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Top and Best FlexGet Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular FlexGet alternative will be discussed in this article. FlexGet is a programme that downloads several media files by keeping an eye on their RSS feeds. You may use it to download more recent episodes of your favourite TV series, and it also supports a wide range of other file types like HTML, CSV, podcasts, comics, and torrents.

The ease of configuration was given top attention when designing the programme. The platform supports specialised plugins to add functionality and work with websites that don’t offer helpful feeds.

By directly connecting with uTorrent, rTorrent, Deluge, SABnzb, etc., it enhances the client’s integration.

It allows you to keep track of and manage your favourite TV shows and movies directly from websites like,, and

The scheduling of your preferred TV programmes can also be managed in daemon mode.

The platform facilitates scheduling, downloading, searching, and in some circumstances, sorting of programmes automatically.

The programme may automate all varieties of container handling because it was not created with any particular client or use in mind.

Top and Best FlexGet Alternatives in 2022

Top and Best FlexGet Alternatives are explained here.

1. SickRage


SickRage is a programme that lets you to run your favourite TV shows on many different platforms, including QNAP and NAS devices, and automatically download your favourite shows. Also check MovieLens

It has amazing speed while downloading large files and can effectively create torrents or links for them.

The platform offers further integration and support for torrents.

Subtitles may be downloaded automatically.

If accessible, there is also a download option for the complete season.

The software works with a variety of NAS devices in addition to Windows, Linux, and OS X.

The programme includes the top NAS services for automating media management activities.

You can establish this application in Docker & take use of all the advantages that containerization and Docker have to offer.

2. Sonarr


A programme called Sonarr creates torrents and links for downloading huge video files.

It functions as a PVR programme for Usenet and BitTorrent users.

By keeping an eye on their RSS feeds, it gives the most recent episodes of your favourite TV shows and programmes.

These files are also grabbed, sorted, and renamed.

When a new file format with higher quality becomes available, the platform can improve the quality of previously downloaded files and handle various file formats.

The platform can be set up on a Windows computer and used with the OS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

It has a media library with a variety of media, including video music, films, television shows, and more.

It also downloads new files automatically while automatically detecting new updates.

Even if you are not logged into the programme, the platform can still function.

The downloaded files can be distributed to others as well.

The platform’s key attributes include the following.

new series are automatically detected,

main platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, etc., are supported.

You may do automatic upgrades and watch current episodes in the highest quality.

for example, from DVD to Blu-ray

may search your current library and download any releases that are missing,

search manually so you may choose any episode or learn why it wasn’t downloaded automatically,

If one release fails, automatic handling of failing downloads will attempt a different release,

completely renamed episodes,

SABnzbd and NZBGet are fully integrated,

Kodi and Plex integration is complete (notification, library update, metadata),

A stunning interface, complete support for special and multi-episode editions. This is another flexget alternative.

3. Novaroma


An open-source programme called Novaroma automatically downloads and searches your preferred TV episodes, movies, and other programming.

It can arrange your movies and is a fantastic tool for storing all of your programme titles on one platform so you may watch them whenever you want in the future.

It allows you to follow TV shows and episodes by employing sophisticated filters.

The application immediately opens uTorrent from the website if it is not already established on your device because it works in conjunction with that programme.

Convenient and easy to use, the platform understands where and how to download each file.

The platform’s key features include Automatic Downloading of TV Shows, Movies, and Subtitles, Subtitle Download, Tracking of TV Shows, TV Show and Movie Info, Discovering of Movies and TV Shows, Notification of Started and Completed Downloads, Manual Downloading of Movies, TV Shows, and Subtitles, and more.

Back up the database, add movie and TV show folders, use the context menu from the right click to add, download subtitles, and mark as watched, filter newly added TV shows and movies, browse folders in advance, support plugins, and use Script Services for Developers.

4. Radarr


Users can download from Radarr’s platform via Usenet and BitTorrent.

It assists users by keeping track of several RSS feeds for their preferred movies, and users can also set it up to automatically update the file quality. This is another flexget alternative. Also check WINDY APP

The platform offers users a unique automated movie experience.

Users may access the most recent files without leaving the platform thanks to Radarr, which offers them precise information about the movies they are downloading.

It enables users to view the release dates of their preferred forthcoming movies on the calendar.

The medium is combined with uTorrent, NZBGet, & other platforms so users may download the chosen files manually search for releases, choose the ones they want, and then download them.

Finally, consumers can download it for free from the platform’s website.

