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Top 15 Best Niigu Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Niigu alternative will be discussed in this article. Niigu is one of the most well-known torrent-based websites, giving you access to a number of download options, including music, software, programmes, eBooks, and more. The magnet link and torrent search engine on this website are its most commendable features because they make it quick & straightforward to find the different downloads. This head-to-head magnet search engine offers you a variety of categories and genres from which you may instantly download your preferred songs, movies, books, eBooks, and more. Niigu has also been abandoned for a while and is no longer functioning.

Top 15 best Niigu Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 best Niigu Alternatives are explained here.

1. Epub


You may get all of your favourite eBooks from Epub without having to go anywhere else. Epub is the place for you if you’re looking for Kindle ePub eBooks. With the large, welcoming community that Epub offers, you can join, choose your preferred collection, and gain practical experience. In order to get the free eBooks, all you have to do is register. What’s more, there is no DRM protection. This is another Niigu alternative. Also check YourBittorrent

All major smartphones, tablets, and eReader devices, including those made by Apple and Android, can be used to view eBooks. You can easily find all the pertinent eBooks here, whether you’re looking for education, calendars, biographies, young adult, Law, religious, teen, literature, suspense, or anything else.

Additionally, there is extensive search assistance available to you; simply paste the title or author name of the eBook and the internet search engine will present you with a range of relevant results. Explore the section’s most featured eBook if you’re seeking for the most featured book.

2. FantasticFiction


One excellent resource for finding and downloading books and eBooks by your favourite writers is FantasticFiction. The platform gives readers of the present day a worthwhile reading experience and offers fiction that is unavailable anywhere else. You can follow your favourite authors on this site to stay up to speed on their most recent publications. You can create a list of the great eBooks you want to read and have available at all times here.

You can easily find all the pertinent eBooks here, whether you are looking for urban, western, historical, literary, inspirational, game lit, horror, fantasy, sagas, romance, or any other type of fiction. You may keep track of the books you read using the tracking feature. You may find the most popular eBooks in a distinct most popular area, which will undoubtedly enhance your reading experience.

3. IBookPile


One of the enticing locations where you can find thousands of eBooks and download them without concern for the price is IBookPile. The platform’s wide selection of categories makes it look like one of the greatest places to find eBooks, and more significantly, it provides you with the eBook in more than one language. There is a distinct section where you can easily find the pertinent selections if you’re seeking for the most recent choices. This is another Niigu alternative.

Additionally, there is extensive search assistance available to you; simply paste the eBook’s title into the internet search engine to get a variety of results that are pertinent. You may easily find all the pertinent eBooks here, whether you’re seeking for books on law, religion, horror, travel, history, mysteries, literature, suspense, education, calendars, cuisine & cooking, young adults, or anything else.

4. Bookbub


A worthwhile reading experience is provided to eBook enthusiasts by Bookbub, a website that makes it easy for them to obtain eBooks by well-known authors. There are several offers available for you to purchase the entire collection of best-selling eBooks. The platform is renowned for its affordable options, and during particular sales, the majority of the eBooks are free.

You may find whatever you need here at the lowest possible cost and with the least amount of fuss, whether you’re seeking for mystery, literature, suspense, education, calendars, food & cooking, or you’re fascinated by eBooks on law, religion, horror, travel, and history. Start your day with the customised advice that was given to your email.

There will be numerous options for inexpensive books every day that have been carefully chosen to suit your reading preferences. You can read quickly and easily using a tablet, Kindle, smartphone, or other device of your choice. You can buy your preferred eBooks and read them conveniently thanks to an app available for both Android and iPhones.

5. Reads2020


This is another Niigu alternative. For those who love to read eBooks, Reads2020 is a one-stop shop that offers a huge selection of free eBooks that can be downloaded and read offline. Read the most widely read novel in the extensive library. You can easily find all the pertinent eBooks here, whether you are looking for urban, western, historical, literary, inspirational, game lit, horror, fantasy, sagas, romance, or any other type of fiction.

Because of the thorough search engine, it enhances your reading experience more. You may enter some keywords to the search box at any time, and the engine will quickly return results that are pertinent to your search. You can get the most popular reading eBooks on this website’s unique section called popular eBooks without having to pay anything.

6. Springer Link

Springer Link

Researchers and students can access millions of articles, research papers, books, and journals through the website Springer Link. These resources can be found in a wide range of disciplines, including the physical sciences, medical sciences, mathematical sciences, and social sciences. Advanced researchers and students may find this to be quite beneficial when getting ready for their academic work. While some articles are available for free PDF viewing and download, the majority demand a subscription. It takes a subscription to see and download journals, research papers, and eBooks.

By contributing your own scholarly work to the platform, you can also contribute. Before anything can be posted on the site, it must first undergo peer review. Quality is thus guaranteed. Personal profile, email registration, basic and advanced search capabilities, browsing by initials, and an intuitive material design are a few of its core features.

7. Emerald Insight

Emerald Insight

On the website Emerald Insight, you may find tens of thousands of books, journals, articles, and research papers covering almost every discipline, from the physical sciences like physics and chemistry to the living sciences like botany and zoology. There is also help for fields like social sciences and medical sciences. The user interface of the website is really straightforward. To get activated, all you need to accomplish is type your search term into the search box in the centre. This is another Niigu alternative.

There are both basic and in-depth search possibilities here. The two types of searches—simple and advanced—help you uncover relevant content on your topic by allowing you to enter particular keywords in various locations and publication years in the search menu. The free and paid content, personal profile, email registration, PDF/HTML/EPUB downloads, free trial, academic writing guidance, content contribution, peer review services, and the ability to customise search results are just a few of the key elements of this website. Also check Movies123

8. ProQuest


On the website ProQuest, you may get eBooks, journals, research papers, articles, and even audios, films, historical news, and periodicals on a wide range of topics, including the physical sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and mathematics, among many other subjects and fields. You can use this website anonymously or with a private profile. It is very useful for academics and researchers who are compiling references and pertinent data for their work.

