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Top 15 Best TorrentDB Alternative In 2022

Best and Most efficient TorrentDB Alternative will be discuss in this article. By offering online movies, animated movies, games, and many other things with quick processing speed, TorrentDB is a clever database management platform that enables customers to get torrent files with total visibility or downloading efficacy. The basic, straightforward layout has a built-in search bar where users may type in terms using the main title, and immediately see results that are tailored to their own needs. The operating systems for Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, iOS, Android, handhelds, and other systems are carried by software specifications.

There are pre-defined categories that make it easier to download content with storage requirements like total size, hours of total playing time, seed, or leech, or total size, hours, or timing. There are many different genres represented, including action, biography, crime, family, fantasy, drama, comedy, biography, mystery, science fiction, sports, thrillers, war, romance, martial arts, humour, and many more.

Top 15 Best TorrentDB Alternative In 2022

In this article, you can know about TorrentDB alternatives here are the details below;

1. BitTorrent


The multiple popular torrent client is BitTorrent, which uses the BitTorrent protocol to share files. Users can use it to search for, share, download, and upload various kinds of media, including music, movies, software, documents, and other types of files. The programme allows users to simultaneously download several files from various peers. Also check  Exatorrent Alternatives

The UI displays information about each upload or download, including upload and download speed, file name, size, speed, and progress. Both tabular and graphical views are available for checking total usage. You can add new torrent and magnet files through BitTorrent or from the torrent sites.

It features a user-friendly interface and many other tools, like scheduling to enable various bandwidth limitations throughout the day and remote control. The bandwidth limiter, data transfer quote limiter, download scheduler, IP blocklist, proxy support, and other cutting-edge capabilities are only a few of its most notable characteristics.

2. Torrentseeker


Use the free Torrentseeker Search software to simultaneously search for torrents on more than 100 of the most popular torrent websites. The website was designed by a professional, and it regularly refreshes its index to include the most well-liked torrent sites, the most recent proxy mirrors, and specialised small-business websites, making it a complete solution.

This is another TorrentDB alternative. On this website, you may quickly search for practically any type of torrent file, including those for software, games, movies, TV series, and music. The name of your torrent file must be entered in the search field before pressing the search button. You can freely open each result without any restrictions after it displays all the related results in a split second. You can access Torrentseeker Search’s service from anywhere in the world, and it is completely free to use.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Anyone can download torrent files for movies, music, games, books, registered software, and much more at The Pirate Bay, a user-contributed torrent website. The Pirate Bay is reputed to be the best source for almost-free torrent files. The fact that The Pirate Bay doesn’t provide consumers access to the meta link is its lone drawback.

It is automatically fetched up by the torrent client whenever users attempt to download any torrent rather than receiving the download file. The Pirate Bay will then require the user to download it directly. Therefore, from this standpoint, The Pirate Bay is less user-friendly than other websites. The Pirate Bay’s massive search engine is still where you can get the best content.

4. ExtraTorrent


The top independent torrent search engine in the world is ExtraTorrent, which also uses the BitTorrent protocol. It is renowned for providing users with free access to the original torrent files. This is another TorrentDB alternative.

ExtraTorrent’s cutting-edge search engine system is its key benefit. This search method offers consumers the best and most convenient way to quickly search for and discover their favourite torrents with only a few keystrokes.

ExtraTorrent offers adult-oriented content as well because it is a free torrent search engine. In addition to everything that the leading torrent sites already offer in general. One of the world’s largest directories of torrent files is ExtraTorrent’s user-friendly directory.

5. KAT.cr.to


KAT.cr.to is a sizable torrent uploading and downloading service that offers both torrent and Meta link downloads. With this, customers may choose how they want to download—using a torrent client or any other download manager.

KAT is an independent torrent search engine that provides all kinds of torrent files. It only directs its own torrents and never borrows torrents from other torrent hosts. Utilizing KAT.cr has several benefits, but its main benefit is that it is one of the select few top platforms that consistently offers the most recent and fresh information.

Users who are die-hard fans of entertainment will undoubtedly find the KAT.am system fascinating, and they may locate all the most recent movies here.

6. IsoHunt


This is another TorrentDB alternative. A peer-to-peer torrent system that is approved by BitTorrent is IsoHunt, an online torrent service. It serves as an online index for the tens of thousands of torrent files that are available in the categories of music, video, film, book, programme, and app. Also check Torrent downloads Alternatives

Here, visitors are free to browse torrents at their leisure and download as many as they like without any limitations on the number of files they can submit.

Anyone who wants to share a torrent file is always welcome here because IsoHunt provides a method for uploading torrent files as well. The method of disseminating torrent files is not limited to the method of uploading torrent files. It gives its users access to a mechanism that allows them to create torrent files and then share them with others. IsoHunt’s technology elevates it to the top tier of torrent service providers globally.

7. BitSnoop


The peer-to-peer mechanism is the foundation of BitSnoop’s torrent service. If these torrent files are invalid, it provides thousands and thousands of torrent files of no use. BitSnoop has the outstanding characteristic of always providing customers with only legitimate torrent files. It ensures that its customers will receive appropriate seeds so they can download torrent files as quickly as possible.

There are currently nearly 24 million torrent files available, and it is also routinely updated with hundreds of new torrent files. It has one of the most comprehensive databases of torrent files because it mainly relies on the databases of other top torrent distributors. It is reliant on the over 300 torrent-based websites at the moment.

