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Top 15 Best MovieChat Alternatives In 2022

Best and most efficient Moviechat alternatives will be described in this article. Users can debate films, TV episodes, actors, and celebrities with their peers on MovieChat, a community-driven IMDb-style movie data site. On the website, users can post photographs of their favourite actors from movies and TV episodes as well as a platform where they can add trivia to movies and TV series. MovieChat offers social networking services for company promotion through the use of a special feature called Business Star Professional, where businesses can advertise their most recent news, goods, and services to those who are interested in viewing films and TV series that include their goods. Overall, it’s an excellent movie forum and discussion board to check movies, reviews, ratings, cast, quotations, news, and much more.

Top 15 Best MovieChat Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best MovieChat Alternatives are explained here.



An open source, free movie database programme is called Eric’s Movie Database (EMDB). You can manage your Blu-ray and DVD collection as well as your TV shows and movies. It provides thorough information about the discs and the included extras and you in keeping track of your collection. You have several options for adding entries: manually using the online interface, automatically through the numerous plugins, or by scanning the barcodes on your media. Eric’s Movie Database is a movie database that uses information from IMDB to keep track of all the films and TV shows you’ve seen. This platform’s rich features include: automatically importing trainer links, manually entering titles, importing from files, barcode scanning, playing movies or episodes from EMDB, creating HTML websites, automatic updates, being fully portable, automatic scans, tracking loans or showing wish lists, and more to come.

2. Flixster


You may find fresh content for having fun on Flixster, a community-based entertainment website. You may watch free television series, look through reviews, and select movies with the app. It is merely a neighbourhood where people who enjoy entertainment can live and express their opinions about any TV show or film. This is another MovieChat alternative. Also check Nyaa Pantsu

It not only lets you watch the trailers for new movies, but it also tells you when they’re coming out. A web-based system for purchasing tickets is provided by Flixster so you can watch them anytime you wish.

One of the greatest places to rent movies or buy them outright is through the on-demand movie service platform Flixster. This platform’s ability to produce high-quality trailers for forthcoming films is one of its strongest features.

3. Filmsomniac


A social network platform and submission machine for movies called Filmsomniac was created especially for individuals who enjoy pouring. You may immediately receive your customised TV calendar & follow your favourite TV schedules. The website operates as an alternative to Listal and provides all the essential services along with some brand-new features, such the ability to keep track of the movies you’ve seen. This is another MovieChat alternative.

In order to complete it a completely functional social networking platform, there is likewise an option that helps you to discuss the best and worst moments with other users, places, & words & votes. To get immediate response, it also allows you to gather a list of movies, television shows, & personalities & rapidly share it with others. You must preferably register with a name, password, & email address.

You get complete access to all tools & features after a prosperous login. Along with these elementary elements, Filmsomniac also has a TV companion, sophisticated recommendations, search box, daily updates with the newest movies, and more.

4. Simkl


Simkl is a comprehensive web-based platform that was created especially for people who enjoy streaming & want to preserve track of what they manage, find new dramatizations and movies, get attention, etc. This allows you to automatically save bills on what you are watching.

It is a complete explanation that is agreeing with all of your preferred media players, servers, & streaming platforms, such as PLEX, KODI, NETFLIX, and VLC. To provide a comprehensive understanding, you may also use this to browse TV episodes, music, movies, & anime from all the top venues.

Simkl is emerging as a candidate to Listal and offers all the essential services along with some essential features like direct access to all your favourite movies, following musicians, reading the most recent superstar news, and much more.

5. Entora


You can discover all of your favourite musicians on Entora, a website that also maintains you notified about just released movies, TV shows, & other forms of amusement. It is your go-to site for entertainment, where you can maintain up with all of your famous performers.

Begin by following your favored artists, then browse new getaways in the tastefully arranged timelines that are divided into categories such as music, movies, TV episodes, and books. The best feature of this platform is that it offers helpful alternatives to support you organise recently discovered freedoms, such as marking them as favourites or saving them for later.

Similar to Listal, it likewise enables you to vote, rate, and comment on your favored items in order to provide a comprehensive experience. In addition, Entora provides essential services like TV guide, artist profiles to explore, mailings, connection, movies and music, and much more.

6. IMDb


The most well-known online database for information about movies, TV shows, video games, streaming multimedia, etc. is called Internet Movie Database (IMDb). All internet users have access to the platform’s movie pages, however registration is required to make contributions to the website.

The majority of the database on this platform is provided by volunteers, however registered users can also easily add new information and amend already-existing items. Similar to a social media platform, it enables you to view, share, and comment on each entry as well as rate and vote without any restrictions.

There are numerous ways to find your favourite items, like browsing through different categories, using the search bar, and exploring the areas that set it apart from the competition. The trending part of this website, where you can find all the hottest movies, television shows, video games, and other entertainment items, is its biggest feature. IMDb also includes essential features including a user-friendly layout, frequent content updates, the ability to create favourite folders, and much more.

7. Criticket


This is another MovieChat alternative. The goal of the Criticker community for movie, TV, and game recommendations is to pair you with others who almost identically share your preferences. Out of thousands of people, you may rapidly determine who you agree with utilising TCI. Also check MagnetDL

The website has practically every film, TV show, and game ever made in order to propose comparable content. You must enter the title of your desired movie, and it will then suggest any results that are similar. You can then quickly explore these results to read reviews, comments, and ratings.

Additionally, it features a feature that enables you to rate it, provide comments, and vote on what you believe makes it superior to others. It also demands registration for better recommendations, just like other websites of a similar nature.

8. TasteDive


TasteDive is a social media platform or entertainment suggestion tool for films, TV series, video games, music, and other media. It is a straightforward and user-friendly site created especially for those who wish to discover their tastes and find related products.

