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Top and Best WINDY APP Alternatives In 2022

Best and most efficient Windy app alternative will be discussed in this article. is a specialised weather app that enables users to construct for a variety of wind and water sports, including fishing, sailing, and surfing. By using this application, users can also access local weather reports, live whirlwind maps, and comprehensive weather forecasts. Additionally, it helps businesses run more efficiently and may lessen weather-related dangers brought on by hyperlocal weather data and solutions. Making judgments that are impacted by the weather are also benefited from precise weather data and technology.

High-resolution meteorological data, a variety of sources, simple process integration, and many more are all included. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing, snowboarding, and many other activities benefit the most from it. It includes a built-in weather radar that enables users to obtain complete details about significant weather changes. It features the interactive wind tracker for light wind sailing, yachting, and kiting that makes use of weather radar. It offers a variety of forecasting options, including GFS, ECMWF, WRF8, ICON, and many others.

Top and Best WINDY APP Alternatives in 2022

Top and Best WINDY APP Alternatives are explained here.

1. Windguru Lite

Windguru Lite

The website has a Lite version called Windguru Lite that you may use to access wind and weather information and forecasts. In comparison to other weather apps with animated widgets, it is a good weather tool that provides a really different environment.

The apps function similarly to the entire website, but they only include the most crucial data and functions, like as live stations, predictions, maps, etc. You may access it whenever you want, anywhere in the world, and it is solely available for usage on the Android platform.

Even anonymous users can now add favourites to Windguru Lite for convenient access. You can engage briefly with this app to learn about the current weather conditions, including wind speed, air pressure, rain, snow, and storms, among other things. Although it has a challenging user interface, it delivers more weather data.

2. Today Weather

Today Weather

Owned by, Today Weather is a free weather app. It is a stunning and simple to use programme that offers the most precise local weather forecast in the entire planet. While Today Weather is comparable to others, it has several brand-new features and data. It provides a simple and understandable weather forecast.

The ability to download thousands of gorgeous photographs relating to the weather and the day is one of the most engaging and addictive features of this app. With a 24-hour weather forecast and rain probability, it is ready for everything.

One of the greatest weather apps for people who wish to plan trips, acquire weather information, and make wise decisions. The app also includes all the extra details, such as the times of sunrise and sunset, full moon night details, wind speed, etc.

3. Gismeteo Lite

Gismeteo Lite

This single app, Gismeteo lite, provides current weather conditions, a detailed forecast, animated widgets, and local weather. You may view the details of the most recent weather and temperature information with this capable, free weather app.

In order to keep users interested, the app offers a variety of possibilities. You may get information about all the cities in the world as well as specific details about the climate changes that have occurred in your city.

The Gismeteo Lite app uses GPS to determine the user’s current position before displaying the local weather. Additionally, a thorough seven-day weather forecast is provided.


On the website, people may view the weather forecast in real time and learn more about it. Users can access precise weather information on the quick, user-friendly site. All-weather pros, pilots, paragliders, and numerous other frequent travellers all have confidence in the software. This is another WINDY APP alternative. Also check 123MoviesGo

This app will assist users in tracking tropical storms and determining the likelihood of severe weather before planning a trip. Users of the site can use any of the platform’s various forecast modes to view how the weather is changing in any location.

Additionally, it covers the entire planet and offers customers 40 various maps of every region so they can comprehend air circulation and other weather-related factors. Users of can also use Doppler radar, which can cover a sizable portion of many continents, and examine a satellite image of the weather. Finally, users can alter the software to suit their preferences and environment.

5. Aeroweather Lite

Aeroweather Lite

Sparkling Apps Inc. developed the free weather app Aeroweather Lite. You may get up-to-date, accurate weather information from this app, as well as weather forecasts. For pilots to prepare for flights, the app is important.

