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Top 12 Best Eversports Manager Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Eversports Manager alternative will be discussed in this article. Eversports Manager is an online booking tool that helps businesses cut down on time-consuming administrative tasks. As a result, more clients were satisfied, leading to increased sales and a best-in-class point of sale system. The software is specifically developed for the yoga, martial arts, Pilates, salons, fitness centres, and studios. You have a more user-friendly interface that makes it simple for you to view the client profile, manage clients, book appointments, and approve them.

The programme gives you a chance to increase your company’s revenue through marketing campaigns that use videos with rich content that ultimately draw in more clients from across the world. You may automate your back-office tasks using Eversports Manager so that you have more time to devote to your students. Advanced reporting, enhanced procedures, integrated payment and billing, numerous tools, automatic communication, online payment alternatives, a live streaming tool, a personalised booking calendar, and other features are available.

Top 12 Best Eversports Manager Alternatives in 2022

Top 12 Best Eversports Manager Alternatives are explained here.

1. ACTIVE Educate

ACTIVE Educate

Advanced preschool administration software called ACTIVE Educate is made to simplify every administrative activity, from processing tuition to enrolling students. The software does not have the limitations of traditional software. However, ACTIVE Educate is the name of success in the development field because it has all the features in one convenient location, eliminating the need to search all over for things. This is another Eversports Manager.

The programme makes it easier for you by offering cutting-edge website design and development that adheres to standards, allowing your school to have original material and broadcast your online experience at the highest possible quality. You can now manage all of your staff or student accounts in one location thanks to ACTIVE Educate’s automated payment processing, which accepts credit card payments as well as any other type of online payment. Online registration, childcare administration, a safe parent photo gallery, credit card processing, account management, a market, communication tools, and more services are available. Also check UFC EA SPORTS



A good online reservation system and class scheduling application is FYNDER, which has a variety of features and tools to enable your online class management flexibility. Yoga services that offer online classes can easily book a session because the software is dependable and hassle-free. An increase in reservations indicates greater business revenue at the end of the day, which is a sign of success, particularly for startups.

It’s all about scheduling and managing payments for appointments, enrolling online for classes, running online seminars, or anything else, and FYNDER works its magic by offering all of the aforementioned services. Customers will be aware of the campaigns you are launching to engage them. There are numerous ways to synchronise with YouTube development or book for a sports channel or other channels via a YouTube channel.

3. WellnessLiving


In your gyms, studios, spa, salon business, or elsewhere, WellnessLiving is a pure and comprehensive business management tool that automates your processes and gets rid of all the tedious effort. The programme offers agile planning so you may use more sophisticated payment methods, appointment scheduling, and booking tools. With a complete marketing strategy, you can attract more clients to your business, which will boost growth and sales and, eventually, increase your income. This is another Eversports Manager.

It is now possible to stay in touch with your clients wherever you are by accessing their profiles, selecting their actions, and managing them better than before. Additionally, you can participate in live exercises, workshops, and lessons as requested by your clients. By providing your brand with a distinctive identity through the personalised video-on-demand channel, WellnessLiving removes all obstacles. Online services, payments, point-of-sale, advanced reporting, marketing automation, numerous integrations, staff management, website widgets, and many more capabilities are listed here.

4. Arbox


For the considerable automation in their business systems, gyms and salons were the target market for Arbox, an all-in-one management software. Arbox is creating the software right for them with online booking so that customers may save their important time. The software is essential and a must-have tool in your business that needs booking and appointments. Additionally, users can use an online system to make their payments or card payments. Arbox is a form of service agility for your company, improving maintenance and accountability for the services you have been offering for years.

By engaging more clients in your services and expanding your brand through genuine marketing campaigns and sales solutions, the software assists you in transforming your company using the most effective digital strategy. Arbox is presenting a number of solutions, including management, business analytics, retention, and more, that are created for the features you want in your business services. The services included include personnel management, payment administration, invoicing, payroll, selling and buying, scheduling, customer alerts and notifications, among many others.

5. The Studio director

The Studio director

With all the components you require to manage your dance and gymnastics studio’s business, Studio Director is a top studio management programme. The platform streamlines communication, enabling you to use email, personalised templates, and tracking to conduct more aggressive marketing. Since Studio Director offers you an automated way to book your class before you arrive, there is no longer a delay in the acceptance of appointments and bookings. With its user-friendly administration features, Studio Director is the way to go. It allows businesses increase sales & revenue and gives you the best tools available to run your studio dance more efficiently.

This is another Eversports Manager. Additionally, Studio Director has support for the online classroom, which enables learners to attend classes from any location in the world. There are automatic tuition options, such as multi-class discounts, sibling discounts, pro-rating, and publishing for future sessions, that will automatically post the current tuition. Additional features include simple deployment, personalised dashboards, access from anywhere, online enrollment, and more to come.

6. Hitech BillSoft

Hitech BillSoft

Hitech BillSoft is an all-in-one billing administration programme that includes a wealth of assistance for streamlining your payments with top-notch solutions created for your company. Hitech BillSoft includes a multicore business engine, and more crucially, it can operate without an internet connection. Hitech BillSoft makes managing multiple client accounts, including those with regard to account balance, account history, quotations for invoices, payments, check alerts, and more, easier than before.