Here, users can search for anything by defining the source type and publication date using simple and complex search options. The entire body of research has undergone peer review and has been compiled from international academic institutions, libraries, and universities. Email registration, a simple user interface, both free and paid content, citation tools, PDF download, copy link functionality, a support centre, a free trial, and logging in through accredited universities are some of its key features.

9. Sage Journals

Sage Journals

You may find journals on just about any subject with Sage Journals, an online programme. The topics on the website are broken down into four general categories: life and biomedical sciences, social sciences, & humanities, as well as health sciences. They are further broken down into many topics. Here, you can locate both free and paid stuff. This website might be especially useful for quickly compiling the data that best supports your argument. It is possible to distribute and cite the journals on the website.

On the website, publishers can be asked for permission in order to avoid problems. Even your own journals can be submitted to the platform; submission instructions are provided here to help you. However, it must first receive peer approval, as with any work. Personal accounts, alphabet-based browsing, registered institutions, editing services for your work, community forums, instructions on how to become reviewers, simple and advanced search, PDF download, notifications, and a save search results option are some of its extra features.

10. Loc.gov


You can access books, journals, newspapers, photos, maps, manuscripts, and recordings on a variety of topics, from past and science to the arts and social sciences, at loc.gov, an online library. The website also acts as the US Congress’ research division and the headquarters of the US Copyright Office. Users may find anything by searching materials by name, author, keywords, etc. thanks to the availability of both basic and complex search tools.

Results can either be viewed by number of matches or by alphabetical order. The site has partnerships with some of the largest academic institutions and libraries in the USA, which can be scheduled for in-person visits. A hard copy of all the contents is also available through an internet retailer. Multiple E-Software, customer support, personal profiles, email registration, research assistance from experts, chat teams, copyright enforcement, support for multiple languages, the accuracy of the information, online public events, exhibitions, separate catalogues, and teacher training are some of its key features.

11. IntechOpen


On the website IntechOpen, you may obtain free books on a wide range of topics, including the social sciences, health sciences, and physical and life sciences. These books are available for download as PDFs or for reading on the website. You have the option of downloading the whole book or a specific chapter. Even the hard copies of these publications are available to purchase for a fair price.

This is another Niigu alternative. This is very useful for researchers and students who are getting ready to work on academic projects, whether they are doing general research or gathering references. Here, the number of citations for a book is shown, which aids users in decision-making. If a person’s contribution is peer-reviewed, they can join the platform as an author and editor. Personal profile, book and author information, service teams, chapter sharing options, simple and advanced search, news portal, the veracity of the information, and online events are a few of its key characteristics.

12. Asce Library

Asce Library

You can access books, journals, articles, and magazines on the field of civil engineering in the Asce Library, an online library. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ standards were used to peer-review all of the material on this website. Users can access journal, book, and chapter abstracts for free, but they must subscribe to obtain the full versions. Additionally, there is a pay-per-view option available for transient users. Also check nTorrent

Here, you may run an advanced search by utilising filtrations and, among other things, specifying the author name and keywords. This is very helpful if you don’t have any specific search criteria. Some of its most important features are a personal account, email registration, a built-in store for physical copies, registered institutions, a cross-reference tool in articles, stored searches, author guidelines, and content alerts.

13. Bir Publications

Bir Publications

This is another Niigu alternative. On the website Bir Publications, you may purchase publications in the fields of radiology, medical physics, and other related sciences. The word “Bir” refers to the publishing arm of the British Institute of Radiology. Some of the content can be accessed without a subscription, but not all of it. However, the user is always shown the chapter and article abstracts so that he can choose whether or not to pay money on something.

The PDF and EPUB versions of this content can be downloaded or read online. Users have the option to filter and store search results when conducting an advanced search by entering the author’s name, titles, and keywords. Some of its main features are personal profiles, email registration, notifications, user assistance, notifications, podcasts, the ability to contribute as an author, author guides, topic tab browsing, and journal subscription.

14. Geo Science World

A website called Geo Science World offers bibliographic databases, including books and journals, on the topic of earth sciences. This involves, among other things, the study of materials, isotopes, fossils, rocks, geography, geology, and geochronology.

In addition to conventional search, users can utilise advanced search tools to find anything by focusing on the title, author, keywords, publication date, and content category. Users can see the book and journal abstracts, but they must subscribe to view the full texts. Additionally, they can purchase a certain diary and book separately as a PDF download. Some of its impressive features include a personal account, an easy-to-use user interface, user assistance, citation manager tools, a publishers area, an integrated google map, publishers subscriptions, save search, picture support, alerts, a terms dictionary, and sharing options.

15. ScienceDirect


The website ScienceDirect offers a bibliographic database for all sciences. High-caliber books, journals, articles, and research papers are included in this database. Journals can be broadly categorised into four groups: life sciences, health sciences, physical and engineering sciences, and social and humanities sciences. Advanced students and academic scholars will find this especially useful since it can aid in the creation of books, research articles, and theses. The user’s subscription plan determines whether or not they have access to these sources. This is another Niigu alternative.

While some items can be read for free, others demand a subscription. Users can always view the abstract to decide whether or not they wish to pay for them. Pay-per-view purchases are also an option for transient customers. The website strives to guarantee that each user can discover whatever he is seeking for with its sophisticated search engine. The ability to see results that match the keywords, title, author, year of release, volume, topic, and number of pages given by the user allows users to find anything specific. A Personal account, PDF download, HTML, graphical interface, and peer reviews are some of its other features.


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