8. TorrentReactor


Torrent Reactor is one of the busiest torrent providers on the internet, bringing its consumers the most recent torrents and boasting millions of genuine torrents. These torrent file categories include adult, anime, music, movies, series and TV shows, seasons, episodes, and a lot more. This is another TorrentDB alternative.

Visitors to Torrent Reactor can search for torrents using options for the most popular and recent torrents. The finest thing about Torrent Reactor is its sophisticated search engine system, which makes sure that its users get the torrent they specified in their search terms. Torrent Reactor is superior to other torrent sites since it allows users to share their torrent files.

With this technique, Torrent Reactor functions as a platform for user-contributed torrent searching. Torrentreactor, which depends on other torrent providers, is now indexing the millions of torrent files it has obtained from the top provider.

9. SumoTorrent


SumoTorrent will always be available since it offers legitimate torrent files, which is more important than quantity. It is acknowledged as the leading torrent supplier by BitTorrent for providing its users with the highest-rated and best seeds and leeches torrent files. The nicest thing about SumoTorrent is that it also functions as a downloader, enabling users to download various types of torrent material.

Users will be able to download the flood file even if it has crashed because the automatic repair system will first fix it. The number of torrent files is really small, but SumoTorrent always provides its users with the highest-rated, legitimate, and original torrent files. SumoTorrent’s methodology makes it one of the most user-friendly sites for downloading torrents and provides its users with the greatest possibilities.

10. TorrentHounds


TorrentHounds is a tool for finding the greatest torrents that are readily available online. There are many torrent providers, but the most important thing is to find the best and the original one.

The source of thousands of torrent files is TorrentHounds, which operates under the same tenet.

Along with offering torrents of vintage films and music, TorrentHounds also keeps itself up to date by offering its users fresh torrent files every day. It utilises two different services: first, a torrent directory provided by TorrentHounds, which houses millions of torrent files, and second, its own torrent client software, which can be downloaded for free. Also check YggTorrent Alternative

11. YifyTorrents


This is another TorrentDB alternative. Millions of torrent files are included in the index of YifyTorrents, often known as YTS, one of the multiple well-known torrent portals on the internet. However, YifyTorrents only offers movies, so don’t waste your time looking there to get licenced software, games, music, TV shows, programmes, or for any other uses.

When it comes to movies and movies, YifyTorrents will only then be able to offer you the best movies as well as recently released videos in real-time. The YTS is one of the few top platforms that consistently provide the most recent and fresh content, which is its key benefit.

Another fantastic feature of YifyTorrents is that it enables users to download torrent files in superb resolution in 720p, 1080p, and even 3D.

12. Mininova


The torrent directory and engine are both called Mininova. It strives to provide a user-friendly directory and search engine for all different kinds of torrent files. Visitors to Mininova have the option of anonymously uploading torrents that can be followed by any BitTorrent tracker.

Mininova provides torrent files for a variety of topics, including anime, novels, games, movies, music, books, images, software, TV shows, and much more. Mininova is not, however, as thorough as the other torrent services in terms of a torrent directory. As a result, there’s a potential that you won’t always be able to find the torrent file you’re looking for, which may disappoint you.

Before considering Mininova, it is preferable to look at other torrent providers. In addition to a system for downloading torrent files, Mininova provides a system for uploading torrent files, which it refers to as a content distribution system. With the help of Mininova’s torrent maker, users can even generate their own content, which they can then post after being created successfully.

13. LimeTorrents


Movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games, and much more are all available as verified torrents on LimeTorrents. All of these torrents are available at LimeTorrents, where you may search them by using the advanced search box or by going straight to the top torrents and most recent torrent categories. This is another TorrentDB alternative.

The LimeTorrents system of delivering its own gathered and user-contributed torrents makes it an independent torrent search engine that doesn’t host the torrents of other torrent providers. It also makes it feasible for users to get legal, free pornographic torrent files.

The LimeTorrents search engine expressly forbids the use of adult torrent files. Therefore, do not choose LimeTorrents if you are addicted to porn and seeking adult-based torrent files. You’re welcome to distribute torrent files using LimeTorrents. Create a LimeTorrents account and start sharing torrent files for free.

14. Nyaa


Service on Nyaa.se has been terminated. The anime movies’ download source was a well-known Japanese BitTorrent user. The website was the top torrent source for individuals who enjoy animated movies of all genres. All different kinds of anime films are available at Nyaa.

This is another TorrentDB alternative. Even anime films geared toward adults are available here. One of the largest groups of people who enjoy and enjoy watching anime films is Nyaa, it was reported. It can be used to browse torrent files in the categories of movie, audio, software, picture, literature, action, and other films that are based on animation.

In comparison to this, the percentage of data based on animation is much higher. By simply opening an account with Nyaa ahead of time, Nyaa.se offered users the ability to upload their torrent files as well. The Japanese government identified the website in 2014 as a significant source of digital piracy.

15. EZTV


In order to improve P2P file sharing among BitTorrent protocol users, EZTV is a TV torrent distribution that lets users search for, download, and donate magnet links and torrent files. It has all the essential features, tools, and a straightforward layout, and is fairly basic and simple to use. Its user interface makes it simple to locate and download any TV torrent content you want. This is another TorrentDB alternative.

The website includes new high level search boxes, one of which is straightforward like another search box and requires the title of your preferred show. The other one is a drop-down menu containing all the shows, from which you must select your favourite.

Free torrent distribution with no registration is available through EZTV. However, you must register with a name, password, and email address if you want to stay informed about all the newest trends. The website also offers standard features including a comprehensive show list, recommendations, a user-friendly layout, and many others.


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