The straightforward barcode scanning, which is hassle-free and more capable than ever, will speed your billing procedure. Users may easily generate multi-item and multi-rate invoices because you have all the GST laws in place for invoicing. Other capabilities include the ability to print invoices in many sizes, support for POS printers, inventory tracking, multi-size barcode creation, GST tax computation, thorough company reports, and more.

7. Zenoti


Zenoti is an intelligent salon and spa software that improves your business management strategy with superior technical features that will not only streamline your business agility but also your brand names as efficient customer service management. To better manage the members, staff, and clients from the centralised platform, the software is acting in the proper ways. Zenoti is useful because you can arrange appointments online in real-time rather than wasting hours waiting for your turn at the salon. Also check Sports Mania

Customers can receive alerts and notifications regarding their arrival time as well as upcoming new deals. The programme offers cloud software for your company and is the best option for people who want to be successful and expand their brand. Online payments, customer profiles, follow-up emails, scheduling, real-time messaging, check-out, client engagement, and more capabilities are all provided by Zenoti.



This is another Eversports Manager. For your salon and spa, STRIZLY is practical software that will enable you to handle things more successfully and quickly. The programme simplifies your clients’ appointments so they don’t have to wait for hours; all they have to do to make an appointment is book it; the rest will be sent to them prior to the session. Say goodbye to the standard way of paying constantly by using STRIZLY’s automatic technique to making your payments online.

The software enables you to easily manage your team and take charge of every member’s activities, allowing you to reap more productive results and promote the well-known expansion of your company in society. STRIZLY is a full-featured solution for spas, salons, and nail studios, offering a user-friendly interface with all you need for simple management. Numerous capabilities are available, including simple billing, creating customer profiles, thorough reports, packing and tracking, email alerts and notifications, and more.

9. ClubManager


ClubManager is a dependable, honor-winning, and user-friendly membership management programme. Business proprietors are accepting full advantage of the club manager’s supportive array of features and lack of any complication in them thanks to new business-driven technological innovations in membership management. The software is causing club businesses to expand by increasing patron participation in dancing clubs, sports, PTs, teachers, coaching, and other activities.

You can use a comprehensive system that meets all of your requirements, including booking, payments, payroll, account administration, and management of all club members. You have limitless access to the staff and members thanks to the software, so you don’t have to worry about costs and one subscription will take care of everything for you. There are several features available, including built-in functionality, automated switching, easy use, and system connection with current systems.

10. Upper Hand

Upper Hand

This is another Eversports Manager. With the help of the top sports and business management software, Upper Hand, you can get the most out of your studio, clubs, gyms, sports clubs, and more. It will provide you an advantage in developing positive client interactions and streamlining your marketing strategies to increase growth and revenue simultaneously, as the name says. The EYG basketball registration process is being automated by Upper Hand, allowing you to concentrate more on client training. Upper Hand also offers the best customer service, giving you high-quality experiences regularly.

You can use the programme to manage the pro shop, stop double bookings, and have access to preferred resources to rank and automate staff payroll, among other things. With a fully integrated point-of-sale system and the highest calibre reporting in place, Upper Hand is expanding your payments to have the necessary agility with online transactions, in-person transactions, and in-app transactions. Retail and inventory management, employee and payroll management, accounting, online booking, resource management, membership policy, contact marketing, and many other capabilities are among the exquisite features.

11. Fitli


This is another Eversports Manager. Fitli is top-of-the-line management software that offers numerous options for streamlining your success in the fitness club industry. The programme makes it easier for you to take advantage of the possibilities by automating payments and reservations through an intuitive online management system. With Fitli, you can use centralised dashboards to manage client profiles and keep track of all of your consumers. With the capacity to send email and SMS messages to your clients, the programme gives you a more flexible communication plan. You can also engage more customers with the marketing tools.

It is far better than it has ever been because Fitli is the one that gives you in-depth reports in just one or two, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness and overall performance. Take use of the integrated online payments for a better payment processing experience, and you will be successful. Numerous features are available, including limitless appointments, booking and cancellation rules, rebrandable links, coupon codes, membership assistance, customer administration, automated communications, employee management, and more.

12. Wellyx


Wellyx is an all-in-one fitness and business management programme that includes a wealth of support for automating daily productivity-boosting tasks. The software includes a dependable method for managing customers, employees, and members effectively in gyms, salons, and other businesses. Also check SportsEngine

Wellyx is saving you time when you book and schedule appointments, and you can easily make payments online without any fuss; always choose a method that is more efficient. Wellyx has a consolidated dashboard and an intuitive user interface. You will have access to all the information, including client profiles, approval for business appointments, and billing administration. This is another Eversports Manager.

A number of features, including member engagement, staff management, automation, lead management, point-of-sale, automated communications, card payment, gift cards, payroll, loyalty programmes, and more, are to be anticipated. Wellyx is sealing the deal by revealing all of your company’s weaknesses, making your fitness, salon, spa, and club businesses more professional, and providing you with the information you need to easily convert them.


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