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Top 15 Best Planimeter Alternatives In 2022

Best and Most efficient Planimeter alternatives will be described in this article. The Planimeter app allows users to quickly and simply calculate the exact distance between any two points on a map. When adding new locations based on distance, you can enter bearing values in addition to distance data.

On their mobile devices, users can measure area and distance with the help of the capabilities in the Planimeter Area Measure Guide app. To record any important information, users can add pins to the map in the note mode. You can press on a pin to move it or change the notes.

Users of the Planimeter app can swipe left or right to move between tips and to access the about section for further information. Additionally, you can use the target mode to add a new pin to the desired location and view exact coordinates.

Top 15 Best Planimeter Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Planimeter Alternatives are explained here.

1. Gisella 


With the help of a comprehensive manual and a variety of examples, the Gisella software, created by ENVIPARTNER, may help you construct geographic objects with little effort. Users can export the data for backup purposes to a cloud server or internal storage, or they can share it with other users.

Gisella Geographic Information System users can add as many layers as they want to new map projects to generate new maps. The building ID, object ID, description, address, owner name, and other details of an object can all be modified. Also check Bookmark manager for firefox browser

This is another Planimeter alternative. You can use the Gisella app’s features to add new vertexes and modify existing ones by using the map’s background. Users can import data, including KML and ESRI, from cloud servers or local storage on their mobile device.

2. Mapit Space

Mapit Space

With the Mapit Spatial app, you can record spatial data, including perimeters and regions, and share the data with your loved ones with a simple swipe. The survey parameters, measurement units, and cloud account management choices can all be changed by users using the settings area.

Users of the Mapit Spatial – GIS Data Collector & Measurements programme can select the desired geo package, map attributes, map style, and base map using the program’s straightforward interface.

Users can alter existing characteristics by changing the name and kind of field data with the use of features in the Mapit Spatial app. Hit the Plus button to add more map attributes. Each of the following can be displayed for a user: longitude, latitude, height, height above sea level, Geoid height, accuracy value, and current time zone.

3. Field Topography UTM Free

Field Topography UTM Free

The free Field Topography UTM app allows users to receive the GPS position of a point in rectangular coordinates as well as the azimuth of the sun. By touching on a marker on the map, you can see the name and number of a point.

Users can edit reference points on the map by entering their names, x, y, height, and zone coordinates using the app’s capability. The appropriate reference point can be deleted by tapping the delete button, and the correct button can be hit to automatically collect the data.

Using the Field Topography UTM free app, you may calculate azimuth by entering the altitude, zone, direction, and coordinates. Using the buttons on the home page, users can access objects, reference points, bilateral spotting, flash spotting, map azimuth of luminary, rectangular GPS coordinates, and many more areas.

4. Free mobile topographer

Free mobile topographer

The capabilities of the free Mobile Topographer software allow users to mark their properties immediately on their phone’s screen. Manually entering geodetic or cartesian coordinates is possible; pressing the map will reveal the coordinates. Using the tools offered by the app, you can select the necessary measuring unit from a range of measuring units, including metres, international metres, US survey metres, etc.

The “drive me” option allows users to quickly find directions to their selected locations. The free Mobile Topographer app allows users to retrieve a location’s coordinates and convert them between the geodetic and cartesian systems, or between the cartesian and geodetic systems. Using the built-in compass, you may also acquire directions from your current GPS location. It shows familiar locations in grey, places in green, and Google Maps locations in red. This is another Planimeter alternative.

5. GPS Waypoint

GPS Waypoint

By enabling you to survey property for both planning and entertainment purposes, the GPS Waypoints app from Bluecover Technologies provides features that will help you develop as a professional surveyor. The sky plot, NMEA, and satellite components are easily accessed by users thanks to buttons on the user interface.

Users of the software can gather as many waypoints and pathways as they require to complete intricate mapping and land surveying activities. Glonass points are displayed in red, other points in green, and GPS points in blue.

The GPS Waypoints app’s capabilities allow you to add a new waypoint by inputting the name, address, and tags. Click the waypoint section to see a list of all the saved waypoints. By touching the waypoints list, you can export it to the phone’s internal storage.

6. UTM Geo Map

UTM Geo Map

Users of the UTM Geo Map app may quickly and easily find precise longitude, latitude, UTM, and other codes with only one tap. Both area and distance can be measured using a variety of units, including feet, hectares, acres, metres, and miles. The programme offers features that let users find the address, location, and positioning of the desired point on a map as well as calculate the area and distance between two locations.

Through its user-friendly interface, you may access an area calculator, an offline GPS map, a compass, overlays, buffering, contours, export, and other features. With the help of the UTM Geo Map app’s functionality, users can obtain coordinate information via GPS tracking without a network connection. It allows you to switch the coordinates from latitude to longitude or vice versa. Users can also enter an address to get their coordinates using geocoding tools.

