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Top 15 Best Roomy TV Alternatives In 2022

Best and most efficient Roomy TV alternative will be discussed in this article. Free website Roomy TV offers users a very user-friendly interface for watching streaming television feeds. With the aid of servers located all over the world, it broadcasts extremely quickly and does not have any buffering. Even multiple channels can be seen at once by viewers. To use our service, there is no requirement to register or download any software or applications. Free live streaming from across the world is available. It has four connection options, including AirPlay, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and lightning, all of which are excellent for streaming online TV.

Roomy TV is a website where you can watch free live TV broadcasts online. Numerous live channels from around the globe are available here. Without a computer, you can now watch TV online on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It offers you the chance to customise all video streams with your preferred watermark. With Roomy TV, you can look up and watch movies, television shows, cartoons, and other intriguing videos. It’s the multiple suitable platform for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly.

Top 15 best Roomy TV Alternatives in 202

Top 15 best Roomy TV Alternatives are explained here.

1. TV-Browser


A portal for watching free live online TV broadcasts on the Internet is called TV-Browser. It provides live broadcasts from radio stations, webcams, and television channels that are broadcasting from their own websites and servers to a global audience. It offers a browser that enables live streaming of these online broadcasts. A viewer can simultaneously browse the web, check their emails, and use instant messaging while watching the online broadcast of their preferred TV channel.

On Mac OS X (Leopard) and the  Apple TV, iPhone/iPod Touch, & Android devices, TV-Browser can be installed. It is offered in versions for French, German, and Italian speakers. It is software that enables you to watch TV, listen to the radio, and access the Internet to watch your preferred shows. The programme is user-friendly and compatible with all Windows versions, including the most recent Windows 10. It’s the multiple suitable platform for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly. Also check Universal Sports TV Plus

2. KgTv Player

KgTv Player

KgTv Player is a website where you can watch free live TV broadcasts online. It’s accessible on any web-enabled device, including a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or other device, and offers a wide selection of TV channels from around the world. You can currently access more than 250 well-known international TV channels through it. It includes a wide variety of channels, such as News, Sports, Entertainment, and many others. It is currently compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices and optimised for smartphones and tablets.

You can watch live TV online on your smartphone or tablet with ease because all of its TV channels are 100 percent free. It is a multimedia player with the ability to play files in various formats and includes the features of playing Flash videos, MP3s, and local TV providers. It can accept a variety of input formats, including Avi, FLV, MPEG, and Vob. This mobile multimedia player supports the live TV segment and works without installation on any computer. It’s the best forum for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly.

3. CoolStreaming


This is another Roomy TV alternative. The first website that lets you watch live, free TV broadcasts from the US, the UK, and other nations is called CoolStreaming. Free live streaming is available for news, sports, music, movies, and TV shows. IT provides access to the best free online TV streams without requiring registration or login, in contrast to other entertainment-focused streaming websites that demand payment and registration in order to view content. It has an intuitive user interface, and the controls can be moved to any location on the screen or turned off when not in use.

On this platform, you can access more than 1000 channels from around the globe in full HD. Free live sports streaming, free live music performances, free live video chats, and a lot more are all available. There are numerous categories (including Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Music, and more) where you can watch international TV broadcasts online. Overall, it’s the best system for streaming live TV.

4. Apalya TV

Apalya TV

A website called Apalya TV provides access to live online TV broadcasts. By visiting the website, you can now watch your preferred TV channels. You only require internet access. There are no setup or registration costs. You only need to log in to the website to begin watching the channels. You can manage free live online TV broadcasts from all over the world on this website. It is a tiny search engine that locates and allows you to watch freely accessible video feeds that are broadcast online.

A high-definition satellite television service that is both free and expensive. Additionally, it offers premium cable channels. Utilize this platform to enjoy your preferred sports, news, and tv programmes. Enjoy your preferred movies, news, sports, music, and more by installing it right away. Through the forum or message board, you can also engage in conversation with others about your favourite shows. Overall, it’s the best system for streaming live TV.

5. TV2Mobile


A portal for free live online TV broadcasts is called TV2Mobile. Watch live TV right now on your PC. You can use it to watch Free Live Online TV Channels online. You can listen to radio stations that stream live online and watch TV online. The application works with any internet connection type, including 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WIFI, and LAN. None of the available channels require registration, SMS verification, or any other payments; they are all free to use. This is another Roomy TV alternative.

A new generation of interactive TV applications is called TV2Mobile. It aims to provide features of TV2Mobile, a website where users can watch free live TV broadcasts online. It is intended to use an internet connection to display the best of what you want to see, wherever you are, on all of your devices, including your smartphone and tablet. You can customise your experience by choosing your favourite shows on this software, which also offers up-to-the-minute TV news and live and recorded TV from around the world. It’s the multiple suitable platform for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly.

6. anyTV


AnyTV is a free online TV platform that allows users to stream live TV from all over the world. It has comprehensive hand-curated channel lists for TV shows, sports, movies, family entertainment, and more. It works with all digital devices (phone, tablet, PC, Roku, etc.). It’s a brand-new method for watching live TV on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It searches the Internet for free live streaming TV links for all well-known international channels as if it were your own personal TV guide. Also check GoMoviesTV.

It has one of the most complete collections of international channels. It provides you with the chance to access live and free TV channels that broadcast a variety of regional and international shows in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, and Russian. It offers you the opportunity to select the nation or city of your choice. On your computer or laptop, you can use this software to watch free live online TV broadcasts. It’s the most suitable forum for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly.

