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Top 15 Best Online Stopwatch and Timers Alternatives

Best online stopwatch and timer alternatives will be described in this article. A platform that determines absolute time and serves as a base for events is called Online Stopwatch and Timers. This online stopwatch is intended to keep track of the times for various online activities, such as sports, games, and competitions. The times are automatically determined when using this online timer to keep track of online events based on the start and end times. For instance, you might put 1:12:00 as the finish time if you wanted to clock a race that lasted 1 hour and 12 minutes.

It is a website that uses a large stopwatch clock to compute the time in beats, minutes, hours, days, weeks, dates, months, & years. A countdown timer can also be employed to time events. You can use it to make a free online stopwatch and timer to track the passage of time. It gives you the option to name the stopwatch or timer, choose a background, and add a sound. Overall, it’s the ideal timer for you to use online.

Top 15 Best Online Stopwatch and Timers Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Online Stopwatch and Timers Alternatives are explained here.

1. Hourglass

An hourglass, commonly referred to as a sandglass, is a tool used to gauge the passage of time. It is made comprised of two glass bulbs joined vertically by a little neck that permits a controlled trickle of material (traditionally sand) from the upper reservoir into the lower one. The height of the higher bulb, the ratio of the neck’s length to its diameter, and the exact location of the upper reservoir in relation to gravity are all factors that determine the time interval that is observed.

It has been around for many years and has been used for a variety of things. Sand would flow from the upper chamber into the lower chamber of hourglasses, which were used by the ancient Greeks & Romans to keep track of time. They served as a reminder for the monks to pray in mediaeval Europe. They were even employed to keep track of the length of a surgery as well as the length of a meeting. Its creation emphasises the value and need of timing in human affairs.


TIMEBOX is a cutting-edge timer for experienced meeting hosts. It is a dependable and simple-to-use timer that may be modified to match the specific requirements of the meeting organiser. Classes, activities, events, and meetings can all be planned and managed using it. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows-powered smartphones and tablets. Every participant has a smartphone, tablet, or laptop that serves as their “scorecard” and displays how they are doing in terms of reaching their objectives. Participants can then make any adjustments after seeing the results of their work.

You can establish a countdown timer with your name and the current date as well as a time counter. It serves as a timer to record the passing of time since an occurrence. It contains a Pomodoro Technique, which is a useful tool for helping you manage your time efficiently over short periods of time. The foundation of this method is the notion of working for a single, intense session of 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break. In conclusion, it is the finest option for you if you’re seeking for a professional timer for meetings.

3. TimeMe

TimeMe is a multipurpose timer created for cooking, coffee breaks, school breaks, and exercises and training for sports. It is excellent for team sports, jogging, boxing, kickboxing, and interval training. It will notify you when the countdown reaches zero via sound, vibration, and a message. It is absolutely free, straightforward, user-friendly, and applicable everywhere. It is incredibly simple to use and optimised for mobile devices and tablets. It has sophisticated features like repeat, shuffle, and countdown. The screen size is automatically adjusted to fit mobile devices. Also check MMA

On your website, blog, or social network, you can set and manage timers and countdowns using TimeMe. Visitors will be able to start and operate your timer by simply pasting a short HTML snippet onto any web page or blog camp. The power to consider your timers, clock, and stopwatch on one page is one of its key advantages. Other key features include interval timing with accuracy down to the second and a fully customizable start and finish time with a number of various time settings. It’s the greatest multi-purpose timer overall.

4. Online Alarm Kur

Free online alarm clock called Online Alarm Kur makes it simple to set the alarm on your computer without having to download any software. To set the time you wish to wake up, simply access the website. You can specify the task’s name and the duration in minutes, hours, or days by typing them both into the appropriate fields. Set the time for the alarm to go off to use it as an alarm clock. You can then select the “create alarm” button.

Your screen will display the alarm and a timer to show you how much time is remaining in the activity. You may customise the number of alarms you want to use as well as how often. The ability to set alarms for holidays or other significant days of the year is another fantastic feature. In summary, it is the greatest option for you if you’re seeking for an online alarm platform.

