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Top 10 Best NDTV Sports Alternatives In 2022

Best and Most demanding NDTV Sports Alternatives will be discuss in this article. The well-known website NDTV Sports is situated in India and offers access to the most recent news as well as live scores for games that are now taking place. It includes all the major team sports, including football, basketball, cricket, golf, and more. You can modify the system’s alerting features to receive match alerts round-the-clock. Millions of people watch NDTV Sports every day, and it has a sizable user base.

Every piece of information is open to viewing without charge or limitations. It just shows a few of adverts to keep everyone satisfied. This is done to enhance the visitor’s experience and win their loyalty and trust. It is famous for Cricket but in recent years has also started giving scores and news for other forms of sports as well. Last but not least, it gives you the choice of switching between Hindi and English.

Top 10 Best NDTV Sports Alternatives in 2022

Top 10 Best NDTV Sports Alternatives are explained here.

1. Total Sportek

Total Sportek

Fans from all over the world flock to Total Sportek to watch their preferred sporting sports online. For football, MMA/UFC, boxing, Formula 1, the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL, it offers news, streaming, and the most recent events. Without creating an account, you can browse the website and watch all the games being played. Additionally, because it is web-based, any browser and device can access the website. Also check Capcom sports club alternatives

This is another NDTV Sports alternative. Its responsive design for mobile devices makes it simple for users to browse the information on their tablets and smartphones. It allows you to stream all sports leagues and contests without any limitations. To ensure that you don’t miss any, you can look up all the future games and mark them on your calendar. As soon as the game begins, you can start using the live stream player.

2. Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket is a well-known and top-notch cricket-related website that offers Live Scores for all currently playing matches as well as forthcoming game schedules, pictures, videos, and commentary. Scores for live games are available on the homepage, and you can use filters to only view matches from particular leagues or events. The best feature is the vast selection of news stories that make it possible to uncover all the most recent developments in the cricket globe.

Each news story has a few social media sharing buttons so that readers may quickly forward it to friends, family, or anyone else. The most recent videos for all ongoing and past matches are added to the website on a regular basis, and you can watch them to get a glimpse of the action. The UI is the standout feature; it is simple to use and has a fantastic colour scheme that doesn’t strain the eyes.

3. Cricket Globe

Cricket Globe

Cricket Globe is a top-notch resource for viewing the most recent news articles with in-depth information about the cricket world as well as checking the live scores of ongoing domestic and international cricket matches. The best feature is the availability of free live streaming of currently being played matches. All cricketing nations, including Sri Lanka, India, England, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, and South Africa, have information available on all of their matches. This is another NDTV Sports alternative.

English County Cricket fans can select their preferred side by hovering over the “County” button in the top bar and clicking it to see all the information and results. The website’s strengths include a mobile-responsive design, no registration necessary, everything is free, quick page loads, a wonderful colour scheme on the user interface, and less adverts to provide the best user experience. Additionally, the UI contains a search option that enables easy discovery of any pertinent content.

4. MyKhel


MyKhel is a respectable Indian sports website that offers you fresh, in-depth sports news, real-time match results, schedules for all the major competitions, including badminton, cricket, hockey, football, tennis, wrestling, motorsports, and kabbadi. It meets the needs of fans from all around the world by providing them with the details they require about their preferred teams and games. Also check Fight Night Champion by EA Sports alternatives

The website has a fantastic mobile-responsive design that allows it to be easily seen on any mobile or tablet device. A bit further away is the search button, which enables you type any name and provides results right away. The UI also features a menu bar dropdown button that lists all the names of the various sports that you can click. The best feature is that it includes a language switching option with several choices, including English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

5. News18 Cricket Schedule

News18 Cricket Schedule

In order to assist you find the date, time, and location of your favourite match and mark it on your calendar, News18 offers an up-to-date cricket schedule that lists all the future matches between all the nations. The schedule is viewable by series, month, and date. The layout of the website is mobile friendly, which makes it easier for you to see on mobile phones and tablets without difficulty. This is its best feature. Besides indicating Time and Date, it also shows the location and venue of the match for maximum information.

6. FloSports Watch Live Sports

FloSports Watch Live Sports

The FloSports Watch Live Sports app enables you to watch live streaming of your preferred games from a variety of national and international sporting events taking place all over the world. Users can place a sports channel at the front of the list of channels by adding it to a favourite folder.

This is another NDTV Sports alternative. You can fully control a broadcast match with the built-in remote of the FloSports: Live, Replays & Highlights app, and you can adjust the volume by sliding the slider control. Complete information about all upcoming sports and other sporting events may be found in the schedule section.

To play the game along with your family on the large screen, you can link your mobile phone to a Chromecast-enabled device. The FloSports app has a side panel where users can access the settings menu and live broadcasts of all their favourite sports.

7. beIN Sports

beIN Sports

By selecting your preferred sports, the beIN Media Group’s beIN SPORTS sports app will allow you to take the sports tracking experience to a whole new level by beginning to receive alerts about match timings.

To watch the movie or receive updates about new positions at your preferred club, choose the type of content from the screen’s top menu. Users can learn about the actual situation on the field by reading a detailed description of each match in the match section of the beIN SPORTS – Live scores, news & videos app. Users can view match highlights to get a taste of the action. This is another NDTV Sports alternative.

You can request a previous game on the beIN SPORTS app to watch it with friends and family on a big screen device. The manual provides comprehensive instructions on how to watch a live game on a mobile device without spending a dime.

8. Sports Flick

Sports Flick

Sports Flick is a sports app that Sports Flick has released on the market. It offers monthly and yearly membership plans so customers may watch trending matches at their fingertips.

Users can use a variety of filters, including category, sports type, date, time, and location, to sort the list of all the matches that are currently scheduled. With the use of their social media account links, you can share a game with your family members using the Sports Flick – Live Sports & On-Demand app. Also check Alan Hasen’s sports challenge alternatives

Users of the Sports Flick app can add a match to a separate folder to watch it later in accordance with their routine and the app displays upcoming trending matches on the home screen. To purchase the full version and keep watching your favourite sports, make in-app purchases. You can also choose to have the subscription automatically renew to save time.

9. Universal Sports TV Plus

Universal Sports TV Plus

This is another NDTV Sports alternative. Users of the Universal Sports TV Plus app may find new TV episodes, movies, and other forms of entertainment directly on their mobile phone screen thanks to search capabilities. You can choose the sports you want to follow to get suggestions for sports channels that suit your preferences.

Users can share the URL with their family members via email or text message and add channels, episodes, and other content to a favourite folder to view it later. You can alter the video quality of the stream with the Universal Sports TV Plus: PTV Sports Live Stream app to use less data.

By connecting their phone to an active internet connection and using the Universal Sports TV Plus app, users may start viewing a live game without having to pay for mobile data. For a better understanding of the match’s present state, you can listen to the commentary.

10. Live Sports TV Listings Guide

Live Sports TV Listings Guide

They may follow the results of their favourite national team and cheer them on by using the Live Sports TV Listings Guide app, which offers a comprehensive collection of listings for all future games in their favourite sports. To share the match details with your family, tap the sharing icon to upload them to your social network accounts. This is another NDTV Sports alternative.

The Live Sports TV Listings Guide app has a side panel where users can get details on a variety of sports. Users can rearrange the list to better suit their needs.

Users can check the participating teams in every forthcoming match, the name of the competition, and the time of the game by selecting the chosen day and date from the top of the screen. To track a match without opening the app, it has a completely editable home screen widget.


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