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Top 9 Best All My Movies Alternatives In 2022

Best and Most efficient All My Movies Alternative will be discuss in this article. A cross-platform movie cataloguing tool called All My Movies automatically downloads movie information from an online database. A one-stop solution, it is a comprehensive software that includes practically all of the top tools and features. This solution’s mobile sync feature, which syncs all of your collection with mobile devices, is one of its best features.

This solution enables you to quickly build your own database with an unlimited number of movies, track your whole movie library, and outperform others. With its adaptable, user-friendly interface, archiving, organising, and tracking movies is easier and quicker.

Simply entering in the title will give you access to all the major online movie archives that have added your first film. All My Movies automatically collect all the necessary information so you may change them as much as you like. It also includes a tonne of essential capabilities, making it a programme with a robust feature set for movie catalogues.

Top 9 Best All My Movies Alternatives in 2022

Top 9 Best All My Movies Alternatives are explained here.

1. Ant Movies Catalog

Ant Movies Catalog

You may manage a sizable collection of movies on CDs, DVDs, and tapes with the help of the free and open-source Ant Movie Catalog programme. Only Windows-based devices can download the Antoine Potten-created programme. This system makes it simple to maintain catalogues of all sizes, classify movies, and do much more. This is another All My Movies alternative. Also check Onlinemovies4you alternative

The solution’s user interface is simple to use and supports practically all popular languages, including English, Chinese, Danish, and German, among others. The ability to personalise the links used to conduct a search on movie websites is one of the finest movies of this solution. The primary functions of Ant Movie Catalog additionally include the input of movie details, printing, managing loans, exporting to other formats, statistics with charts, etc.

2. iVideo 7

iVideo 7

iVideo 7 is a comprehensive video manager that enables you to arrange all of your videos using intelligent libraries, playlists, and playback. It has practically all of the top tools and features to create a video managing system quick and simple, making it the fastest-growing video organiser. You may effortlessly manage video collections of various sizes using the solution, add tags, and manage playing using an Apple remote. This is another All My Movies alternative.

One of the best features of this all-inclusive video organiser is the built-in media player, which enables you to quickly examine and play any media files you have on your computer. Similar to other similar solutions, it displays all of your films as thumbnails, making it simple to locate and launch the precise file you want to view. You may download iVideo 7 on the Mac operating system exclusively, and it is completely free to use.

3. Saleen Video Manager

Saleen Video Manager

You can effortlessly arrange your whole movie and video collection using Saleen Video Manager, an all-in-one programme with a wealth of movies. This solution makes it simple to manage all of your databases, get rid of unwanted films, find duplicate files, and much more. The solution includes a function that enables you to organise all of your videos into categories, develop your own unique categories, and upload an unlimited number of videos.

This is another All My Movies alternative. The solution’s user interface is pretty simple to comprehend, and it allows you to filter movies using several sorting options or keyword searches. Additionally, it features a function that enables you to add your own unique snapshot to make it stand out above the competition and gives you access to all of your movies with thumbnails. You may automatically add videos you get from the internet to your database with the aid of Saleen Video Manager.

4. Vee-Hive


You can simply manage your whole video and movie collection with Vee-Hive, a versatile and potent video organiser. It is a high-level solution with some contemporary tools and capabilities to speed up video management systems. You may manage movie collections of various sizes with the aid of this. Also check 123MoviesHub Alternative

This solution’s finest feature is that it instantly generates a folder with thumbnails, which you can then use to begin labelling your files. It has a sophisticated tagging tool that uses hierarchies, linkages, and synonyms to save you a tonne of time and work. Vee-Hive has a special method for discovering files that uses the iterative filtering strategy to zero in on the information you’re looking for. This is another All My Movies alternative.

It integrates with numerous other online solutions, increasing its capabilities and features, just like other solutions of a similar nature. Natural searching, beautiful narrative mode creation, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to manage collections of various sizes are among Vee-key Hive’s features.

