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Top best 14 Font Management Software In 2022

Most demanding Font Management Software will be described in this article. Computer users can browse, preview, and often install and uninstall fonts using font management software, which is a type of utility software.

Additionally, users can carry out a variety of specific tasks depending on the capabilities of the personal font management tool.

Problems with font management, such as installing and uninstalling fonts, managing missing fonts, and handling font collisions, need graphic designers and typographers to be prepared at all times.

The font managers on the list below are capable of handling the difficult management involved in managing fonts.

Only a few of the font managers listed below can manage installed fonts; others can manage both installed and uninstalled fonts.

According to legend, the font is the most important component for designers and calls for careful consideration.

These are able to handle finding, tracking, and even fixing error-containing problems.

Top best 14 Font Management Software in 2022

Top best 14 Font Management Software are explained here.

1. Common Type Server 6

Common Type Server 6

The largest workgroups and team setups can benefit from the comprehensive font management capabilities of Universal Type Server 6.

The organization, synchronization, and distribution of typefaces are some of the fundamental font management topics covered.

It allowed its users to work in a more structured and comprehensive environment by providing the solution in each of these areas.

To provide consistent and hassle-free font management across all active projects, the team management will use this solution to store all of their fonts in one location that will be based on the system of centralising font management. This is another font management software

It permits managing many activities at once, in contrast to conventional font managers.

Utilizing Universal Type Server 6 has a number of benefits, including being simple to manage and administrate, assuring the greatest font discovery and creativity, a server-based font management system, integration with expert font editors and designers, designs of a font automation system, and much more.

2. NexusFont


A modern font management system called NexusFont allows users to handle many typefaces in various formats at once.

It will undoubtedly be the finest option for you if you work with multiple fonts and wish to manage and organise them more properly.

This font manager is regarded as one of the best at managing installed and uninstalled fonts on Windows operating systems.

The ability to compare various fonts is this tool’s greatest benefit.

With the help of NexusFont’s distinctive auto-activation mechanism, users may install their fonts themselves rather than having to do it for them. This is another font management software

The finest font manager offers its users the best font management and arranging options.

3. MasterJuggler


The most sophisticated and expert method of managing and organizing fonts is using MasterJuggler.

Fonts can be shared over a network and stored anywhere with this utility.

It enables you to access your fonts from portable media and store them in any folder on any drive.

With the typefaces you require for your jobs, you can arrange fonts in bespoke sets using this software.

It enables you to explore a font’s entire Unicode glyph map and preview several fonts and sizes with full Unicode support in order to find the precise glyph you require.

MasterJuggler is a font manager and organiser that will help you if you’re the kind of user who values using excellent fonts and organising your thoughts well.

If you have to deal with a lot of fonts, that implies you have to pay more attention to them as well, which can’t be done manually and physically.

Therefore, MasterJuggler, a comprehensive automation system, is presented here. It will serve as your assistant and handle all aspects of managing the fonts and organising them according to your wishes.

You can create your own displayable sample strings thanks to it.

4. FontAgent Pro

FontAgent Pro

To manage web-based fonts and print jobs, FontAgent Pro is especially made for Mac OS X operating systems.

It is skilled at managing and organising fonts in accordance with the unique needs of each user.

It offers a system for managing and organising fonts as well as a number of free fonts that are connected with its system for maintaining font integrity.

This means that its single version can be used for the two fundamental tasks of managing fonts and obtaining free fonts.

The best thing about FontAgent Pro is that in addition to offering the aforementioned solution, it also empowers users to integrate fonts into all of their activities, whether they take place on the web or in a system for print projects.

Additionally, it provides users with free typefaces, workflow automation, a structure for Adobe and Quark plugins, support for Yosemite and EI Captain, among many other things.

In other words, it includes all font-related solutions that let users arrange and manage their fonts as effectively as possible so that they may think more clearly.

5. Printing Apprentice

Printing Apprentice

A special font manager and viewer that displays how your font will appear on printed pages is called Printer’s Apprentice.

The best element of this platform is its built-in font manager and viewer, which can handle Adobe Type, TrueType, and OpenType fonts, among other font types.

It also allows a variety of printing preview options from different sample sheets at different catalogues.

All Windows operating systems versions are supported by it.

Its most notable features and capabilities include the ability to be used for font browsing, intelligent font installation, uninstallation, font grouping for organisation, a system for viewing font previews, printing the catalogue listings, and much more. It is also multiplatform and versatile. This is another font management software

In summary, Printer’s Apprentice has practically all of the features and capabilities you’ll need to manage and view font previews beforehand.

6. Advanced Font Viewer

Advanced Font Viewer

A font management and previewing tool is called Advanced Font Viewer.

Users can view all installed fonts on the system at once thanks to this user-friendly font organiser and preview font generator.

Such a font organiser prompts users to select a more superior and attractive font for their operating system.

With the aid of this tool, users can examine a preview of the installed fonts on their computer and manage them more effectively.

The type of fonts you are employing has a significant impact on the graphical user interface of this system.

By allowing consumers to evaluate the suitability of the font they are going to use, it will assist you in making professional decisions regarding the better fonts.

7. Safari Fonts

Safari Fonts

For managing and changing the font style in Safari browsers on Mac and Apple platforms, use Safari Fonts.

It establishes a foundation for different language string encodings and keyboard shortcuts.

