative will be discussed in this article. All Roku Advertisers and Advertiser Agency Partners have access to the fully functional advertising platform known as Roku OneView. Access to a streamlined collection of reporting and analytics tools is made available, enabling advertisers to quickly manage their campaigns across a variety of channels from a single dashboard. In a single, user-friendly interface, it enables advertisers to build, administer, and track campaigns. By comparing campaigns across different channels, such as linear TV, VOD, Roku Mobile, Roku TV, and digital out of home, it can more accurately assess campaign performance.

A low-cost advertising platform called Roku OneView has excellent functionality. Although it has similar features to a typical cable box set-top box, it can also stream content from the internet. This is a huge benefit because it enables you to stream content from your cable provider’s vast collection of on-demand TV series and movies or view live television from that source. It provides information to advertisers about how Roku users behave. It’s the best advertising platform overall.

Top 15 best Roku OneView Alternative in 2022

Top 15 best Roku OneView Alternative are explained here.

1. illumin, powered by AcuityAds

illumin, powered by AcuityAds

A full one-stop shop for media planning, buying, and real-time intelligence is illumin, powered by AcuityAds. It is the only ad-tech platform that combines data, content, audience insights, and technology from both the demand and supply sides. For publishers, agencies, and advertisers of all sizes, from SMBs to businesses, this democratises and optimises the media procurement process. It is the first media-buying platform in the market to give users access to data and premium inventory from leading publishers for both display and video. Also check AnimeRush

Additionally, the platform offers planning, buying, and real-time intelligence to advertisers from a single central source. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of your online, social media, and mobile advertising. It is a dashboard that provides you with instant access to all of the activity data from your campaigns. It was created from the ground up exclusively for ad-tech with the goal of fostering an environment that is fair to both publishers and advertisers.

2. Demandbase ABX Cloud/ABM

Demandbase ABX Cloud/ABM

The only Business-to-Account based marketing platform that connects Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Account-Based Sales (ABX), and Account-Based Advertising is Demandbase ABM/ABX Cloud (ABM). It’s a cloud-based, plug-and-play ABM system that enables you to rapidly and simply implement ABM for Account-Based Marketing throughout your whole organisation. Instead of taking months, it may be done in a matter of days. It introduces a Salesforce account-based marketing (ABM) integration.

This is another Roku OneView alternative. All ABM/ABX Cloud clients will be able to access this integration, which provides ABM customisation throughout the whole customer experience. It developed a flexible integration that enables the coordination of account strategy and the execution of ABM campaigns at various stages of the customer journey by the sales, marketing, and service teams. It establishes sincere connections at scale using the most precise and useful B2B data available, then sends pertinent content and tailored offers to engage and convert your prospects. It is, in essence, a fully functional advertising platform.

3. Magnite


The largest independent sell-side ad platform in the world is Magnite, a participant in the IAB’s open media programme. Some of the most successful online publishers whose advertising are served by it use the money they make from the ads to pay for their premium content. In the US, 10% of all page impressions are powered by this technology, and in Southern Europe, it fuels almost 50% of all page impressions. It unites 200 ad exchanges, SSPs, DSPs, and RTB platforms from around the world. This is another Roku OneView alternative.

It has evolved to be the largest autonomous sell-side ad platform in the world in just two years. More than half a trillion ad requests and 3 billion bids are delivered each month. It presents a ground-breaking, new transparent strategy for online advertising. It offers you a wealth of information regarding your traffic and the charges you are making. Since there are no middlemen involved, all commissions and margins are removed. It’s the best advertising platform overall.

4. Criteo Marketing Solutions

Criteo Marketing Solutions

The open internet’s commerce media platform is called Criteo Marketing Solutions. With this software, marketers may add dynamic product suggestions, customer promotions, and look-alike modelling to their current digital marketing mix to increase online sales. Artificial intelligence is used by its tailored and predictive solutions to send the appropriate offers to the appropriate customers at the appropriate times. By unlocking more revenue from current customers, it launched a complete self-service solution that helps marketers throughout the world to maximise the returns on their digital media investments.