7. Lefebure NTRIP Client

Lefebure NTRIP Client

This is another Planimeter alternative. You can connect to a number of high accuracy GPS, GNSS, DGPS, or RTK devices and store all of your NMEA position data on your phone’s internal storage when using the Lefebure NTRIP Client app. The app’s settings sections allow users to change the app’s display, receiver, and NTRIP options. Also check online Proofreading services

NTRIP can be made password-protected to thwart unauthorised access. Users can select the measurement units, surface type, and overall arrow size. Users can change the display settings for the Lefebure NTRIP Client software to view the speed, elevation, number of infoboxes displayed on the screen, and the type of information presented in each box. The receiver’s settings allow you to modify the kind of connection, connected device, wireless connection method, and antenna height.

8. NextGIS Mobile

NextGIS Mobile

The NextGIS Mobile app allows users to explore maps with a variety of layers that are used to compute both area and distance. You can add more geometers using a variety of precise methods, including as scouting the region on foot, selecting a spot on a map, or modifying an existing geometer.

Users of the software can zoom in or out of the map to view it in more detail by touching the plus or minus buttons, accordingly. You can view the coordinates for your present position, speed, and accuracy.

The NextGIS Mobile app’s addition button can be used to add new geometry using a variety of methods. Users can create a fresh TMS layer by supplying the layer’s name, URL, type, and login information.

9. Coordinate Converter Plus

Coordinate Converter Plus

Users can convert coordinates into a variety of other forms, such as longitude, latitude, degrees, decimal minutes, minute seconds, UTM, and more, with the aid of the Coordinate Converter Plus software. You can bookmark a place by entering its latitude, longitude, elevation, name, and description.

You can let your friends & family know where you are right now by sharing the GPS coordinates with them using the features of the app. Users can place markers on the map to display coordinates, and they can name the coordinates to preserve them for later use. By enabling you to alter the coordinate format in real-time, it makes it simple for you to see the coordinates on the map. This is another Planimeter alternative.

The Coordinate Converter Plus app allows you to view the converted coordinates on Google Maps with accurate geoid altitude correction. The elevation measurement unit can be switched between feet and metres by the user.

10. Move To

Move To

The MoveTo app from Real Geeks LLC contains features that could help you find your ideal home by carrying out searches in your neighbourhood. Using buttons on the screen, users can access the search, favourites, profile, and saved areas. You can view a property’s total number of rooms, square footage, street address, detailed description, and owner information.

Through the app’s capabilities, users may access long lists of properties, and they can also access the map to view properties based on where they are. The real estate agent of your choice can schedule property tours.

The MoveTo app’s features allow you to apply filters to your search results, which will result in more focused search results. Users have the opportunity to share properties with other users so they can consult them, store properties to a favourite list so they may read them later, and more.

11. Smart Geology

Smart Geology

This is another Planimeter alternative. To better comprehend minerals, Smart Geology app users can examine an extensive and instructive mineral chart straight on their smartphone screen. Any desired geological term can be looked up using the search bar, and terms can also be sorted by their first letters.

With the help of the Smart Geology – Mineral Guide app’s capabilities, users may learn how different minerals are arranged into groups and subgroups for easy access. Access the time scale to examine the age, epoch, and beginning time of every mineral.

Users of the Smart Geology app can use the app’s capabilities to look up definitions of difficult geological terms in the app’s built-in geology dictionary. By tapping on a mineral, you may view its images, scientific description, colour, crossing optical image, and plane optical image under a microscope.

12. LandStar 7

LandStar 7

The LandStar 7 software has features that let you perform mapping and surveying tasks more precisely. More than seven different high accuracy point measuring techniques, including topographic point, control point, rapid point, offset point, continuous points, and numerous others, are available for application.

With the aid of an intuitive user interface, the software features allow users to master both fundamental and sophisticated surveying and mapping techniques. By providing the project name, date, time zone, list of codes, units, coordinates, direction, and coordinate system, you can create a new project.

With the LandStar 7 app, users can export measurement data for use at a later time as well as import measurement data and formats with a single tap. The map files can be easily saved in a variety of formats.

13. ArcGIS Collector

ArcGIS Collector

Users of the Collector for ArcGIS app can record and save mapping data while still in the field. By uploading photos and other field data, you can add additional buttons by tapping the + button. The ArcGIS Collector app has capabilities that assist users in completing forms and entering data from fields that have been gathered in order to connect the data with the server. This is another Planimeter alternative.

You can view information about the installation, including the measurement method, caution tape, tracer wire, date, and time. The Collector for ArcGIS app has capabilities that enable you to download a map of the target area to your phone so you can view it whether you are online or not. Users can search for required coordinates directly at their fingertips and add photographs and videos to the field data to provide more accurate information.


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