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Top 15 Best TodoMovies 4 Alternative in 2022

Best and most Popular TodoMovies 4 Alternative will be discuss in this article. The TodoMovies 4 app gives you the chance to keep track of the movies you’ve watched as well as find new ones. To organise your watched and unwatched movie collections, make separate lists. By using filters for genres, release dates, and recently released films, users can search for movies.

You can read reviews about your favourite movies or rate the movies you’ve seen using the app’s rating system. Users can read about movie cast and director information. The names of the actors and directors can be clicked on to view all of their films. The discover, lists, search, news, and setting sections can all be accessed using the buttons on the interface. Your movies are displayed in the discover section based on their popularity, genres, date of release, and release date.

The TodoMovies 4 app is available for free, but it includes ads that can be disabled through in-app purchases. It enables users to export their lists as backups that can be imported at a later time. To see what is currently popular, you can watch movies, videos, or look at photos.

Top 15 Best TodoMovies 4 Alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best TodoMovies 4 Alternative are explained here.

1.Movie Diary

Movie Diary

The Movie Diary app enables users to look for recently released and well-liked films, television programmes, and other video content. You can make a private calendar to keep track of the premiere dates of your preferred forthcoming films. Users can download movies to watch them offline while they are streaming online. You can add desired movies to a watchlist that you can make. Also check 123Movies Alternative

The discover, upcoming, watchlist, and profile sections can all be accessed from the home screen using the buttons there. The app includes a discover section where movies and TV shows are listed according to filters like top weekly, recently released, featured, etc. With the help of the features in the Movie Diary app, you can keep track of your Watchlist and plan out when to watch your favourite films or TV shows. It provides a summary of the films, including information about their release date, TV airtime, actors, and more.

2. My Movie Collection HD

My Movie Collection HD

My Movie Collection HD is an entertainment app that makes it easy for you to keep track of your favourite movies. The user can quickly view their movie collection and can add photos, text, and other personalizations to make it more useful. You can view various details about films, including their release date, biographies, and filmographies, as well as their trailers and overview videos, to get a better idea.

It enables users to look up the actors, directors, and titles of the movies they want to watch. Additionally, you can refine your searches based on format, genres, rating, reviews, decade, and a number of other factors.

The actor menu in the My Movie Collection HD app displays information about the actor’s birthday, hometown, most recent film, upcoming film, and top films. Format, status, input, and view can all be chosen and modified from the settings menu. For unlimited access to movies on their smartphone, the user can purchase a premium version.

3.Dejavu Movies Discover

Dejavu Movies Discover

You can quickly find the movies you want to watch using the Dejavu Movies Discovery app. While browsing as a guest, you can search for movies and log in to the app to sync your data with the cloud server. You can apply different filters to your searches with the app’s dynamic search filters. This is another TodoMovies 4 alternative.

The app also provides high-quality screenshots and the movie trailer, which you can view to help you decide. Movies can be rented or ordered in addition to being purchased from the iTunes store. Through various social media platforms, you can also recommend your favourite movies to your friends and family so that you can all watch them together.

Users of the Dejavu Movies Discovery app can search for films and actors by entering a keyword. The number of films and actors with the same name is shown, in addition to all of them. To learn more about a movie before purchasing it, you can research its cast, genre, and plot.



You can find fresh content for having fun on Flixster, a community-based entertainment website. You can watch free television shows, look through reviews, and find movies using the app. It is merely a neighbourhood where people who enjoy entertainment can live and express their opinions about any TV show or film.

It not only lets you watch the trailers for new movies, but it also tells you when they’re coming out. Flixster provides a web-based platform for purchasing tickets so you can watch them whenever you want.

As one of the best platforms for on-demand movie rentals and purchases, Flixster offers a wide selection of movies. One of the best things about this platform is that it also provides top-notch trailers for upcoming films.

