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Top 15 Best MovieSaver Alternatives In 2022

Best and most popular MovieSaver alternatives will be described in this article. MovieSaver is a pretty helpful programme for downloading and saving YouTube videos. It has sophisticated features and is quite simple to use for both novice and expert users. The programme offers a rapid, easy, and dependable way to download and save any YouTube videos. Likened to other software of a similar nature, it is faster and lighter. It also has its own browser plugins for managing different videos.

MovieSaver is a free and open-source programme that automatically extracts and downloads YouTube videos, including HD versions, and saves them to computers for sharing, playing, or local disc storage. Once your preferred YouTube videos have been downloaded, you can convert them to any desired format, such as AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc. They may be transferred to your iPhone or iPod so you can take your favourite music with you wherever you go. Overall, it’s perfect software for real-time YouTube video downloads.

Top 15 Best MovieSaver Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best MovieSaver Alternatives In 2022 are explained here.

1. ImTOO Download YouTube Video

ImTOO Download YouTube Video

This is another MovieSaver alternative. A capable YouTube video downloader and converter is ImTOO Download YouTube Video. You can download YouTube videos, convert YouTube videos to other formats, and record your favourite audios, including songs, commentary, and music. The ability to download YouTube videos in various resolutions is the best feature. It can convert the downloaded video to practically every format that is now used for video, including MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and others.

You may easily download or record any YouTube video in bulk using ImTOO Download YouTube Video. It has the ability to automatically identify the YouTube video URL and download the high-quality video or audio file. You may save your favourite videos to your PC or mobile device for offline viewing thanks to its user-friendly UI. You can convert downloaded videos to AVI, DVD, or iTunes compatible formats using this tool as well. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod can easily be used to store downloaded videos for later playback. It’s the ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it briefly.

2. 4K Download Online

4K Download Online

The top free online YouTube video downloader is 4K Download Online. It combines efficiency and speed to deliver quick, high-quality downloads. You can utilize it to download YouTube videos to your computer. It is a simple programme that can download YouTube HD movies in the AVI, MP4, and WebM formats at a lightning-fast rate and with excellent quality. With this software, you may easily download any video you want, including music videos, movies, TV series, how-to videos, and instructive films. This is another MovieSaver alternative. Also check Extraorrent2 

Please submit emails to its customer service team if you have any comments or recommendations. Additionally, it may create downloads to MP4 or FLV. You can monitor how quickly your downloads are going thanks to the download speed controller it includes. Since this tool is completely free, there is no cost involved in obtaining it. Overall, it’s the ideal programme for instantly downloading YouTube videos.

3. GetGo Download Manager

GetGo Download Manager

GetGo Download Boss is a free YouTube tape downloader application or piece of software that offers the best capabilities for quickly downloading videos from YouTube. You can download YouTube videos or any other video clips in the format of your choice using this GetGo Software-created tool. It features a lovely user interface, and you can see a list of all the files you’ve saved as well as the progress bar for each video you’re downloading.

It features controls for pausing and continuing the download, selecting a location for the download, altering the video’s format, and skipping the desired portions of the film. It allows you to quickly and with excellent quality download videos from YouTube. It is a free and feature-rich YouTube video downloader that enables you to download videos as HD MP4 or FLV files from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. It’s the best platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it simply.

4. VidFetch


You may download movies from YouTube and convert them to MP3, AVI, MPEG, and other popular formats with the free software VidFetch. Real-time video saving is done immediately to your computer. Your chosen YouTube videos are immediately downloaded to your computer while they are being tracked. Create a YouTube account with a username and password that you’ll remember; it will serve as the ideal assistant for all of your video-watching needs. Downloading of HD video is supported.

This is another MovieSaver alternative. Using VidFetch, which is quick, safe, and simple to use, you may quickly and easily download YouTube videos. It is an open-source programme that enables users to download videos, convert them into other formats, and save the results to their hard drives. Additionally, it gives you the option to convert sound or mute it and lets you select the output file type according to your demands (MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and more). It’s the ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it briefly.

5. WantYoutube


WantYoutube is a free YouTube video downloader that can quickly and in high definition download YouTube videos. You should definitely save and store YouTube videos for later offline viewing. It is independent of the external media players that you have to install on your computer. It can assist you in quickly and effectively downloading your preferred YouTube videos in any format. You can utilize it to download YouTube videos to your computer or mobile device without installing any video player software, including Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, VLC Player, or others.

With this software, you may download YouTube videos in any format you like and watch them on your portable devices when they are offline. You can convert videos to your portable devices, watch them there, and carry them everywhere with you. It gives you the opportunity to download an entire YouTube playlist at once. It’s the ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it briefly.

6. Mac Total Video Downloader

Mac Total Video Downloader

The most well-liked free YouTube video downloader for Mac, Total Video Downloader, has a tonne of great features. Its user-friendly UI and helpful help section make it simple to use, and you can download YouTube videos using it. It is the greatest option if you want to download YouTube videos for free on a Mac. The greatest programme for downloading web videos on a Mac is this one.

You don’t need to duplicate and paste the links to each of your favourite YouTubers one at a time because it can download the entire playlist from YouTube. It is a simple yet effective tool for downloading any YouTube video type (music, movie, and video clips). By choosing the predetermined download folder in the software preferences, the utility can download a single video or a group of videos at once. Overall, it’s the easiest software to use to instantly download YouTube videos. Also check alternatives

7. Auto YouTube Downloader

Auto YouTube Downloader

A free YouTube video downloader is Auto YouTube Downloader. With only two clicks, you might be able to download all of your favourite YouTube videos. Copy the URL after choosing the video you wish to download. To begin downloading your video, paste the URL into the text box on our website and select “Download.” On your computer or hard disc, you can save it as an MP4 or MP3 file. This application is a professional offline video downloader that enables you to quickly and effectively download high-quality YouTube videos. This is another MovieSaver alternative.