 7. Super Internet TV


The multiple suitable place to watch thousands of free live online TV channels is Super Internet TV. Super Internet TV doesn’t use your mobile data, drain your battery, or slow down your phone like other similar services that use your device’s CPU to watch live streaming. Super Internet TV, on the other hand, only consumes 10% of your data allotment. You can use it to view free live online TV broadcasts. No need to subscribe to cable or satellite.

Super Internet TV is a free alternative to cable TV for people who cut the cord. It has numerous stations that cover a wide range of topics, including news, sports, entertainment, music, and movies. Super Internet TV is here to create it incredibly simple for you to watch the hundreds of shows that are currently being broadcast live online. It offers a browser that enables live streaming of these online broadcasts. It’s the most suitable platform for live TV broadcasting, to put it briefly.

8. ChanSort

This is another Roomy TV alternative. You can rearrange the channels on your TV using the Microsoft Windows programme ChanSort. Channel lists can be imported via USB to most modern TVs from any PC. File formats from many different manufacturers, including Sharp, Hisense, Grundig, Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Blaupunkt, Panasonic, Dyon, and more, are supported by the solution.

ChanSort offers a number of ways to rearrange channels, including drag and drop, number changes, one-place up/down movement, and double-clicking. Multi-select allows you to edit multiple channels at once and quickly add, delete, or rename channels. Switching to a side-by-side display makes it simple to compare old and new lists. You can add or subtract things from your favourites, set parental controls for children, and hide or skip channels. Last but not least, the solution offers full support for English, German, and medium-level translations for Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian.

9. TV 3L PC


You can stream hundreds of TV channels and previously recorded content on your Windows computer using the freeware programme TV 3L PC. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive User Interface, complete customization, and dependable playback. You can use it to watch a variety of Arabic content without looking elsewhere. Through its robust video player, the app offers online streaming, and its navigation section makes it simple to browse and find the necessary channel.

You can run any URL, watch YouTube content, and make favourite lists on TV 3L PC. It offers a chat system that enables users to communicate with one another and have useful conversations. Windows Vista, 10, 7, and XP, as well as other versions, are all fully compatible with the application. The categories under which channels are listed include Children’s, Entertainment, Drama, News, Sports, Comedy, and Documentary. For recorded content, pause and resume functionality is available.

10. TVexe


With the highly regarded Windows application TVexe, you can watch more than 900 live television channels without ever leaving your couch. You can quickly locate your station thanks to its simplicity of use. It is divided into a number of categories, such as News, Kids, Music, Art, Sports, and Education. The 60 languages supported by the multilingual application Tvexe include Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. This is another Roomy TV alternative.

The streamer can navigate by region or country name thanks to the user-friendly interface. The viewer only needs to find their preferred TV station, tap on the station name, and begin watching. Thousands of Live Radio Stations, multi-format streaming, regular updates that add new channels, complete compatibility with all broadband Internet Service Providers, format switching, and many other features are available with TVexe.

A portal for free live online tv broadcasts is Numerous new and well-liked satellite TV channels from various nations are included, including Fox News, CTV Sports, CTV News, CTV Canada, and many more. Channels are frequently added. It offers free live TV streaming on all platforms, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. To view the live streaming of your preferred channels, click the icon above. You can watch live streaming of your favourite channels around-the-clock from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

There are more than 500 channels available on it, including US and UK TV channels, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Asian, African, and Latin American stations. One of the biggest online TV stations is that one. It has been working hard over the years to develop a sizable web TV database that aids in helping people find the best channel that is available to them. Overall, it’s the best system for streaming live TV.

12. Web TV

Web TV

A Windows programme called Web TV enables you to stream more than 500 television channels from more than 140 nations. It enables you to turn a PC into a complete entertainment system with enough content for you and your family to enjoy. The best feature is that it arranges channels according to the nation of origin, allowing you to view all of the channels from that nation in one location. Additionally, you can find any channel quickly by typing its name into the Search Bar. A user-friendly interface on the app makes it simple to navigate and access different channels. Also check Sports NDTV live scores

13. DreamTV SoPlayer

DreamTV SoPlayer

This is another Roomy TV alternative. You can watch top-rated movies and TV shows on the DreamTV SoPlayer platform from the comfort of your couch. You can quickly find your favourite shows and movies thanks to its stunning User Interface. The most popular movies are displayed when it first launches, but you can change this by going to the settings. It offers options for filtering the results, making it simple to locate content according to particular requirements. DreamTV SoPlayer offers a large selection of films and TV shows, ensuring that you won’t run out of content.



You can find your preferred TV shows, movies, live TV shows, and channels by searching for them on the internet. You can watch sports, your favourite programmes, and new ones. It automatically selects and adds to its list the top free live TV channels each day. In addition to the most recent news, weather, and entertainment updates, it enables you to watch free movies and video clips. In addition to other live streams, it offers live TV online, live video, live sports, live news, live music, and live radio.

This is another Roomy TV alternative. This website enables you to search for and locate your preferred live channels using the most advanced search engine technology available online. It offers components like news updates, weather information, top headlines, and sports updates, along with an interactive games area that gives a fun and exciting way to pass the time as you wait for the start of your preferred movies or television series. Overall, it’s the best system for streaming live TV.

15. TVU Player

TVU Player

You can watch news, sports, and entertainment channels on TVU Player, a Windows programme, for as long as you like. Select any channel, wait for the buffer to charge, and that’s all there is to using and setting it up. It is a TVP2P application that enables simple Internet TV channel streaming for all users. Additionally, the TVU player offers comedy and news channels. It can speak many languages, including English and Japanese. This is another Roomy TV alternative.


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