A commerce marketing platform called Criteo Marketing Solutions offers customised retargeting and initiatives to boost conversions, sales, and lifetime value throughout the whole customer experience. It is a platform for open internet commerce media. Over the course of the whole customer experience, it offers customised retargeting and programmes to boost conversions, sales, and lifetime value. It is, in essence, a fully functional advertising platform.

5. engage:BDR


This is another Roku OneView alternative. A top provider of cross-device video and display advertising solutions is engage:BDR. It provides the best scale, performance, and audience. Each impression, view, and completion is identified, valued, and reported on using its exclusive verification, measurement, and optimization technologies. This all-inclusive performance marketing strategy raises brand awareness and sales. It aims to inform marketing experts about the changes in consumer expectations and how they are advancing the advertising sector. Also check TorrenTV

Industry analysis, insight, and news on current advertising trends and developments are some of the topics covered. It is a single worldwide network with daily unique impressions of more than 500 million to a wide range of local reach capabilities in more than 40 languages. It is the ideal answer for you if you are looking for advertising software. Anyone may use it, regardless of technological proficiency, thanks to its simple, intuitive interface.

6. Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Adverts is a google-owned online advertising network that offers a wide variety of ads for your companies and aids in numerous enterprise solutions with its strong eCommerce distribution. A brief advertisement, product listing, video content, service provision, and other things all cost money. When people are conducting searches, it informs them of what your service is all about in accordance with their wants, making it the greatest promotion venue for expanding your businesses.

Through marketing, it helps to generate traffic to your website. Google advertisements are effective for any budget, and this enables you to reach more appropriate clients in accordance with your budget.

Advanced features enable an even more potent strategy, and this enables you to carry out campaigns more successfully. There are various campaigns available, and you can select the best one for your company. By investigating additional tools and services, you can improve the effectiveness of your advertising strategy.

7. Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite

Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite

A social intelligence tool or marketing programme designed specifically for social media monitoring and social analytics is called Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite. It is a little different from the other, but it makes the process quick and simple. For the purpose of gathering all the necessary data and other information, the solution uses the crawling web method.

This is another Roku OneView alternative. Synthesio’s ultimate goal is to gather the useful information that may be found online and provide clients with the goods they want. It offers a thorough dashboard that may be tailored to the user’s needs. It is a strong tool that employs people to clean data.

It is intended for businesses looking for clean, usable structured data in a format that meets their needs. Key components of the solution include market analysis, audience segmentation, crisis management, brand management, and an intuitive user interface.

8. TitanMLM


Multi-level marketing management software called TitanMLM enables companies to oversee all of their operations from a single location. Access to all digital marketing and administration tools that are tailored to the needs of any affiliate marketing or direct sales organisation are included, along with an intuitive dashboard.

This solution makes it simple for users to get cutting-edge designs that are suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms. Accurate commissioning, a web content manager, replicated carts, graphical ancestry, the Teambuilder marketing system, and compensation plan managers are among the capabilities of TitanMLM.

One of TitanMLM’s most exciting features is the abundance of MLM tools it provides, all of which were created specifically to help MLM companies better manage their businesses. These tools range from managing the commission and accounts of their agents to creating payment summaries automatically, among other things.

9. Swift Social

Swift Social

With Swift Social, users can take full control of their Twitter accounts, schedule updates, curate content, and automate likes, follows, and unfollows. It is a straightforward yet effective tool created just for Twitter users. Swift Social, however, offers users the opportunity to drive social traffic to their service while cultivating and maintaining an appealing and reliable social presence. It is more than just a Twitter management tool. This is another Roku OneView alternative.

Users can significantly increase the growth of their interests or specialisation with the aid of Swift Social. The solution includes a tonne of cutting-edge tools and features that attract customers who matter to their business. Additionally, the application searches Twitter for tweets relevant to your content and schedules, retweets, or likes them.

It offers consumers strong analytics of their profiles, offering them key indicators and information on which to make decisions. Quick Social’s primary features include swift score, campaign tracking, frames features, content schedulers, suggested follows and unfollows, and more. It offers a variety of price plans, and each plan has a different price, just like other platforms of a similar nature.

10. LeadsRx


LeadsRx is marketing software that was created specifically for online shops, e-commerce companies, and businesses of all sizes. The platform’s main goal is to effectively assist businesses and professionals in increasing their sales, revenue, and conversions.