5. Alarm Clock HD

The first platform to offer the capability of online alarms is Alarm Clock HD. The fact that this programme has such a convenient, user-friendly layout is its best feature. You may easily set alarms and listen to your favourite radio station or song by using your internet connection. It includes more features in addition to the standard alarm clock’s features. You can ask the app developer for assistance if you are unable to set alarms from your device.

A free alarm clock programme is called Alarm Clock HD. You may use it as a basic alarm clock or utilise the built-in sleep timer feature to wake up to music. The website enables you to make wake-up calls online. Depending on the current time zone, it can be programmed to ring at a specific time. In other words, it’s the best option for you if you’re looking for a platform that offers the capability of online alarms. Also check JJazzLab

6. Justfreetools Alarm

A great, straightforward, and cost-free online alarm clock programme is Justfreetools Alarm. You can utilise various online tools and set an alarm clock online. An online alarm clock can be used as a timer, snooze, and time manager. For those who are juggling work and school, it is helpful. It includes an easy-to-use interface and offers a variety of features, including a countdown timer, stopwatch, and snooze button. This is another Online Stopwatch and Timers.

A free online alarm clock is available from Justfreetools Alarm and can be used as a reminder or to keep track of time. Multiple alerts can be set for up to 25 days in the future. The option to load your own MP3 files so you can wake up to your favourite music is one of the important features. You can use it as a common alarm clock if you’d like; you can also choose a custom optional time of day. It’s the best online alarm clock overall.

7. MetaClock

Without an internet connection, MetaClock offers a fully functional Internet alarm clock. You may use any computer to access the web thanks to its cutting-edge interface. Both a network connection and activity tracking are not necessary. You won’t ever have to be concerned that it will do something strange with your data or email address. Even if you’re on a separate network, it stays connected. Running time, fixed time, and countdown timers are all options that are available.

Even when your computer is off, MetaClock is always running and connected to it. Each timer is fully integrated into your website, thus closing the browser window will stop the timer from running. The process of adding timers to your website is quick and simple. Depending on the current time zone, it can be programmed to sound at a specific time by utilising an online alarm clock. Overall, the website is excellent and offers a fully-functional Internet alarm clock.

8. Online-Clock.org

With the option to set the alarm, stopwatch, and countdown, Online-Clock.org is an online digital clock that displays your current local time. Anyone who wishes to have a clock for their website or blog should take a look at it because it has a great theme. Numerous websites, including blogs, forums, and news sites, can use it. You can use it to find out what time it is right now in your location and set an alarm, a stopwatch, or a countdown.

People who want to use the online clock that is accessible 24/7 in their browser should use this application. It can be used on a variety of devices and practically all desktop operating systems. Additionally, it offers various features that speed up the process of setting online alarms. For instance, setting an alarm requires only selecting the time you want to wake up and the warning sound you want to hear when it goes off. It’s the best digital clock available online overall.


An online alarm clock with configurable settings, 123AlarmClock is free and simple to use. It may be used from any computer, laptop, or even a smartphone or tablet because it doesn’t need you to download or establish any software. Simply input the information for your wake-up time and wake-up mode in the text areas to set the alarm. You can add many alarms with various sound files and settings at once.

You can quickly and conveniently set your alarm clock using 123AlarmClock. You may instantly set one or more alarms with a few mouse clicks. If the alarm goes off, you can silence it by clicking the mouse or pressing a designated key on your keyboard. There are no time limits, pop-up ads, or other restrictions, and it is free. It’s the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for an online alarm clock with adjustable settings.

