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Top 15 Best Lemmy Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular Lemmy alternative will be discussed in this article. A federated link aggregator called Lemmy is a respectable choice for anyone looking for Reddit substitutes. It is a well-known solution created in Rust.

The fact that it is self-hostable and simple to deploy is its strongest feature. For the convenience of the community, the platform comes with docker by default and has a simple, user-friendly interface.

Top 15 Best Lemmy Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Lemmy alternative here are the details below;

Because of the layout’s responsiveness and mobile friendliness, you can use portable devices with smaller screens without any issues. Similar to Reddit, the platform has a comprehensive vote score feature. By exercising their full authority, moderators can maintain order in their community and take the required steps without hindrance.

Site administrators and community moderators are present. The platform allows you to delete and restore comments as well as restore, remove, and lock articles. It performs incredibly quickly, and the front end is 80kB gzipped.

Top 15 Best Lemmy Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Lemmy Alternatives are explained here.

1. Lobsters


A community called lobsters uses a computing-centric strategy that emphasises conversation and link aggregation.

The platform is driven by Ruby on Rails, and anyone in the world can view the source code.

This is really helpful for individuals who want to create a website that is just like Hackernews or Reddit. Also check anyTV

The website’s UI is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

By using the filters titled Comments, Active, and Recent, you may view every post and navigate between them. This is another Lemmy alternative.

Additionally, the site has a Search tab that seeks to make it easier for you to locate material in the Comments or Stories section.

The results can be sorted by Relevance, Newest, and Points.

By giving them tips, the platform instructs new users on how to use the search capability.

2. Server Fault

Server Fault

IT specialists and system administrators can post inquiries on Free 0 Server Fault and view answers to previously asked questions.

You are not charged to ask or receive inquiries.

The service’s mission is to assist everyone in online problem-solving.

The layout is simple HTML, and there is no extraneous material on the website’s home page.

By registering, everyone has the opportunity to amass karma and obtain lucrative flair.

Your name is shown with the flair.

The community that routinely works together to solve challenging problems is what makes the website shine.

Once everyone has contributed to a certain degree, everyone is eligible for editing rights.

It is simple to use and intends to make finding information for experts and system administrators simple.

3. Tildes


Tildes is a social network that prioritises the requirements of its users.

The goal is to establish yourself as a top website that doesn’t have the problems that other websites do.

The majority of websites online collect user internet data yet don’t safeguard it.

They are unable to stop indignation as well as eliminate mob violence.

These communities are home to many people who are vulnerable to racism and hate speech.

Users’ experiences are ruined by all of these issues, hence a platform without them is necessary.

Tildes fills this need by providing everyone with limitless, enduring security, allowing them to all enjoy themselves.

Each member has complete protection, and they can easily read the posts.

4. Qane


Qane is a website that functions similarly to Quora in that anyone may ask questions without having to register.

Everyone has the capacity to submit a question in an anonymous manner and receive a response without having to reveal their identify. This is another Lemmy alternative.

A question may receive up to 40 responses before the thread is closed to further responses.

Answers that don’t offer the required solution are removed to maintain a high standard of content.

To earn sure that everyone has a friendly and excellent experience, the platform has put in place several regulations and norms.

The platform prevents spammers from entering since the responses they publish are promptly deleted.

5. Folkd


Folkd is a social bookmarking tool that lets you save links and bookmarks online and discover what your friends are interested in.

Everyone can see the content on this multilingual website in French, Spanish, English, and German.

Each visitor has the right to browse the website’s content and look at its analytics.

Anyone wishing to post a question must first register for an account on the website.

On the official page, you can sort the information by Pages, News, and Video.

The ability to explore popular tags and click on any of them to access information within those categories is the best feature.

Everyone has the option to post inquiries about a variety of subjects, including the web, blogs, business, marketing, finances, movies, travel, laptops, design, and development.

6. Ureka


The goal of the social network Ureka, which is supported by blockchain technology, is to help humanity grow and establish a middle ground. This is another Lemmy alternative.

It gives community members the ability to form groups, communicate with one another, and achieve goals while earning bitcoin tokens as compensation.

Each participant receives rewards based on the quantity of their posts and comments.

You can make a profile and exchange texts, photographs, and videos with other people.

You can also make your own groups and be rewarded with cryptocurrency for doing so.

The platform was created in 2008 as a solution to online censorship, mass manipulation, and social engineering, which are significant problems for the human race’s drive for sharing and education. Also check Netflix API

The website upholds the values of reciprocal understanding, teamwork, respect, candour, and openness for individual choice.

The terms of use at are in line with these ideals, and everyone has the right to settle disputes with others in a civil and non-violent manner.

The neighbourhood operates according to a set of rules that promote honesty and balance.

Finally, there are no commercials, allowing users to freely interact with one another and access material.

7. MetaFilter



Everyone is welcome to contribute to the well-known community weblog MetaFilter by leaving comments or adding links. This is another Lemmy alternative.

In typical weblogs, a single person posts their ideas and thoughts about the unique notions that exist online.

