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Top 6 Best Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular alternative will be discuss in this article. Thousands of people visit the well-known website to find hot Anime products. Its main goal is to make it simpler for Americans to get anime-related goods. It makes an effort to make internet shopping easy. Because the products are reasonably priced, even those on tight budgets can get their preferred goods. It ships both inside and beyond the US, and to a variety of destinations.

The portal offers the newest toys, art books, and curiosities for sale. In addition to products from Japan, also offers products from the USA, France, and other nations. Storyboards, art instruction manuals, technique books, comics, art materials, visual art books, and video game content are included in the product range. It would be sensible to consider the platform as an all-in-one resource for different types of clients given the variety of products it has available.

Top 6 Best Alternatives in 2022

Top 6 Best Alternatives are explained here.

1. Novel Full Online

Novel Full Online

Manga fans may browse and read their preferred light novels, Korean, and Chinese books for free on the Novel Online Full portal. The Home Page includes the Top Weekly Novels in addition to all the recently updated books. It regularly updates its database with new information, and you may check their names by perusing the list of most recent novel releases. Also check Animecrew Alternatives

This is another Animebooks alternative. You can use the platform’s search bar to find your favourite novels. Additionally, you can view only a certain genre of novel using the Genre Box, which has various categories. Any novel can be read by visitors by clicking on its title, which takes them to a new page. By checking the ratings, they may read all the plot details and see what other people think. The ability to Bookmark Favorite Novels is Novel Online Full’s biggest feature, but it does require an account, which may be made without charge.


Visual novel information can be found in a sizable database called It functions similarly to a wiki in that anyone can upload new content without limitations. The objective is to develop a trustworthy website that assists users from around the globe in finding reliable information. Users who sign up for new accounts can add to the collection. After completing registration, authors can submit novels along with information about them, like their title, length, developer, publishers, and description. This is another Animebooks alternative.

Checking the statistics on the home page allows users to stay up to speed with the most recent activities. In the Recent Changes, Latest Reviews, Upcoming Releases, and Just Released boxes, new information is displayed. Additionally, it features a DB Discussion Forum where users may post threads to communicate with the neighbourhood and discuss problems.

3. Kiss Light Novels

Kiss Light Novels

This is another Animebooks alternative. Your go-to site for free reading and downloading of the newest and most popular novels is Kiss Light Novels. You can browse novels based on categories or click the links on the home page that say “Check out Popular and Latest Novel Updates.” The site offers a big library of novels that are organised into genres for presentation. Action, Fantasy, Filler Lists, Adventure, Martial Arts, Harem, Drama, Sci-fi, and more genres are among the categories. Additionally, Xianxia and Xuanhuan Light Novels are available.

Kiss Light Novels provide thorough information about each book to aid the reader in determining its calibre. Author, Alternative, Artist, Genre, and Type are only a few of the informational elements on the Novel page. It also offers a star rating, which is changed frequently in response to user feedback. To see what other people are saying, you can also read the comments. Also check Gaze Anime Alternative


Online light novel databases can be found at To start adding to the platform’s collection, users can register. Light novels, light novel artists, and light novel authors may all be added by authorised members. The main cause of the site’s lack of functionality is because it is still being developed. This is another Animebooks alternative.

Any current web browser can be used to open the platform, although the makers advise using Firefox or Google Chrome for a flawless experience. On the Main Page, users may keep track of all updates, including modifications, releases, and comments. In order to help readers find the stuff they’re looking for quickly, also has a search bar. In the footer, it also displays the total number of visitors and their membership status.

5 Read lite Novel

Read lite Novel

Anime fans can read free online, Chinese, and Korean novels on the portal Read lite Novel. In order for users to enjoy international novels without knowing the original language, it gathers and translates them into English. On the Home Page, the most recent, popular, and trending novels are displayed. By providing a search box, it enables visitors to find any novel. This is another Animebooks alternative.

By clicking the title, readers can read the book. They can choose the desired chapter from the List Box once they are on the novel page. The platform’s finest feature is that it lets users adjust the font size to fit their needs, allowing readers to shrink or increase it as needed. Additionally, a dark mode is included to provide customers the most versatility possible. Last but not least, despite the site’s lack of Manga, it allows users to browse & read them by directing them to an other website.

6. Anime News Network

Anime News Network

In order to keep its audience informed, Anime News Network compiles the most recent news on video games, anime, and music and posts it online. In addition to the aforementioned goods, it also gathers information from related cultures in Japan, North America, and Australia. Users can learn more about a subject by reading editorial articles and reviews. By engaging in forums, they can also talk and argue with the locals. Using threads, manga fans can discuss current issues and happenings. This is another Animebooks alternative. Also check Gaze Anime Alternative

An encyclopaedia on manga and anime is another service provided by Anime News Network. Before being published, the news staff conducts extensive investigation on each post to ensure its authenticity. Members can also add content with the staff’s approval. In a separate part labelled “encyclopaedia,” the website displays all the information regarding manga and anime titles, including the studios that contributed to their creation.


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