It enables you to see every font in the font and replicates it in common text encodings including Mac Roman, Unicode, Windows ANSI, and others.

It enables you to view individual characters or the full glyph table and provides keyboard shortcut details for all the characters in a given font.

The best feature, above all, is the availability of a large selection of fonts in a variety of categories, including general, size, weight, width, occasion, holiday, yesteryear, decade, foreign restriction, mood, style, modern, handwriting, theme, dingbats, unique, and many others.

The best way to manage and use limitless fonts simultaneously is with Safari Fonts.

8. FontFrenzy


For Windows operating systems, there is a font management programme called FontFrenzy.

You can create “restore points” and reinstall the Windows fonts on accurate data thanks to its unique font management methods and capabilities. This is another font management software

You can remove all fonts using the “DeFrenzy” option, leaving only the ones that come with Windows XP, Vista, or an earlier snapshot.

You can choose a folder in the software where all deleted fonts should be stored.

It enables you to use a custom test phrase at any point size and display all fonts from a given folder.

A free font management tool called FontFrenzy makes it simple for users to install custom fonts because it is skilled at handling all different kinds of fonts.

Its goal is to enable users to manage their fonts in accordance with their preferences and needs.

Most people forget about font management, which causes compatibility problems, after putting fonts into a system.

However, the FontFrenzy is a particular type of font management system that enables users to handle font management and organise in the best way.

9. FontDoctor


FontDoctor is a font manager that offers a management system and gives users a way to cure fonts that have errors in them.

This will undoubtedly be the ideal tool for you if you want a better workflow in your system because it will enable you to plan your job effectively and then support you.

Locating, diagnosing, and fixing the majority of typefaces quickly and efficiently are common issues that the FontDoctor effortlessly fixes.

FontDoctor is a component of the font management tool Suitcase Fusion, which you can access if you’ve installed it.

The management of fonts, fixing frequent font issues, handling deformed and corrupt fonts, and a select few more duties are the FontDoctor’s key highlighted tasks.

10. Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro is an utility for gathering comprehensive data on any installed font on your PC.

Accepting and installing any font is extremely straightforward and easy, but managing and organising the fonts is a different operation that needs the users to pay close attention. This is another font management software

Although many font managers can carry out this task, it works best when coupled with features that permit you to preview the font before installing it on your computer.

Users can test their typefaces in Cfont Pro and export the preview sheet into RTF HTML format from any website, folder, CD, external hard drive, or other location.

Users can view the font’s style using the new character magnifier and character map.

The main purpose of these features and capabilities is to enable users to combine any number of typefaces into a single file for straightforward distribution to another PC.

11. Linotype FontExplorer X Pro

Linotype FontExplorer X Pro

A font manager for Mac and Windows operating systems that includes access to an online store so you can browse fonts is called Linotype FontExplorer X Pro.

This software’s most unique feature allows you to compare and analyse fonts inside as if they were already installed on your computer.

Font management, font categorization, font shopping, and font locating are all included in this tool’s user-friendly interface.

You can use a library, tags, folders, smart sets, all italics, or all fonts associated with a specific term to arrange your fonts.

Its primary technical features and capabilities include a font tile view, customizable preview, customizable list view, support for the most recent web font formats, Unicode 7 support, the ability to organise fonts by size, the ability to manually control the presence of a font, a font family view, and dozens of other features that will enable you to manage and arrange your fonts in accordance with your own preferences and needs.

12. MainType


A global font management solution called MainType is available for both expert and novice graphic designers and typographers.

Utilizing this platform offers customers the ability to locate, preview, arrange, install, and print any of their typefaces, which is one of its key benefits.

The ability to work with any font format, including Type 1 fonts, postscript fonts, TrueType Collections, Open Type, TrueType, and many others, is another of its finest features.

It is combined with the features and capabilities of advanced-level font management solutions, which helps graphic designers, typographers, and other users, unlike other conventional font management systems. This is another font management software

Users will like the network support, sophisticated categorization system, search capabilities, quick search of the fonts they needed plugin system, and several other features and functions in MainType.

13. FontBase


The user-friendly font management system FontBase was created with professional users in mind.

This appliance is for you if you need to compare different fonts.

Similar to managing many fonts, this application is ideal for previewing fonts before installing them all at once.

In a nutshell, it is a font management system that offers all of its users the greatest font management solutions.

Because of this, it is an incredibly quick, user-friendly, and expert font manager for professional designers.

It contains a wide range of features and operations, such as keyboard shortcuts, automatic updates, a collections system, live text editing, a live search for finding new fonts, a font comparison for comparing different fonts, OpenType font styles, and easy text styling.

FontBase is among the greatest font management solutions because to all of these capabilities.

14. Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion is a powerful, quick, and intelligent font manager with an intuitive user interface.

It ensures that you have the most correct version of the desired font.

Additionally, it maintains fonts in a single, secure location for simple backup and searching.

Additionally, it has an auto-activation feature that enables fonts as soon as you open the file and disables them when you close it. This is another font management software

To help you concentrate on your task, it integrates FontDoctor, a specialised software application that has the ability to find, monitor, and fix the most prevalent font problems.

Its customers can control their typefaces in the most suited manner in accordance with their own preferences thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly interface.

It is created in a way that it will automatically meet your job’s requirements.


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