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Top 14 Best Lego Building Software In 2022

Best Lego building software will be described in this article. The ideal block-building toy of the past was LEGO. These days, it has advanced in a variety of mechanical directions, including complex Mindstorms; apply autonomy taking into consideration programmable blocks originally designed for educational purposes; and something closer PC helped define (CAD). There is free LEGO building software out there that just begs to be used as a virtual toy without putting on a show to equal the atmosphere of the real thing. extravagantly connecting some virtual blocks on your computer?

It has become more difficult to conceive outside of the predesigned parts as the Lego toy brand has become more and more centred on prebuilt models over time. However, you may give your fantasy a chance to come true on a PC without having to pay for architectural components. Lego building projects are also a spatially engaging learning experience for kids of all ages. These Lego building programmes are some of the best available.

Top 14 Best Lego Building Software in 2022

Top 14 Best Lego Building Software are explained here.


With the use of virtual Lego bricks, the web programme can generate, render, and build instructions in 3D. On your computer, you may create models, structures, and store them in the.lfx file format. With the aid of the snap-to capability, the tool enables intuitive and effortless building of brick clutches, clips, and hinges. It contains a stability check tool that enables you to quickly create designs that are more stable and effective.

One of’s key features is a photo-realistic renderer, which employs the FFmpeg licencing code under the LGPL and exports gorgeous pictures of extraordinary quality for your works with just a few clicks. In its most recent version, you can also generate bespoke instructions for your design using an inbuilt instruction builder that is used to produce building instructions. It allows for direct interaction with the BrickLinks marketplace, gallery, and catalogue, which enables you to order your design as well as view other designs and verify part details.

2. LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer

A application called LEGO Digital Designer enables you to construct anything virtually using artificial LEGO pieces. The software is created and distributed by Lego Group, and it works with both Windows and macOS operating systems. It is a fun solution that gives tens of thousands of forms to help you construct your vision, after which you can purchase actual bricks to make your design.

The ability to print off your design and add it to your inventory of bricks so you can take it to any LEGOLAND theme park is one of the finest features of this service. There are several modes in which the software can be used, including MindStorms mode. You may access hundreds of virtual Ledo MINDSTORMS and Technic pieces in this mode to assist in creating your next robot model from scratch.

Additionally, LEGO Digital Designer provides a huge selection of design templates that are simple to select and modify. Once your design is complete, you can now distribute it to others via email and social networking websites. Additionally, the fundamental elements of the NXT brick, many modes, and an intuitive user interface are all included in the LEGO Digital Designer.

3. LeoCAD


With the help of digital Lego bricks, you may build virtual objects using the computer application LeoCAD. It provides a vast collection of parts used in toy creation. The solution’s UI is pretty excellent and enables new users to start building virtual models right away without needing to spend a lot of time understanding it. This is another lego building software.

LeoCAD is a feature-rich alternative to competing products that enables expert users to construct a model using cutting-edge methods. The software has additional features since it is completely compatible with the LDraw solution and related tools. One of the most mesmerizing elements is that you can simply develop a design using a library with more than 10,000 distinct pieces.

LeoCAD is an open-source programme, allowing anybody to add features and repair bugs. It features a community where specialists from all around the world share their lesson plans and teaching advice with novices. Sharing modules, storing photographs, an intuitive user interface, and more.

4. LDraw


To virtually model Lego constructions, LDraw is a fun tool. This may be used to display stunning photographs of your virtual models, provide instructions similar to Lego, document models that you have already built, and even create whole animations. It is among the greatest Lego Digital Designer alternatives, but it also offers a tonne of additional tools and features that set it apart from the competition. This is another lego building software.

It has a vast library of more than 50,000 pieces, divided into many different categories. Each category contains components that are simple to choose and apply. The software LDraw is straightforward and simple to use, and it offers thorough training to improve your skill. Additionally, there are a number of pre-made designs available for usage and unrestricted customization.

The software’s user interface is straightforward, and you may quickly combine its components to build a limitless number of models, animations, and realistic pictures. You may quickly share your design with others once you’ve finished it. You may submit your components, immediately share your material with others, access tutorials and the community, among other things, using LDraw’s primary features.

5. LPub3D


A computer tool called LPub3D is available for free usage and enables you to build Lego models using digital Lego components. It is a full solution that provides all the essential tools, services, and features needed to develop a special model. It’s pretty difficult to install this on your PC since it needs particular setup. You only need to specify the path to the LDraw engine and library if your machine satisfies all of the criteria.

The solution’s user interface is simple to use and aids in the intuitive generation of your model. The ability to build a Lego-style model on your computer with comprehensive instructions is one of the finest features of this Lego building software. Based on the LDraw engine and libraries, LPub3D offers a highly functional 3D model viewer that allows you to see your design from many angles.

Using your components and equipment, LPub3D enables you to produce commercial projects in addition to building the 3D model. This allows you to pick and alter any model from its library without any restrictions. You may share your model with others, add your own pieces, use editing tools, and more with LPub3D.

6. MecaBricks


MecaBricks is an online Lego model building programme that enables you to create Lego models fast and easily utilising tens of thousands of virtual pieces. Utilizing the tools is really easy. Simply visit the website, click the “start” button, select the components you want, add any extras, and save your model to your device. Additionally, you have the option of immediately sharing your model on social networking websites.

The website has thousands of users worldwide who may use it to unleash their imaginations, starting at a very basic level. It provides tens of thousands of ready-to-use models that are easy to edit. You are free to use its toolkit, features, and library to enhance the beauty and intrigue of your models. With this, you can also shop for high-resolution models designed by experts and share them with others.

MecaBricks does not require registration, but you must create an account with a name, email address, and password in order to save your model to the library. You can view its features after logging in successfully. Daily updates with new features, online communities, workshops, and other features are among its other standout features.