5. Medusa – TV Library Manager

Medusa - TV Library Manager

An autonomous video library manager for TV shows is called Medusa.

By examining their RSS feeds, it keeps track of new series.

On this platform, you can organise various media programmes by category.

The platform allows share the downloaded file with your friends and family and supports a variety of file formats.

To find fresh updates, you don’t need to browse numerous files hosting files; instead, the application does so automatically.

Any TV show can be downloaded for later viewing.

This is another flexget alternative. The platform’s key features include support for the TVMaze and TMDB indexes,

Support for Python 3 and manual episode and subtitle searches

To parse, use the guess it library.

Increased anime support, daily searching more quickly more explanation quality

Post-processing should be put off until Medusa downloads the desired subtitles.

clearing up obsolete files and folders

NFO/TBN generation, Kodi/XBMC library updates, poster/fanart/banner downloads, daily show updater,

View the most recent list of supported nzb providers and torrents, as well as the missing episodes, easily

Search for seasons, shows, episodes, metadata, and much more on and

6. Sick Beard

Sick Beard

The most recent TV episodes of your favourite shows can be downloaded with Free 0 Sick Beard, a kind of PVR application.

By scanning their RSS feed, the platform keeps a careful eye on the future TV show from Torrent and Usenet.

In the media libraries of this application, you can organise your downloaded items by kind and genre. This is another flexget alternative.

Almost any file format can be supported by it.

You can distribute the downloaded file to your loved ones.

To download any file, choose the video quality that best suits your computer’s RAM.

Instead of downloading the original software from the hosting website, it directs you to the downloading programme of your choice after downloading the torrent or NZB files.

Support for Usenet and torrent search providers, support for a variety of Usenet sites, including NZBMatrix,, NZBs’R’Us, Newzbin,, Womble’s Index, and more, assistance in locating missing episodes, conversion to and from TV DVD/Blu-ray format, creation of metadata for your files, support for double and special episodes, etc., are some of the platform’s standout

7. Nefarious


A PVR programme called Nefarious allows users to download new episodes of TV programmes.

There is no requirement for you to personally check the websites that host TV shows for updates.

This is another flexget alternative. The programme automatically downloads the newest episodes for you to watch later after it receives updates.

It allows you to transfer the downloaded material to others and supports a variety of file formats.

It checks for updates by keeping an eye on several RSS feeds for fresh episodes of the shows you enjoy the most.

If a higher quality format is available, it is also programmed to increase the quality of the files that have previously been downloaded.

RSS feed reader, torrent search, media library, DVR, file sharing, Chromecast support, Google Chrome extensions, lightweight, support for magnetic links, Internet TV, multiple languages, peer-to-peer platform, network video recorder, file renaming, and personal video recording are some of the platform’s standout features.

8. SickGear


SickGear is a programme that informs you when new attacks of your preferred TV series or anime are available.

New episodes can be quickly detected, downloader apps can be linked, and much more.

The platform, which is a descendant of the legendary SickBeard and totally automates TV viewing through innovation, has made a standing for itself as one of the multiple dependable stable TV programme downloaders ever.

Usenet and other download clients including SABNZBd, NZBGet, Transmission, qBittorrent, rTorrent, Deluge, Syno, and many others are frequently used with the application. This is another flexget alternative.

To organise watched episodes and automate library upgrades, it can also communicate with Plex, Kodi, and Emby.

SickGear’s key attributes include a media downloader, media library, network video recorder, file renaming, personal video recording, automatic downloading, DVR, digital video recorder, automation, RSS feed reading, and many other things.

9. Cardigann


Through TorrentPotato and Torznab proxies, Cardigan is a server platform for adding more indexers to SickRage, CouchPotato, and Sonarr.

The programme functions as a search proxy.

It logs in, performs a search, then translates the findings into a format that may be used.

It merely gives a structure for explaining how to log in and clear search results on various forums and websites.

Different websites do not support this.

When a programme like Sonarr names an episode incorrectly, the programme makes a decent manual search easier.

10. is a platform where users may stream movies and TV episodes for nothing.

It has a sizable archive of high-quality TV series and movies that are available for free viewing without registration. This is another flexget alternative.

The database is regularly updated to offer the most recent and current episodes of every programme.

The platform’s key attributes include ad-free, media streaming, support for HD videos, Chromecast support, video downloading, track movies, support for subtitles, anime tracking, watch live tv, video playback, and video organiser. Other notable features include movie streaming, video streaming, watching anime, torrent streaming, internet television, and peer-to-peer platform.


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