Any video file, including MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats, is supported for downloading. Since there is no setup file, it automatically moves the installation files to the appropriate locations on your computer. You may easily convert online streaming videos in addition to converting video files. The application saves time and energy and is incredibly simple to use. It’s the ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it briefly.

8. Stream-Cloner


You may grab video and audio files straight from YouTube using the free and capable programme Stream-Cloner. The software can download HD content with a resolution of up to 1080p. Videos, TV shows, and series are supported. Numerous videos can be downloaded at once and saved over a year, collections, and channels. It is a robust software with lots of features. All current operating systems, including Windows 10, are compatible with it. It enables HD-quality streaming and downloading of YouTube material.

Downloaded video files can be automatically converted to a variety of formats, including HD, by using Stream-Cloner. Your favourite YouTube videos’ tags and categories are automatically filled in. The downloaded videos’ ads can be deleted. Any film can be added as a favourite, and when the time comes, it will unload itself. You can download videos from playlists, collections of channels, or user accounts on YouTube. Just type in their names or an address will do. Overall, it’s the ideal programme for instantly downloading YouTube videos.

9. Professional Video Downloader

Professional Video Downloader

You can download your preferred YouTube videos in a variety of formats with the effective software Video Downloader Professional. Videos in HD and Full HD 1080p, 4K resolution, and 4K 60 fps are all available for download. You have the opportunity to choose the format and resolution you wish. You can download YouTube videos in HD quality for free with this programme. YouTube videos are downloaded in chunks. You can download numerous videos at once thanks to it.

This is another MovieSaver alternative. You can download YouTube videos in 1080p HD and 4K UHD. With the aid of this tool, downloading 1080p HD and 4K UHD videos is hassle-free. You may quickly export your favourite YouTube videos in MP3 format after you’ve successfully downloaded them. It offers quick and effective downloading. This app’s downloading speed is far faster than that of other downloaders on the market. Additionally, it uses much less room on your device’s storage. It’s the ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, to put it briefly.

10. SaveFrom.Biz


A website called SaveFrom.Biz serves as a downloader for YouTube videos. In any case, SaveFrom.downloading Biz’s section is not just for downloading YouTube videos. It also supports dozens of other video-sharing and-leaking websites.

You can use it to download videos from social networking websites as well. Here is, which will enable you to download your favourite videos and movies from YouTube if you are unable to download videos from your favourite websites using a download technique or wish to enjoy downloading without installing any downloaders. Also check alternatives

11. KeepVid


Using the service Keepvid, you can download online videos. Although the website is legitimate, you must ensure that you are only utilising it for legitimate purposes. It is a multipurpose online video downloader that supports downloading movies and videos from popular video sharing and leaking websites.

The best feature of KeepVid’s downloading system is that it supports downloading videos from the most popular social networking websites. Despite having many features, the nicest thing about KeepVid is that it allows consumers to download the film as many terms as they want, as opposed to forcing them to download it all at once. This is another MovieSaver alternative.

The framework is quite simple. Simply enter the URL of the tape you like to download, and you will be presented with a list of prints that are, of course, supported by the website from where you are downloading it. Accordingly, the main goal of KeepVid is to prepare you to avoid the need for download managers and speeding agents and to enable you to download the desired movie directly from the framework.

12. DownVids


It is possible to download videos using DownVids. You may download as many videos as you want from Facebook, YouTube, and all the other top platforms using DownVids’ online downloader. DownVids supports the downloading of every type of video from any video gushing and sharing the stage, from downloading a single video to downloading the entire YouTube playlist.

There is a framework included for downloading videos, and it also supports a large number of tools for downloading content in mp3 and video formats. That is applicable to DownVids’ MP3 transformation technique. Accordingly, downloading and extracting the audio from the video are the two primary highlighted aspects of DownVids.

13. CatchVideo


One of the best all-around online video downloaders, CatchVideo can access any internet programme. To extract noise from the video, you can use use CatchVideo as a video-to-sound converter. CatchVideo is the greatest option if you want to download your favourite videos in the highest possible video quality from your favourite online video sharing and networking sites.

This is another MovieSaver alternative. You will have an alternative to downloading videos in the 360P to 4K print range. In any event, keep in mind that the video quality printouts will only be available if the website where you are downloading the video supports them.

14. YouTubeMultiDownloader


It is an online platform where videos can be downloaded without the use of a video downloader, just like its name YouTube Multi Downloader suggests. Users who want to download their preferred YouTube videos without utilising a download manager should utilise YoutubeMultiDownloader. By simply entering the YouTube video URL and receiving the video download in return, this platform gives users the opportunity to download their preferred videos.

The YoutubeMultiDownloader has a lot of capabilities, but the one that sets it apart is its ability to download videos quickly. You can download the complete playlist of YouTube videos in addition to just the one particular video. There is only one restriction on YoutubeMultiDownloader: the 480P format is not supported.

15. share-tube


Share-Tube is a versatile internet converter and downloader. It offers its users the option of downloading videos from several of the top video-sharing websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, and other ones. This is another MovieSaver alternative.

The ability for Share-Tube users to edit their videos before downloading them is one of the service’s best features. Share-video Tube’s modifying system essentially enables customers to modify the settings of the videos so that they can be played in various cutting-edge media players.

It now supports AAC, MP4, and MP3 arrangements. Along with allowing users to download videos from the major video-hosting websites, Share-biggest Tube’s feature is an online converter system that enables users to download any video while keeping the sound intact.


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