10. KukuKlok

An online and offline free alarm clock is called Kukuklok. It’s a native app that runs on iOS and Android phones. You can use it to wake up if you can’t get up early in the morning by selecting your favourite music or the voices of your favourite celebrities. You can share your sleeping pattern with your friends and family using the social media platform that it has. It will play your favourite music from your preferred streaming service to get you out of bed. This is another Online Stopwatch and Timers. Also check MovieChat

You can place alarms to go off once, every day, or once a week. Alarms can also be programmed to repeat exclusively on weekends or during the week. You may easily snooze the alarm if your phone is closed while you’re sleeping. If you miss the alarm because you are gone from your phone, you can set it by visiting the desktop website. It’s the best online alarm clock overall.

11. Sleep.Fm

The group of committed sleep professionals that make up Sleep.FM are dedicated to giving the restless some much-needed rest. Its main objective is to give you and your family the resources and tools you need to get the rest you need. Education about sleep is inconsistent, diverse, and rarely thorough. Sleep.FM is the go-to resource for all things related to sleep, including managing lifestyle habits that interfere with your sleep and learning how to cure various sleep disorders.

Its team of engineers, designers, and business owners all share the desire to improve peoples’ quality of sleep. You can learn more about the best pillows for stomach and back sleepers in this article. Additionally, it provides details on CPAP masks for side and stomach sleepers. Its UI is simple, user-friendly, and straightforward. In other words, it’s the best option for you if you’re looking for knowledge to improve your sleep.

12. ALARmd

An online internet alarm clock that can be customised by the user is called ALARmd. Additionally, it can sync with Android and iPhone tablets and smartphones. Your preferred music or an alarm tone can be used to gently wake you up at the appointed hour. It is an online and offline alarm clock that includes a stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, and other helpful tools in addition to all the features you need to time a wake-up call.

This is another Online Stopwatch and Timers. You are able to set up alarms that can wake you up remotely and choose the sound of your favourite song to wake you up. By selecting one of the many available themes, you can also quickly alter the way the clock looks. The clock utilises a notification-based system and is fixed in place within the browser window. It is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for an online alarm clock with an easy-to-use UI.

13. Music Alarm Clock

An alarm clock called a “Music Alarm Clock” awakens you up by playing the song you want to listen to before you go to sleep. It is a brand-new app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for use on iPhones and iPads. It is made to make waking up less annoying. It is described as a basic alarm clock with all of the features required for an alarm clock. It makes it feasible for you to start each day with a grin and a happy attitude.

Create a playlist of your favourite songs and let it play through the app or through the speaker on your mobile to gently awaken you. It serves the purpose of providing background music and has no negative effects on your sleep. For people who easily fall back asleep after turning off their alarm, it is a free alarm clock. It’s the best alarm clock with music, to put it briefly.

14. Alarm Tube

Using the freeware Alarm Tube, you may download videos from YouTube and schedule them to start playing once a day or once a week. It is ideal for listening to music to wake up, for studying (or procrastinating) while studying, or even for falling asleep. By beginning each day with a few lines from your favourite comedians and online personalities, you can dazzle your pals. It can easily provide for whatever you require. This is another Online Stopwatch and Timers.

Your alarm on YouTube is called Alarm Tube. It enables you to schedule the playback of YouTube videos. Set an alarm, pick a video, and allow it to start when it’s time. You may stream whatever playlist you want, pick the video quality before it starts playing, and create your own alarms with this app. With a playlist of upbeat songs, you can motivate or invigorate yourself before that important meeting. It’s the most effective alarm for YouTube videos overall.

15. Naked Alarm Clock

An alarm clock app that is snooze-free and has more features than the competition is called Naked Alarm Clock. It will help you wake up on time and break your habit of sleeping in. You can use your own music as an alarm tone so that you won’t have to listen to those obtrusive noises. It is a free alarm clock with a loud sound and snooze feature for people who sleep a lot. This is another Online Stopwatch and Timers.

The Naked Alarm Clock allows you the option to set the alarm as frequently as once per minute, set arbitrary snooze durations, quickly select a ringtone, and spice up your day. The alarm time, alarm volume, music, and snooze time may all be quickly adjusted on this neatly designed, clean, and straightforward clock. For people who easily fall back asleep after turning off their alarm, it is a free alarm clock. The finest free online alarm clock overall is this one.

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