5. Vidine


A Windows software called Vidine enables you to centrally organise all of your video content. It is simple to add videos to your collection and manage them without any restrictions thanks to the solution. No matter where they are saved, it enables you to receive a quick overview of all of your films right from the software. Like other services, it enables you to launch your films from the displayed thumbnail, which is quite time and effort efficient.

Your private video collection can also be explored and organised using this feature. Unwanted files can be removed, duplicate videos can be removed, and even more videos can be added to make your collection better than others. On this platform, all of your films are displayed as thumbnail sheets, and a strong built-in player makes it simple to start playing from the moment of the thumbnail.

This is another All My Movies alternative. Additionally, it has an auto-tagging tool that automatically adds tags to all of your videos. The commercial programme from Vidine also includes a number of essential functions, like a file manager, user interface customization, the ability to add unique snapshots, etc.

6. Video Hub App

Video Hub App

The cross-platform app Video Hub allows you to organise your films into virtual libraries and offers stills from the clips, search filters, and customization options. It is the fastest-growing app of its kind. It serves as a Fast Video Cataloger substitute and provides nearly all of the essential functions along with a few new ones that make it simple to search, browse, and arrange your whole video collection.

This technology makes it simple to create virtual video libraries on your device and enables you to arrange video content into hubs so you can quickly find the movies you want to watch. You can easily search and play your videos on this platform because all of the videos are presented as thumbnails inside.

One of the best things about this solution is that it adds dark mode and offers a variety of customization options, which makes it superior to others. You can download the freemium Video Hub App for Windows, Mac, and Linux-based devices. This is another All My Movies alternative.

7. Coollector Movie Database

Coollector Movie Database

Coollector Movie Database is a comprehensive solution for movie fans that enables you to effortlessly manage your movie database, receive recommendations, arrange movies, and quickly manage all of your movie collection without any restrictions. It is an all-encompassing solution with cutting-edge features to automatically catalogue your movies, arrange movie movies, and much more.

This is another All My Movies alternative. The solution’s user interface is quite simple to comprehend, allowing you to quickly browse your movie inventory, scan video files, and even build your own unique database that makes it superior to others. One of the most intriguing aspects of this solution is that it enables you to classify all of your movies and develop your own classification system, which makes it superior to others.

You can manage all of your movie collections with ease with the Coollector Movie Database, which covers practically all of the popular languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

8. Progetto Video Manager

Progetto Video Manager

One of the most popular tools for managing your collections of movies, videos, TV shows, and photographs is Progetto Video Manager. It works best for both individuals and corporations and enables them to conveniently manage an endless number of files. The software uses TMDb to get movie details, covers, backdrops, and actors.

Searching for movies from the file’s title also works wonderfully with short movie clips. Progetto Video Manager offers a comprehensive experience with a user-friendly interface and multilingual assistance. This is another All My Movies alternative. Also check cotoMovies Alternatives

One of the best features of this solution is that it creates a profile of all the media files on your device, which you can use to search for additional items online. You can download Progetto Video Manager for Windows only, and it is free and open-source software.

9. Fast Video Cataloger

Fast Video Cataloger

Fast Video Cataloger is a straightforward yet effective video cataloger programme that makes it easy to search, view, and arrange all of your video files. It is a complete piece of software created especially for experts who need to manage thousands of files. The best feature of this solution is that it organises and groups all of your videos into different categories for easy access and limitless playback. This is another All My Movies alternative.

It instantly analyses all of your video files and arranges them in your offline and private video file catalogue, just like other comparable solutions. This platform’s thumbnail timeline for each video makes it simple to identify and access your favourite content. You may simply access all of the solution’s tools through its user-friendly interface.

It is also ideal for businesses who want to handle more than 10,000 films. All of your films are automatically categorised, and you can also add your own customised categories to make it stand out from the crowd. Scene search, a dark interface that may be customised, compatibility for all formats, and many other features are among Fast Video Cataloger’s primary features.


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