The best feature of Aeroweather Lite is that it lets users select airport weather stations from across the world to create a special database that can be accessed by name, ICAO code, or IATA code. All information will either be presented in its original form or will have been properly decoded into plain, intelligible text.

Additionally, the temperatures in the area are presented, allowing you to keep track of how cold or hot a specific location is at any given time. Additionally, users of the app can add multiple cities to the list, and the app displays meteorological data for the desired location.

6. Accurate Weather Forecast Report

Accurate Weather Forecast Report

The Weather Widget Theme Dev Team created the clock and weather app Accurate Weather Forecast Report. Only Android devices are capable of using the programme. It is a different app from weather but has many extra features and widgets that can be entirely customised.

It offers precise local meteorological data, including the highest and lowest temperatures as well as the current weather. To keep users interested, the app offers a wide variety of possibilities. The widgets that show current temperature, sunrise and sunset times, hourly and daily weather forecasts, air pressure, and wind speed, among other information.

This is another WINDY APP alternative. It provides real-time weather alerts and warnings, just like other comparable apps. Weather alerts for storms, rain, lightning, and thunder will be received. In addition to serving as a worldwide weather tracker that enables you to follow any specific location throughout the world, Accurate Weather Forecast Report also serves as a weather detector for your current area.



The official weather mobile app from is called It offers a seven-day prediction, the current weather, several home screen widgets, weather notifications, and weather movies, among other things. Among all the different weather forecasting applications on the market, this one is among the most widely used.

More than 50 million people use it worldwide, and the number is growing with time. It offers access to future weather forecasts and reports in addition to live weather updates, just like other apps of a similar nature.

The fact that this app includes a robust search function with a GPS geolocation feature that enables users to learn about any area in the globe is one of its multiple compelling features. The app offers editorial forecasts, live weather cameras, animated rain radar, and in-depth general information.

8. WarnWetter


The German meteorological service’s WarnWetter app provides information on the warnings and weather that are in effect right now. To receive push notifications on the weather and to stay up to date on the present climate, the app lets you add your favourite locations directly to the home screen. Also check Ant Movies Catalog

It supplies comprehensive information about the warning situation for elected places via official and trend warnings as well as full specifics about the current server situations in Germany. The app’s user interface is incredibly endearing and amazing.

Users are drawn to it by its high definition images, which also make weather predicting, enriching, and exciting. For both novice and experienced users, it is important. Additionally, WarnWetter offers accumulated weather forecasting and real-time current weather information. This is another WINDY APP alternative.

9. Weather


Weather is a straightforward and user-friendly weather app from Quark Ltd. It is a helpful tool that enables you to gain advance knowledge of the weather conditions to help you plan the best course of action for your travel escort. The excellent weather app Weather offers precise forecasts for your regions. There are millions of users of the app worldwide, and that number is growing every day.

The weather app delivers extremely accurate forecasts for every area in the world. Users from any part of the world can simply access it anytime, anyplace because it is usable in numerous languages. The app’s user-friendly design and top-notch graphics give it an enticing and astounding appearance so you may enjoy everything.

It provides more and better weather information, such as the times of sunrise and sunset, humidity, visibility, wind speed, and varied viewpoints. Through the GPS navigation system enabled by the Weather app, the user can obtain the minute-by-minute weather forecast for the present location.

10. 1Weather


OneLouder Apps’ 1Weather app is a stunning and simple solution for all of your weather needs. You can add several locations, accurately track and view weather forecasts, learn about the weather right now, and get real-time updates.

This is another WINDY APP alternative. If you want to check the temperature, Doppler radar, precipitation forecast, or keep track of the actual phases of the sun and moon, 1Weather is one of the greatest apps that can be conveniently accessed at any time, wherever in the globe.

You can get all the necessary updates and alerts with 1 Weather, an all-in-one weather app. This programme makes it simple to view graphs, maps, weather statistics and movies, among other things. It enables users to send instant weather updates to their contacts via email and social media.

11. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather

Know what the temperature is like right now? The greatest choice for you is CARROT Weather, a crazily potent weather app that offers hysterically absurd forecasts. You can use this highly regarded weather forecasting app anytime, anywhere in the globe, but it is only accessible for iOS devices.

The app provides all the crucial information you need to know, including warnings, current weather conditions, data from weather forecasts, predictions for rain and snow, and more. With the app’s brand-new secret location function, you may use hints to find more than 25 hidden destinations, including the moon and Chernobyl.

Key features of CARROT Weather include a stunningly simple weather app configuration, extremely accurate weather data, radar and satellite maps, an apple watch app with complications, up to 5000 lines of amusing spoken dialogues, and more.

12. Radarscope


For weather enthusiasts and meteorologists, Base Velocity LLC’s Radarscope is a commercial weather mobile application that offers a specialised display utility that enables users to view NEXRAD level-3 and Super-Resolution radar data along with a variety of options, such as tornado, flash flood, and severe thunderstorm warnings.

This is another WINDY APP alternative. The app shows the most recent velocity, reflectivity, and other radar data from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar websites in the US. PNG or GIF images are not present in the RadarScope app. It only includes native radar data that has been displayed in true radial format for the highest level of information.

Although it is more complicated than the others, this app provides all the real-time information. You must hit the warning button in the top corner to examine information and even zoom in or out to the map when there are any Flash Flood, Tornado, or other warnings. Additionally, Radarscope app has a tonne of cutting-edge features that set it apart from competitors.

13. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug

An intuitive weather app, Weather by WeatherBug, provides precise reports on the current and upcoming weather. It is a totally free app that uses the largest and greatest network of professional weather stations in the globe to provide real-time weather updates, lightning-fast weather warnings, precise hourly predictions, 18 different weather maps, and more.

Doppler radar, satellite, lightning alerts, local pressure, local temperature, wind chill, and heat are all displayed on the maps. With the option to rearrange weather tiles, Weather by WeatherBug’s customization system gives some additional capabilities that help you entirely tailor your weather data to meet your individual needs. Also check Onlinemovies4you

The app also offers a number of notable advanced features, like track conditions, live radar, weather widgets, international forecasts, spark lighting alerts, lifestyle predictions, and the largest professional weather network in the world. It is an expert weather app for anyone who wants to be aware of and ready for all weather conditions.

14. Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Commercial mobile app developer Jackadam created Dark Sky. With only a glance, the app can predict the exact time it will snow or rain up to an hour in advance. It is a straightforward yet effective app that enables you to view the most exquisite weather animation you have ever seen. Currently, the app is accessible in Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

This is another WINDY APP alternative. The Dark Sky app delivers forecasts for your particular locations, offering you hourly forecasts as well as minute-by-minute forecasts for the following day and week. It offers gorgeous weather animations as compared to other websites.

Dark Sky’s Radar Animation allows you see the course of the storm, how it rotated in the past, and where it’s headed in the future, unlike other similar applications that show you a beautiful chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to discern how storms are progressing.

15. Morecast


The personal weather assistant Morecast assists you in preparing for impending heat, wind, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Access the app both domestically and overseas. It was created by UBIMET for iOS and Android smartphones. You can use app widgets to display automatic weather updates on your home screen with the aid of this app.

You may also see the weather right now wherever you are. You may choose the best path around the weather with the aid of Morecast’s superb navigation tool. The distinctive feature of this app is that it provides a method that enables you to compare the weather for two different areas side by side in order to make the best judgments possible. This is another WINDY APP alternative.

By selecting from tens of thousands of global webcams, it also allows users to preview current weather conditions throughout the world. The key features of the More Cast app include data on weather forecasts, the ability to add numerous locations, 3D illumination detection technology, the ability to integrate up to 28000 weather stations, support for several languages, and others. Although the app is free, it only gives a few basic capabilities; to access all of them, you must get the premium version.


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