A programming software called LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 was created to make it easier for students to access it and to encourage their engagement. The software combines the physical components that make it superior to others and provides an intuitive icon-based environment. It was created especially for educational institutions that want to inspire their students both inside and outside of the classroom. This is another lego building software.

The software includes a vast array of libraries that you can use and customise with ease. Additionally, there is a wealth of supporting materials available to make sure that you and your students enjoy the smooth introduction. An extensive manual and video tutorial are included with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 to make it simple. The solution’s main features include thousands of parts, a sizable library, sharing your design with others, and uploading your own models.

8. MLCad


MLCad is a software for creating virtual models that makes it simple to build distinctive models from scratch using virtual building blocks. The software is a replacement for Lego Digital Designer and provides all the essential features in addition to some new ones. It has a thorough and adaptable user interface with various sections, including a toolbar, menu bar, information bar, etc. You can build a model using the options and features that each section offers.

You are free to use any of the software’s tens of thousands of parts to enhance your model. When you begin building the models that instruct you on all of its features and tools, you can view comments. When your model is finished, you can share it on social media sites and save it to the website’s library.

With the help of some sophisticated tools included with MLCad, you can turn your model into a beautiful image or an animated video. More than a hundred different types of bricks, a sizable toolbar, templates, editing tools, and more are some of its other standout features.

9. BrickUtils Portable

BrickUtils Portable

Children can use the computer programme BrickUtils Portable to explore various scenarios and possibilities while fostering their creativity. It has some new tools and features and is comparable to the Lego Digital Designer. The ability to store it on a portable storage device and use it while on the go is the more intriguing fact. This is another lego building software.

Using its virtual building blocks, you can quickly create any model, which you can then edit with a variety of tools to make more fun. Additionally, it has a feature that gives you access to some management choices, and these choices let you check off specific bricks if you need more of them. You can test out the design and show off all the extra bricks with BrickUtils Portable.

Its user interface is quite straightforward, allowing you to quickly explore each section to learn about its tools and functions. BrickUtils Portable has a lot of contemporary features, including a large library, thousands of bricks, editing tools, the ability to share colours and models with others, and more, just like other Lego building software.

10. Bricksmith


With the help of the LEGO creation tool Bricksmith, you can easily create virtual instructions and models. A collection of 3D models of Lego construction blocks is used as a magic feature, which is used in conjunction with the LDraw library. The capability of running out of parts is provided by the tool.

Bricksmith provides an unlimited number of parts with access to the entire LEGO colour scheme. You can effectively use the flexible element generation thanks to its drag and drop feature.

Undo and redo, copy and paste, multiple viewports, a magnifier generator, support for sub-models and steps that enable you to properly document in order to build your creation, among other features, are among the top core features of Bricksmith.

11. LDCad


With the help of the LDraw editor in LDCad, a multi-platform virtual LEGO set, you can edit the model documentation of LDraw in real-time. Basic system requirements for Linux  operation include hardware, an operating system, and other dependencies. This is another lego building software.

It provides multi-threaded part loading with the fundamental part snapping on expanding collection. It also supports script-based macros and script-based animation. It integrates with flexible parts help such as hops, bands, & hoses, etc.

The top features of LDCad have external LDraw file change reloading/detection, buffer exchange meta support, OpenGL rendering exports, many customization options for colour bins and part, and many more. It allows complete Undo-Redo and copy-paste form to other software of LDraw.

12. Constructor


The online programme Konstruktor enables you to quickly construct LEGO models and visual infrastructures using built-in bricks and other sub-units.

It works with the LDraw library, which gives you access to a special feature—a collection of 3D models.

The programme has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward structure with many preconfigured functions.

It provides a tool for creating building instructions as well as providing personalised building instructions.

Konstruktor’s core features include on-the-fly export to the POV-Ray raytracer, improved building structure with multi-part support, tabbed document interface support for flawless development, and many more.

It also offers the option for animation that is script-based.

A free tool with many capabilities is Konstruktor.

It offers colour selections along with step-by-step crafting instructions.

13. BlockCAD


BlockCAD is a freeware computer programme that enables you to construct visually using virtual bricks or blocks that resemble Legos. This is another lego building software.

It has all the same features as LEGO Digital Designer and adds a few more tools to help it stand out from the competition.

Using the software, you can reuse an entire design as a component of another model, store your models, or use the same image of your design.

The software is pretty straightforward and simple to use; everything can be managed with a mouse click, and you can also use the keyboard for a few specific instructions to enhance and beautify your design.

BlockCAD offers a variety of templates that you may choose from and easily edit, just like other programmes of a similar nature.

The program’s interface is pretty excellent, and it makes it simple to access all of the tools, blocks, and components.

One of BlockCAD’s most notable features is its simplicity and ease of use. Other features include numerous modes, reuse models, image saving, sharing, and more.

14. SR 3D Builder

SR 3D Builder

The Lego PC CAD software SR 3D Builder enables practically building almost anything you can think. It is a complete solution that includes practically all of the top tools and features.

The software’s user-friendly interface comes with a large library that makes it easy for you to quickly and effortlessly design a beautiful model.

There are six main areas of SR 3D Builder that you can look at, including the menu bar portion where you can access the file system and application options.

The toolbox area, which is the second component, enables you to rapidly locate a shortcut for model building. This is another lego building software.

Additionally, there is a part with information that explains what you are doing and lets you view tutorials. When the mouse is placed over an appropriate contact surface, the software’s connection solver feature, which helps you see connections between two parts, displays a pink pyramid.

Other features of SR 3D Builder include the ability to create a fully 3D environment, group administration, limitless model modification and model saving, automatic detections, and more.


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