It is a short yet effective tool that enables users to assess how their marketing initiatives are influencing their prospects and customers, and to pinpoint those touchpoints across online and offline advertising platforms. Additionally, marketing tools help businesses increase sales and conversions. Also check Sports Flick

Touchpoints are the events, activities, and actions that can persuade a customer or prospect to make an online purchase. The solution also aids consumers in figuring out how much they spend on advertising and how much money is made.

11. RewardStream


RewardStream is a well-known referral marketing and programming platform that enables companies to take advantage of their consumer base by rewarding them for referring new clients. It is a straightforward yet effective platform that allows various ways to invite friends, including emails, chat, and social media platforms.

This is another Roku OneView alternative. With the aid of this system, businesses are able to establish their own guidelines and prizes for participants in their programmes. They are able to take total control of the rules and rewards, as well as make sure that there is no fraud.

This platform’s most compelling feature is how it enables businesses to provide customers’ recommended items and services. Additionally, it has fundamental features like chat referral, email triggers, configurable themes and templates, reporting, single sign-on, and many others. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and web browsers all support RewardStream.

12. Gamooga


Gamooga is a marketing automation tool or omnichannel customer engagement that enables companies to provide personalised, automated, and useful information to each individual customer. It enables the user to design campaigns, obtain information based on strategy in real-time to carry out campaigns, and archive their business objectives. It is used by thousands of people worldwide to market their businesses and boost productivity. Gamooga allows users to examine other users’ data in great detail and receive real-time actionable information on which to base their marketing plans.

Like other similar technologies, it enables businesses to build personalised connections with their clients and foster an environment that fosters client loyalty. When compared to other solutions, this is one of the best because it enables users to evaluate client behaviour and trends using sophisticated analytics. In-page banners, push alerts, geo-fencing, banner styles, email template builders, smart batch campaigns, and many more essential features are all part of Gamooga.

13. Affise


The all-in-one affiliate marketing platform Affise was created with marketers, industry experts, and network-running agencies in mind. It aids professionals in increasing their income and profiting greatly from their assets. Its workflow, which includes creative, dialogue, payments, and publishers, is being automated by the excellent affiliate platform Affise. Users of the solution are free to use any traffic sources; they simply have to pay for conversions.

This is another Roku OneView alternative. Users are utilising the best CPA technologies with the aid of this application, including complex offers, affiliate management systems, caps, etc. The platform is straightforward and simple to use, and it offers a special customization feature that lets you create a customised configuration with customised reports and calculations. Affise is also really exciting, which makes it more fascinating.

14. Opteo


Opteo is an AdWords management system that uses one-click improvement, thorough account monitoring, and MCC-level notifications to automate and streamline management-related duties for their AdWords accounts. It is a comprehensive search marketing tool that examines data and trends to find important and pertinent patterns in your AdWords accounts.

This platform’s fantastic feature of automatically creating workflows that improve user accounts’ performance. Like other marketing platforms, it provides a variety of marketing solutions to users to boost productivity and advertise businesses.

The platform’s primary features include an inbox-style user interface, one-click changes, Ad stopping, Ad composing, job automation, Ad performance, search query, and budget optimization. Four SMB and enterprise pricing options are available through Opteo: Basic, Professional, Agency, and Unlimited. Each one’s cost and features vary.

15. Emarsys


Emarsys is a cloud-based marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence and data science to fully optimise consumer value. It can be used to advertise the company by its thousands of users worldwide. With the aid of this platform, organisations may provide individualised marketing to every customer in order to establish and sustain truly individualised relationship. This is another Roku OneView alternative.

With its numerous innovative social media management capabilities, Emarsys is the finest for any type of business and enables users to advertise their services or products on social media and draw in a larger global audience. It offers the greatest solution that enables users to establish a highly personal connection with their consumers and leverage that connection to expand your business.

The ability to automate the full customer lifecycle and assist users in creating pertinent messages from the initial point of contact throughout the entire trip is one of the most fascinating features of this platform. It provides important elements that make it more appealing, much like other platforms for marketing that are comparable.


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