You must first register for a better discovery experience before receiving better, more individualised suggestions for related videos, songs, and TV shows, among other things. Additionally, it enables you to develop a taste profile, locate others who share your interests, and keep track of their lists and discoveries.

It gives you the same freedom to rate, vote, comment, and share its recommendations as IMDb and other platforms of a same nature. You can use TasteDive’s advanced level search box to find movies, songs, or games by simply typing their names into the box and clicking the recommend button.

9. Tellico


A web-based platform called Tellico makes it simple to keep track of your music, books, films, and other items. It has an easy-to-use interface that displays cover photos, categories, and any other information you require.

One of the most intriguing features of this platform is that you can access data from the majority of popular websites, like Amazon, IMDb, and most libraries, among others. Tellico is another name for a KDE programme for managing your collections, and it offers a wide variety of pre-made templates for things like coins, cards, music, movies, and video games.

It helps you to save a mixture of properties, such as authors, titles, and other such items, by entering your collection in a catalogue database. Tellico is a completely free programme that lets you add an unlimited number of entries. No database server is necessary since it keeps things simple. This platform saves all of its data in XML format, which facilitates easy styling and parsing.

10. Metacritic


A reputable website called Metacritic offers honest evaluations of various media, including video games, movies, TV shows, music, and literature. You can access the website’s service anywhere in the world, and it is renowned as the top online review aggregation site for the gaming industry. It gives a sample from each review and links to the original source. The critics’ suggestions are summed up by the colours red, yellow, and green.

Reviews of practically all video games, movies, TV shows, and other products, from vintage to contemporary, are included. Its home page features an advanced search bar so you can quickly discover your favourite movie or game review. It also displays the most recent releases and the most popular content reviews. It offers several categories to explore, and each category has its own content to explore and share, just like other sites. This is another MovieChat alternative.

For information about future and recent releases as well as suggestions for movies, music, and video games based on your interests, Metacritic is the greatest resource. Other standout features include a straightforward user interface, regular updates with fresh reviews, the ability to write and share reviews, among many others.

11. Listal


Listal is a social media platform where you can add, tag, list, rate, and review entertainment-related photographs and videos. It is a comprehensive solution that makes it simple to locate, upload, and share nearly everything, including movies, TV shows, games, people, locations, works of art and design, books, etc.

Everything on this entertainment site is divided into various categories. Every category includes intriguing content that is updated every day with fresh photos and videos. Additionally, Listal enables you to express your interests and receive immediate feedback from individuals all around the world.

You must register for an account with a confirmed email address, name, and other details in order to publish videos or photographs. You are able to use all of its features without any restrictions following a successful login. The main features of Listal include a user-friendly layout, millions of photographs, movies, books, and tales to share, a search box, categories to explore, the ability to leave comments, and much more.

12. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatos

An American review aggregation website called Rotten Tomatoes caters to fans of movies and TV series. According to the website, users can freely browse and share the largest library of movies and TV series in the globe. It serves as a competitor to Metacritic and provides comparable functions with an improved user interface.

The website gives comprehensive information about each film and television programme, including the plot, writer, rating, genre, runtime, etc., in order to deliver all crucial elements that assist you in making the best decisions. Like other websites, it offers a variety of categories to browse, and you can freely browse, store, and share the movies and TV series inside each category.

The most notable aspect of Rotten Tomatoes includes daily updates with a new release, several sorting options, an advanced search box, suggestions, and a lot more. You can also choose to express your opinions about your preferred movie using this option. The website’s user interface is really straightforward, and you can access its service from any location in the world.

13. IGDB.com


The world’s largest game library may be found on IGDB.com, a review aggregation website created specifically for gamers. You may get reviews and other information about practically all of your favourite games on this platform. This platform’s games span a variety of genres, including Action, Adventure, Fighting, Battle Royale, and more. You can freely explore and share the games in each genre with others.

This is another MovieChat alternative. It is a comprehensive resource for video game enthusiasts and provides news about future games, game alternatives, and much more. It is not just a website that aggregates reviews. Additionally, a sophisticated recommendation system proposes games depending on your interests, making them superior to others. It also features a number of online groups where gamers from all around the world may exchange ideas.

This review aggregation website has a very user-friendly layout. It provides a variety of ways to find reviews for your favourite games, including a broad search box, genre exploration, and several sorting choices. Large video game databases, daily updates with new releases, online forums, free for everyone, etc. are among IGDB.com’s other standout features.

14. Whatoplay


One of the main producers of video game databases, Whatoplay gathers and keeps track of the most recent and upcoming titles on practically all gaming platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, etc. The top games in the world are included, and they are regularly updated with the newest games.

Every game on this platform is divided into several genres, and you can freely choose and play any of these games without any restrictions. The multiple intriguing aspect of this answer is the availability of evaluations for all of your favourite games, which you can read for free and distribute to others.

15. Letterboxd


On the social networking site Letterboxd, you can express your views and affection for certain films. It serves as an IMDb substitute and provides all the essential services along with some fresh features. With the aid of this website, you can quickly browse the most well-liked, highly rated, and anticipated movies, together with their trailers, casts, genres, and reviews. This is another MovieChat alternative.

More than 20 million people use it worldwide to find the greatest and highest rated movies. It was initially created at a very basic level. Through this, you can access all the popular lists, read reviews, and submit comments on both the lists and reviews.

You must register with a valid email address, name, and password in order to use its services. Once you log in, you can access all of its features and services. Another notable feature of Letterboxd is the ability to track and review movie casts, browse user profiles, follow members like you would on a social network, build and edit your own lists, and much more. A social network platform is accessible from anywhere in the world and is free to use.


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