5. Kanopy


A beautiful solution that makes it simple to find and stream meaningful movies is Kanopy. For those who want to watch new movies every day, it is one of the most well-known streaming apps. There are thousands of books in its catalogue, including festival favourites and bestsellers chosen for their understanding of different viewpoints, cultures, and beliefs.

You can enjoy finding new titles that are added each month on Kanopy, and you can get staff picks and personalised recommendations to find the movies that speak to you. It provides kids’ programmes, and parents can browse through entertaining and educational videos for kids of all ages with ease.

It inspires young minds to be creative, which makes it superior to other things because it encourages positive social and emotional development. Along with these fundamental features, Kanopy also offers regular updates, recommendations, push notifications, a variety of packages, ratings, place comments, and multiple categories. Compared to other streaming apps, Kanopy is a great choice.



Users can make a to-do list for watching their favourite movies using the Tayfun entertainment app Filmbox+. In addition to allowing you to swipe with your fingers to switch between movies, the app also supports shake control, which lets you shake your phone to move to the next or previous movie. Although you can create an in-app account to store your data on a cloud server, you are not required to do so in order to use the app.

This is another TodoMovies 4 alternative. An easy-to-use watchlist and a single-tap addition of movies or TV shows are features of the Filmbox Smart Movie Manager app. To watch or manage the movies you’ve watched, you can make lists for three different users. You can also create folders to access all of your movies at once.

Filmbox – Trailers, TV Shows, Reviews By categorising them by name, rating, reviews, and release date, the Box app’s features can help you find movies. Movies can also be managed by the user in alphabetical order. Information about the movies is displayed, including their rating, runtime, year of release, cast, and summary. There are no advertisement or in-app acquisitions in this free-to-use software.

7. Playbox


An comprehensive selection of well-known Hollywood and Bollywood films may be found on RachidBogos’ entertainment app, Playbox. A side panel of its user interface houses a number of menus for accessing video material, such as shows, movies, and cartoons. Users get one-touch access to all of your downloaded movies through the downloaded folder.

The app offers a section called Discover, which lists movies based on recently released titles and top picks. Users can utilise the search bar to look for the movies they want by typing the title and any relevant keywords. The Playbox software enables you to put desirable movies to a favourite folder for later sharing with other users via social media sites. There are no adverts or in-app purchases in this ad-free, open-source app. The software allows you to watch both recently released and well-known anime films.

8.My Movies by

My Movies by

The My Movies by app makes it simple to download your movie library on your smartphone. Users have the option of filtering the movies they’ve chosen based on a variety of criteria and can even design new filters to suit their needs. You are able to use hashtags to search for movies in your library.

In order to share your opinion with others, the app has features that allow you to review recently watched movies. The app allows the user to receive fantastic discounts on expensive movies. Additionally, it has a built-in calendar that shows you when each movie is scheduled for release, ensuring that you never miss a premiere.

The My Movies by software allows you to stream movies from a variety of online sources, including iTunes, Amazon Videos, and Ultra Violet, among others, in high definition. A side panel of its UI has areas for search, news, a release calendar, theatrical releases, and deals. Also check  Ant Movies Catalog 

9.RecordMovies Free

RecordMovies Free

Create a virtual wish list of your favourite movies that you want to view in the future using the RecordMovies Free app. The software will take care of everything else after you add movies to the list. It keeps track of the movies on your list for you and notifies you when they become available for viewing.

To make it easier to view movies from the tab section, users can filter movies by their titles, ratings, casts, and release dates. You can add movies to a favourite folder and share them with friends through social media networks.

With the help of the integrated calendar in the Record Movies Free app, users can sync movie release dates and keep track of all impending releases. You may add reminders by choosing the date, turning on the calendar event settings, and then tapping the save button to save it.

10. Movie Genius

Movie Genius

The software Movie Genius was created by Clive Skinner and offers sophisticated recommendation tools to suggest movies based on themes, narratives, reviews, and user comments. As you use the app, the recommendations get smarter and smarter. The app may learn about your preferences for movies thanks to its AI learning capabilities. This is another TodoMovies 4 alternative.