The platform’s goals are to overcome communication gaps, move blogging beyond the confines of a single person, and encourage member interaction.

Everyone may view the posts and content on the website thanks to its responsive and extremely easy design.

Without registering, you can access every post and the content it contains.

The website offers numerous sections that are overflowing with content.

Best Of, AskMeFi, FanFare, Projects, Music, IRL, Podcast, Mall, Labs, and Chat are some of the categories.



Weco is an open-source social media platform that enables you to exchange links and have discussions on a variety of topics with other community members.

It is owned by a number of organisations that cooperate to give the viewers the finest service possible. This is another Lemmy alternative.

The platform is testing a number of features that will help communities share and organise data efficiently.

The platform’s owners want to see communities regain control over their internet presence and cooperate far better effectively than they did in the past.

In order to create innovative new FOSS tools, members can join resources.

The public can view the codebase because it is hosted on GitHub.

Everyone is free to browse the website’s contents at their leisure without any limitations.

9. Wortherendum


One of the good Q&A sites is wortherendum, which was created to give all indecisive people a reliable platform.

Anyone can browse the website and ask a question about the products they are deciding to produce, buy, or sell.

The members will see the question once it is posted and vote it up if they believe it is worthwhile.

Each participant also has the option of responding with text instead of verbally.

The advantage of descriptions is that the inquirer can learn more about why a specific item or activity is advantageous or disadvantageous for them.

Everyone is welcome to use the social network for free, and there are no associated costs.

You can click on any of the provided tags to see all the content pertaining to that particular topic.

10. Nobl


A good android app that allows anyone to ask questions and provide answers is called Free 0 Nobl.

In addition to these features, it enables participants to discuss issues in groups and express their opinions.

You can communicate with friends/girls, reveal your current situation, and find out what others are up to. This is another Lemmy alternative.

Anyone can browse the community and share anything they want, from their everyday experiences to their life’s high points.

The availability of a community chat feature, which enables you to communicate with people living abroad, is another fantastic feature.

You can share or get improvement advice from the global community by interacting with them.

Start a friendly and interesting conversation in a group chat with one or more friends.

Learn more about your interests by searching and browsing.

By following them, anyone can keep tabs on the activities of their favourite people.

You can share solutions, memes, and knowledge by following people based on your shared interests.

Start engaging conversations and establish yourself as a vital member of the safe haven for all knowledge and entertainment seekers worldwide.

11. Guora


An open-source alternative to Quora’s Q&A functionality is Guora.

It was created in Go and distributed with the MIT licence.

It is self-hosted, so you can quickly set it up and get it going.

Everyone has free access to view and download the source code in its entirety from GitHub.

Through the platform’s quick profile creation process, users can post questions.

By selecting the “Ask Question” button after completing the registration process, anyone can post a question.

The question will be made public so that everyone who is interested can respond with textual comments. Also check Music2pc

12. Sapien


Sapien is a Web3 social network that gives users control over their data, stops the spread of false information, and rewards content producers. This is another Lemmy alternative.

It is a platform that places an emphasis on freedom, security, and trust.

Without worrying about prejudice, every member is free to read all the content on the website and express their opinions.

Since they are the ones who post content and contribute to the Q&A network, the community plays a significant role in its upkeep.

The posts can be browsed, read, commented on, and added to your favourites.

The fact that none of these activities require payment is their best feature.

The registration procedure is also easy and takes little time.

13. Poal.CO


You can express yourself freely on’s speech-based comment and link aggregation community without worrying about prejudice or legal repercussions.

Visitors are welcome to browse the website & view all of its content, but only members are able to post content and engage in social interaction.

You can use various privileges after completing the quick and easy registration process.

The menu bar at the canopy of the page, which provides shortcuts to various website sections, is the best feature.

Various options including Whatever, Anything, Videos, Technology, Strange, Science, Pics, History, Gaming, Funny, ASKPOAL, and TIL are available for selection.

The site offers several options for filtering its content, including Top, Hot, Pop, and New.

14. Ihavsolved


You can ask questions & get answers from the community on the question-and-answer website ihavesolved. This is another Lemmy alternative.

By signing up on the website first, you can begin asking questions.

The registration procedure is very quick & easy to complete.

Once the account is set up, posting questions is hassle-free.

The forum goal is to bridge the gap between the global community and make it easier for them to communicate with one another.

The website offers a number of advantages that make your visit memorable.

One such benefit is the responsive user interface, which works flawlessly on all portable devices.

Using the search bar to locate a question quickly has another advantage.

15. 20-Things


Residents of 41 counties can access the link and social media aggregator known as Free 0 20-Things.

It is a new kind of platform that offers a modest amount of content without promoting unfavourable design trends that would worsen the user experience.

The registration process is very rigorous and can only be completed if the applicant has a verified and active SMS number.

This is done to keep time wasters and spammers off the platform.

So, only sincere individuals can engage with the community.

Although there are not many users on the site, it is expanding every day.

The website’s design is completely responsive and looks great on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.


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