It has pre-added movie lists, or you may make your own personal movie list and add your favourites and recently discovered films to it. You can choose movies based on their age ratings using the app’s sophisticated filter. You can enable or disable age-based movie searches in the options area.

You can set the parental controls in the Movie Genius – Film Recommendations app to only display films appropriate for a certain age range. Users can select how many films from a particular category should be recommended. You can give movies a star rating and then share that rating with friends or other users.

11. BIGSTARMovies


You can view movies and TV series for free on Android and iOS using the BIGSTAR Movies app. It provides films in many different genres, including Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, War-based, Funny, and Fighting, among others. Through this sophisticated website, anyone may find and watch domestic and foreign cinema.

It places all available domestic and foreign films and TV series in the palm of your hands. Those who enjoy watching movies can access a variety of new releases, including documentaries, foreign films, and Indian films.

You can search for movies using the search bar or browse categories after installation. The BIGSTAR Movies app also offers a premium subscription that gives users access to the entire BIGSTAR library, no advertisements, and full HD streams.

12. Movie Bucket

Movie Bucket

You may keep track of all your favourite movies with the help of the aspyre application’s Movie Bucket app. A bucket list allows you to include movies and provides information on their release dates. Users can utilise it to learn about the movies their friends are watching. You can rate the films you’ve watched and see them on the watched list. Through numerous social media channels, the user can suggest good movies to their friends and family.

With just one press, you may browse through them and add movies to your wish list. The app provides you with the option to set movie reminders and alerts you when the movies are ready for viewing. You can read in-depth information on your favourite movies, including a review, a rating, the genre, the year of release, the director’s name, etc.

The interface of the Movie Bucket app has buttons that let users to access menus for available, upcoming, friends, and watchlist content. To obtain a better understanding, you can also access a trailer or overview video from the information option. The reminder feature is optional; you are also free to keep in mind the release date on your own.



This is another TodoMovies 4 alternative. For anyone who enjoys watching movies and other enjoyable content, JustWatch is one of the most compelling and tastefully built platforms. If you’re seeking for a website that allows for limitless streaming of the newest movies, TV series, and channels, JustWatch is the best choice for you.

The best streaming services in the world, including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, are all covered by one web software. It enables users to check out all the newest films playing in theatres, look forward to new releases, and buy tickets.

You must choose the movie, the hour, and the desired quantity of tickets with just a few clicks in order to buy a ticket. Up to 55,000 movies, TV series, and news stories are available in its large database.

14.MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD


The MegaBox HD software enables users to easily and quickly watch tens of thousands of movies and TV series on their smartphones. You can select movies and TV shows to watch online or to download and enjoy them when you’re not connected to the internet. Users may quickly and easily access their favouriteprogrammes and movies with just one swipe thanks to the drop-down menu.

The app has a tracking box where you may look for the movies and TV series you want to watch. To improve your search, you can use several parameters like popularity, the most recent releases, and reviews, among others. The whole title of movies and TV shows can be entered, along with keywords. This is another TodoMovies 4 alternative.

15. Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie

You can view high-definition movies, TV series, and events whenever you want, anywhere in the globe, thanks to the free Android software Bobby Movie. The app provides a straightforward and easy-to-understand UI and UX where you can quickly locate your favourite content and take advantage of fantastic streaming without any restrictions. All movie fans can stream movies using Bobby Movie, a straightforward yet effective smartphone application.

Bobby Movie features numerous sections, including New Release, Trending, Most Watch, and Categories, among others, in contrast to the majority of video and movie streaming apps. Every section of it offers options that are frequently updated with new content. To quickly locate your preferred information, there is also an advanced search box. The streaming app Bobby Movie does not require registration in order to access movies, and it is free to use.

However, you must sign up for the app using a confirmed email address if you want to stay current on the newest trends. The app’s standout features include a wide variety of genres, support for more than 225 languages, simple movie requests, Chromecast integration with Airplay, a vast selection of original material, regular updates, etc.


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